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 Chapter 44 - Goddess of Time makes her move. Phantasia Vs Evil Zach

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Chapter 44 - Goddess of Time makes her move. Phantasia Vs Evil Zach Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 44 - Goddess of Time makes her move. Phantasia Vs Evil Zach   Chapter 44 - Goddess of Time makes her move. Phantasia Vs Evil Zach EmptySun Jan 21, 2018 2:39 pm

The aura radiating off him was scary, too scary, after having his arm, forcefully ripped off his body, he grew it back. Now, he only glared coldly, his breath, held a deep sinister feel, and the aura around the area kept on expanding as he grew more and more annoyed.

Zach: ...

He had been breathing slightly out of rage, he gripped his chest and felt his heart was beating too fast, almost like it would rip out of his chest, he swiped to the side, out of thought. He crushed the ground beneath his feet. And soared forward, charging at them.

Immediately, they took a stance, their aura spiking out. They jumped out, gathering into a formation. Stopping midway, He smashed his fist into a blast, and several more.

Colliding with Godfrey, just then, he exchanged precisely three attacks, before instantly gaining the advantage. Godfrey's punch came, it was swiped away, parried by his fist, next gripped by the collar and kneed straight in the gut.

Zach shifted and kicked Viktor, who had tried to counter from behind, and just before that. Godfrey tried to do the same after the knee, but was swiftly blocked, and then pounded with both of Zach's hand together, into the ground.

Jully came rushing forward to does not win. Quickly making contact with his fist, however, the aura spiked and shattered. The power difference was incredible!

Jully: Che...

She gritted her teeth as he body was unbalanced after her attack failed. Zach quickly seized the chance, coming in, he head-butted her.

It felt like her entire body would have just exploded if not for her physical strength playing. Though, looking into his psychotic, demon-like eyes, it seemed he held back. In torture.

He quickly grabbed her arms, forcing her away from him, he bent back in attempt her snap them both back.

Jully: Ah, AHHHh

Her scream made him curl a smile, he gripped her hair and flipped her onto the concrete. It wasn't a slight land, he smashed her into it. Preparing to crush her, Zadimus swiftly countered with his own, but his arm was gripped instantly, instead of the stomp landing, Zach shifted his leg, and slammed it into Zadimus's stomach. He was thrown directly into the distance.

Jully shifted over, and rose afterward and threw herself forward with a powerful strike. But, The fist landed on Zach's palm, completely nullified by Zach's own strength. He didn't allow her to get away, he took her arm, opened his mouth wide, chomping down directly into her skin, taking a chunk of skin along with it.

He then slapped her against the wall. Attempting, to do it again.

Jully screamed,

Jully: No...Stop!

Zach pushed her back against the wall, as her arm came, he took that too and ripped it directly off her body.

Zach: Sit, the fuck, still.

Zach threw the arm around as if it were garbage. He, however, stopped as a barrier had been placed around him.

Zach turned, looking directly at Abraham who had stopped his display of carnage.

Zach: You dare interfere!

Zach twisted and shattered the barrier in a single strike, before leaving, he struck against at Jully, before defending against both Viktor, Godfrey and Zadimus's attacks.

Even though they all did so at the same time, Zach's reaction, reflexes, and speed outmatched and overpowered them singlehandedly. He swiped at them all, causing all of them to fly back.

They then separate to come in at different directions. Zach glanced around at them. He closed his eyes and then immediately re-opened them. He punched at all of them within mere seconds of contact, they were thrown back onto the ground like trash.

Godfrey slammed the ground with his fist...

Godfrey: Impossible! It's three against one.

He immediately stood and charged with his aura completely, deadly as before with San at one time. He didn't want to play around for this long! This long after he fought with another person.

Godfrey: Just die...

Zach slowly turned, glancing at Godfrey, between weirdly slapping his fist like a toy, he moved gripping Godfrey's neck and punching him several times in that second. Next, he held his hand and unleashing a torrent of power, connecting his body to the surface below him.

Zach stomped his feet on him, he was clearly telling the others. That he had just conquered the mighty Godfrey...

Zach: Is this all? The might of all of you?

Godfrey: You wish!

A ground began to light up with traces of power, Zach's face changed and he jumped back avoiding the explosion underneath his feet. Godfrey stood up once more, he seemed battered. His fight with San's seems to have taken a toll.

