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 Evil Goddess

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PostSubject: Evil Goddess   Evil Goddess EmptyTue Feb 27, 2018 4:36 am

Name: Evil Goddess

Age: Beginning of the universe

Occupations: Anti-God

Affiliations: Cult Of The Evil Goddess

Power: Anti-God

(The powers here are all the powers she is capable of using.)
- Malefic Force Power
- Energy Constructs (with evil energy.)
- Evil Aura
- Evil Empowerment
- Possession/Mind Control
- Omni-Evil Manipulation
- Destabilization
- Omnislayer
- Anti-God

History/Lore: The Evil Goddess, born before the beginning of the universe. Nothing is regarded about her. No one in existence knows of her.

The Evil Goddess came and attacked Infinity before the multiverse was created, or in the process of its creation. An intense, and everlasting battle took place. Until both, her and Infinity countered with powers above all else.

The Evil Goddess possess physiology of an Anti-God, which was Infinity's polar opposite, thus allowing her to effectively damage, and weaken him. With the help of powers, such as Omnislayer, Destabilization.

Evil Goddess Omnislayer power, allowed her to possess powers capable of killing any being that can be killed/destroyed. Because of her being the Anti-God, Omnislayer's effect was boosted.

Destabilization was Evil Goddess second power used, Which allowed her to create destabilization in objects, environment or even abilities causing balance distortion ranging from single molecules to cosmic scales. The primary objective of this power is to make everything lose stability or balance. Which allowed her to weaken Infinity's connect over the Infinity Spectrum. This destabilization weakened him.

Before she could do anything though, she was wounded as well and immediately sealed away in a place where her powers held no domain. Just before her defeat, she threw out some of her power, which would later been known to others as artifacts, which, because of the creation occurring. It went undetected.
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Evil Goddess
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