Godfrey: Jully, Viktor...

Godfrey shouted towards both of them. They nodded in session. They surrounded Zach, who had merely glanced at him.

Zach: Petty tricks?

He thought...

Godfrey threw open his arms, a power hiddenly connected to those of Viktor and Jully. Their aura began to emit a brighter light, the density was grander, and the color seemed richer. They seemed to have supercharged.

Godfrey: Viktor!

Viktor threw open his hand towards the rest of them. His aura seemed to explode, extending much like San, however, the aura separated and attached itself to them.

Godfrey: Jully...

She nodded, she knelt down in a praying position and slammed her fists together.

Godfrey: Zadimus, Beelurus.

They landed next to him. Their aura similarly charged.

Zach hadn't noticed this, but what just happened once quite simple. Godfrey used his power to link everyone and activated an ability called Power Augmentation. This power enhanced their abilities. Viktor's control over Aura, Energy, and Attack Ignoring is thus shared with the party.

Jully's apparently to telepathically analyzing enemies movements with her Behemoth physiology. Right now, he was standing inside their most powerful formation...

Zach: Well--

The moment he spoke, all four of them, excluding Jully had lunged at him. Stepped back as incoming strikes came one after the other. He dodged them all, and attempted to strike, only to find that he missed, again and again.

Not only this, however, even with the disadvantage of being able to hit, he still countered and dodged, soon after attacking himself. Thus, the disadvantage is merely reflective of them. He danced out of their attacks for a moment. And disappeared in a flash, he was behind Godfrey.

He turned, having seen behind the attack, and dodged, again. Zach swept past him, spinning to a halt. He held both his hands and slammed hard into the ground. The ground beneath them caved and ripped upward.

He immediately cast his aura around the area like Viktor. The blades piercing from his body, came back once more, spinning and turning around corners in flawless fashion. Several of them were cut by these blades as well until the rocks were destroyed. However, even with distract gone. The number of blades made it hard for the power of Viktor's Attack Ignoring to keep up. Thus, some attacks weren't blocked or dodged.

Viktor: We need to destroy those blades!

Viktor slapped his palms together, as the energy that had surrounded the area exploded. The force and pressure exerted knocked the blades off course for a brief moment.

With all of them storming in front of him, He once again exploded with aura, condensing it into his hand he smashed the ground created a blinding explosion. In that mere second, Viktor, Zadimus, and Godfrey were all hit simultaneously.

They stumbled back once they regain their eyesight...

Godfrey: Even with all that, he still isn't going down...

Zach turned, He realized something just now. He turned and spin the blades once more to encased the area, unleashed his aura.

Godfrey: Stop that aura! It's creating to much steam, I cannot fucking see.

Godfrey: Damn it!  

Zadimus stood up once more. His body shifted and morphed a cone appeared on his hand that sucked up all the steam, the aura exploded and the field was left empty.

Godfrey: Huh? What the fuck did he go?


The sound of ripping came from being, along with a female voice, They all turned around to look. Jully, her face was filled with shock and disbelief. An arm had been protruding from her chest in its hand. Laid a heart.

Behind her, Zach had somehow managed to sneak up. Her entire chest had been ripped through. The heart of hers was grabbed and ripped straight from her chest. She stumbled forward, lifelessly falling to the ground merely afterward.

It didn't end there. Her entire body began to glow with sinister aura before exploding into a mist, and being forcefully absorbed by Zach right in front of them. The heart which had been left behind had its power sucked from it. Once it was finished, it dried up into dust.

He crushed the dust as it fell from his hand onto the ground...

Viktor: That...What the fuck was that.

Beelurus who had just witnessed that.

Beelurus: He just, absorbed her!

Godfrey: I saw...but how.

Zach: No need to feel displeasure. I'm coming after all of you next.

He stepped forward with a mocking face.

Zach: All those who choose this path, are evil, regardless of what form you come in. Evil is neverending. It is forever, Much like Light, and Dark. But those two don't really need to exist. Evil can be the only thing to exist

Zach began to laugh maniacally

Sixar: Darkness and Light must exist, they are part of this universe. Yin-Yang. You cannot say this. You are a fool.

Zach: It seems you didn't understand what I said. Regardless of what form, as long as the two sides exist. Then naturally, nothing will remain affected. Hahaha. I shall consume them both, they can exist inside me instead.

Sixar: You...that's not impossible...

Zach: Oh yeah?

Zach turned...he rose both of his hands and suddenly two powers converged. Both, of them, were precisely Light and Dark, they shot directly towards Sixar, however considering the very nature of his power. He managed to take the hit, without receiving damage.

Sixar: It's clear, that you don't understand. Just cause you can use them, doesn't mean you can take the two universal forces for yourself. You wouldn't be capable of such a thing.

Zach shook his head

Zach: Unknowledgeable Child. I'm very capable. Maybe not right now, but why don't I just absorb you too. Your power over Yin-Yang would benefit me greatly.

His eyes grew chaotic. As he lunged at Sixar, however at this moment. The other three stepped in. Zach gritted his teeth and flipped over them. His blades, where hidden, suddenly they made an appearance. All of them were slashed one after the other.

Quickly stepping around towards. He kicked, and pounded him into the ground, holding nothing back. His entire body almost fractured. He fainted on the spot. He stepped vanishing and again in front of Godfrey, He grabbed him, pulled, and stomped down on his knee which seemed to snap on impact.

Throwing him like a broken twig. Zadimus and Beelurus were left. He quickly skipped past them both, the blades had teleported along with him, as he threw his arms out. The blade's arc soared up word, cutting them several times deep. They both stumbled back...

Zach: HAHAHA. Is this merely it?

Before he could properly focus on Sixar, he noticed the light in front of him grow.

Zach glanced up at Abraham. He was trying to warp Serenity away...He grunted, and then kicked Godfrey away. And slipped past all of their sights. And stood now, directly in front of him.

Zach: You, are, dead.

Zach had been looking down at the kneeling Abraham, his glare told him that, his death will be so fast. He looked at him like he was nothing more than an ant.

Zach summoned his power once more, intent on finishing this up. However, in the moment. Everything seemed to slow down as his attack was about to be unleashed.

Once it had, the entire area was then coated in clouds. The place shook, no matter how one looked at it. That attack was overkill, no one needed to use that much power to take care of a single individual. The smoke lingered for a couple of minutes.

The rest coughed and struggled, The other Earth gods had already gathered.

Fai and the now healed Holly ran forth, they met up with Lily and Lilith just a moment ago. And made their way...

Fai: You saw that right, it came from over there...

Fai shouted he had a worried expression on his face.

Lilith: Quickly, We must make it in time.

Before they good go much further, a spark of that explosion came smashing towards them. Only just barely dodging the speed of the blast, Both Lily and Lilith were almost engulfed, the aura was twisted and disgusting. Suddenly, as they rose, both of their arms had been slashed by the rouge energy, a tiny burn came and quickly vanished.

Fai: You guys alright?

Lily: Doesn't seem to be fatal, weird. Do us Gods have some certainty of a healing factor?

Lilith: We could say, it's our own healing in progress.

Lily turned her head to look at where the blasts hit. It seemed unlikely that that was the case. The energy was just too abnormal.


Klark: That explosion over there. That should be where Zach was headed.

Klark focused in, and he noticed more than a couple of powers in that direction...

Klark turned to go towards the direction as well, but the voice called out once more.

Negayami: It would appear, Zach, has lost his mind.

Klark: What is going on...


Zach's face was ashen, the smoke cloud disappeared what was left, was nothing. Abraham was gone, but not just that. It wasn't that. It was the fact, that Serenity disappeared too.

He was, shocked. He feels to his knees, he, for some reason instinctively started trying to dig up the ground to see if she had been buried.


Zach slammed his fist...

Zach: What happened!

Zach, enraged by this, turned to the rest of them...

Zach: You trash, where is she. Where did she go?

Godfrey: He had finally rewoken, looking at him, as he was on the ground...

Godfrey: Fool, she is now beyond your reach...

Zach's face got even madder, his face almost changed again. He gritted his teeth.


He wanted to kill him right now, however, at this moment another voice echoed out. It was a woman, a weird distorted effected came with it.

Phantasia: Stop it now Zach,

She flew, straight into him. Both, her and him were cast directly into the distance. She was strictly shocked, because even though she flew at speeds that no one could even see. Zach, this man, this thing, inside of him. Had blocked it. There was a layer of armor, that encased the part of his body.

Phantasia: He...reacted!

Phantasia thought, immediately, she tumbled along with him across the ground. They were now far far away from the invaders, both of them. tumbled into their feet touched, and both slid to a halt...Immediately he attacked her, only to have his attack parried like a fly, and smashed back into the distance

Zach: Ahhhhhh, You bitch...

Zach got back up instantly...

Phantasia: Who are you.

Zach stopped, and looked at her for a moment, before...suddenly, turning calm once more.

Zach: You want to know who I am? A 'mere' Outer god?

Phantasia: Outer God?

Phantasia's face was wrecked with disbelief after those words were spoken. Outer God? How did he know that? Even Zach shouldn't have memories of that. The term Outer God hasn't been used since the beginning of time.

Phantasia's eyes were completely wide.

Phantasia: Who are you. Just what are you!

It would seem, she had lost her composure.

Zach: My, my, the wonderous Goddess of Time has lost her temper this fast? It would seem my words struck a nerve.

She heard those words, and then retracted her anger, and looked to be calm once more. She shook her head in stupidity for her actions.

Phantasia: No, no...It's fine. It doesn't matter because I'll just kill you and return Zach to normal.

Zach's face turned cold once more, the teasing smile disappeared as well.

Zach: You seem to be boasting now. Kill me? Humph...Unlikely...

Phantasia: Regardless, of how knowledgeable you may seem. I'm still a Supreme God. And right now, you only appear to be a God. Thus, our difference in strength is quite enormous. You will fail.

Phantasia uncrossed her arms and stood there idly. She was now back to her normal self.

Zach: Bah, That....

Zach knew this, and it annoyed him...

Phantasia smirked and vanished, and reappeared, He was beaten straight into the ground, However, what surprised her the most, was that even though she had this power. She couldn't release it fully, risk accidentally killing Zach.

Yet, even still, She had been surprised once more, that speed and reflex had been outdone by him again. She hit him, but whilst on the ground, His arm had blocked the hit. Since it was so fast, no one could clearly tell that he had reacted to it.

Phantasia: That's...How?

Zach: When facing people of your own strength, people seem to get dumber don't they. In this particular situation. It's no different to how San was.

Zach swept underneath her, and the blades came to counter as well, but the force emits from her body, shatter them. She parried all of them, and his punches and then shoved him straight into the ground once again...

Zach: AHhhh.....FUCK OFF...

Phantasia: ...

Zach: I may not be strong enough, but my skills in battle. Greatly surpass yours, I can see your moves.

Phantasia: Speed isn't everything. You said I get dumber? I don't think so. That was just in the heat of the moment.

Phantasia spoke, while a bunch of bombs had been implanted into the floor.

Phantasia: It's called foresight. As a wielder of Time, and someone who protects it. I must not use powers too much related to time. In order to keep balance. However, foresight is a powerful ability that I've evolved. Almost like a very high perception. Earlier, when we were tumbling, I had planted these. Because I saw, that eventually... you would stand right there.

Phantasia didn't smile. She needed to handle this professionally.

Zach's eyes widen as all the bombs went off, he quickly defended, but the power was too strong. Only bombs could be heard.

Phantasia: A fight between Gods? Is not as dramatic when it's between normal people.

Phantais closed her eyes. Suddenly the smoke was thrown away, and Zach remained, slightly damaged, but then completely healed straight afterward.

Phantasia: Now I see...

Phantasia disappeared like a shadow, and appeared in front of him, preparing to strike him. Zach who had unconsciously stepped back, his eyes slowly widened, as he glanced at her, crouched in front of him.

He gritted his teeth. And strike first. She vanished and reappeared opposite side to hit him. Stumbling forward, he turned and exchanged a few blows. His guard was immediately broken, thrown back, she quickly ran forward to kick him away, thrown into several buildings.

Instantly they tumbled, along with several others that had been next to them. He smashed threw several, only flying through the air, He opened his eyes to see that she had been shadowing him as he had been flung...

He kicked out instinctively, turning as she appeared. He began fighting her in the distance.


Fai and the rest of them arrived where all the rest of them had been. However, no trace of the enemy remained.

Holly: What is going on over there. I can't tell who is fighting, they are too fast for my eyes to see.

Fai had glanced at her as she spoke, he then turned and focused on both fighters. Suddenly their speed got clearer for him to see.

Lily: Fai?

Fai's expression had changed, only after seeing what was going on it seemed he understood now.

Fai: Something bad has happened.

Fai's face seemed to have gotten worse. As he carefully observed the two.


Zach couldn't get the upper hand, no matter how fast he got, she matched him effortlessly. As they stopped exchanging, he lunged forward, only to be dodged and viciously kicked further into the air. Their distance from the ground grew higher and higher until both could be seen, everyone.

She came in like a bullet. He resisted once more, a barrier of self-serving aura placed itself between her, and himself. It seemed capable of repelling her attack. If only for a moment.

Zach: (I...can not win like this)


Fai: It would appear that Zach has lost his mind? I'm not sure what is going on. I cannot tell with these eyes currently.

Holly: Not even you?

Fai: I'm afraid not. However, the ominous sensation from him greatly surpasses all the other times he has changed like this.

Fai looked to be deep in thought. Although, there have been many times that he has shown his darker self.

Fai: We cannot get involved. We aren't even capable of matching their strength.

At that moment, a few other voices called out. They were Luka, Ashley, and the rest of the group X members. They rushed here after the battle. With the exception of Adam. Who seemed to have not come.

Fai: You all?!

Fai turned he seemed to have a pleased face...

Fai: Wait? Where is San?

Theo: Adam is currently looking for him. That is why he isn't here.

Holly quickly rushed towards them.

Holly: It's getting worse.

Right as those words finished, a pressure like nothing they have felt had slammed into them, quickly all of them turned to the fight happening in the sky currently. Both Phantasia and Zach were currently engaged in a fierce battle.


Zach: You, You are always sitting on the sidelines.

Zach threw himself out, his rage overpowering his body, even with the disadvantage he still on getting up, dodging when he could, unleashing more aura and attacking when he was able.

Zach: Yet now! You stand here...In my way!

Zach amassed a barrage, towards her, only to not hit her at all. He stuck out his leg, but his attack hit nothing and he was then, slammed from behind across the sky, he spun for a moment before quickly recovering.

Zach's aura got more and more dense, distorted, his aura began to emit more wild, the pure, wickedness it held. It had been something no regular wild, evil person could simply accomplish. Suddenly, the aura wrapped in his hand, as he shouted. Something began to form. The moment it did, his energy skyrocketed.

Phantasia's body shook, she reacted fast, a barrier immediately erupted around him. Both her hands were held up. She kept him restrained, the moment she did. The power disappeared and, appeared restrained.

Zach: You won't get away with this...

He yelled, placing his hands on it. He couldn't make it budge.

Zach: What is this! What have you done!

He tried to break free, but it was too strong...He couldn't do it,

Zach: Phantasia!!

He yelled his strength wasn't enough to crack the barrier...

Phantasia: I'm going to deal with you shortly! I refuse to let you go!

Zach gritted his teeth...He suddenly glanced in another direction towards the other group and focused in, He quickly returned his gaze upon Phantasia...

Zach: No...


Both Lilith and Lily went silent moments after his capture. Their eyes shifted, turning dull and empty. They silently stepped back as they fell to the ground catching everyone's attention.

Holly: Huh? What's going on?

Holly and the rest quickly tried to reassure. Fai, however, stopped them immediately.

Fai: Wait, stop...Don't go near them. Their body is emitting something evil.

Fai stared in shock

Luka quickly stepped in front...

Luka: Can you see what it is?

Fai: I don't need too, the evil is exactly the same as the one emitting from Zach.

Both of them exploded with power and launched into to the air shooting off into the distance.


Phantasia had her power dead set on Zach, who had begun trying to resist the power. Before she could do anything, however, two powers closed in on her. And stepped in front of her, both kicked at her.

She stepped back to dodge, they, however, retaliated quickly and kicked again only to be stopped by both arms.

Zach pushed on the barrier-smashing it with all his strength, he vanished like a phantom appearing above her, all his strength slammed into her. She was too strong, however, the amount of pressure allowed him to slam her into the floor below.

The moment he had wouldn't last long. He quickly gripped both of Lily's and Lilith's arms. A black, twisted, reddish blob appeared behind them. He and they disappeared within it.

The road erupted, And Phantasia stood, not even fazed, or scratched.

Phantasia: Che...Fine, escape.
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Chapter 44 - Goddess of Time makes her move. Phantasia Vs Evil Zach
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