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 Episode: Trinity & Infinity

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Episode: Trinity & Infinity  Empty
PostSubject: Episode: Trinity & Infinity    Episode: Trinity & Infinity  EmptyWed Feb 28, 2018 3:45 am

Infinity stood, overlooking the weak, fragile power in front of him. It was like a newborn baby sitting there. He has always been striving to see new things. Change his ways in any way he could.

Infinity held Trinity tightly as he spoke.

Infinity: Trinity, it would seem my problems, have inevitably caused you grief, you were infected by the power of this...darkness, a corrupting, and truly vile thing it is.

Infinity gave it a side-glance. He continued.

Infinity: However, I cannot include you in these matters anymore. I must leave, but before I do. I want to give you something.

Infinity took ahold of her hand, a mightly space wind came out from her body, as well as a deadly amount of energy. He had just expelled all the power which was related to the Infinity Spectrum within her.

He rose his hand and gripped the Dark Spectrum which was out of control. and it stabilized.

Infinity: It has been reinforced, it's far more mighty now.

Trinity: What....have you...done....why do this...

Trinity tried speaking.

Infinity: Shhh, I have made you apart of it now. The Dark Spectrum's corruption has been restrained as for now. You are my failure. I, shouldn't have fallen in love with you. But I hope to do good on your promise. You wished to change me. To make sure I never do what I did again, and I will honor that.

Infinity healed her wounds and soul. She immediately hugged and cried in his arms. With a minute of passing by. She said.

Trinity: Why have you given me this power? What purpose does it serve?

Infinity: Don't pretend, Trinity. You're an indomitable person. You will change this that they call the 'Dark Spectrum'. Make it a force, that is uncorrupting.

Infinity: I have linked it to you. And only you, that is how it should be.

Trinity: How can darkness be uncorrupting? That doesn't--

Infinity: It does, because I say it does. When I reinforced it. I didn't just give it some positioning. I made it so it can be what it wants. And you possess the 'Host Connection' So you can tell it what to do.

Infinity continued.

Infinity: Remember though, that it's darkness. You cannot create power. You can only shape what is already there.

Trinity: How did you do all this?

Infinity turned, leaning back awkwardly, he gave her another side glance.

Infinity: I'm still controlling the Infinity Spectrum.

Trinity turned around, with a furious face.

Trinity: You, forced me into a link with it? How can you do that.

Infinity: What are you talking about. I can do whatever I want.

Trinity: You promised...

Infinity stepped in quickly gripping her shoulders tightly as he could to reassure her.

Infinity: I am, I promise. I'm giving you a purpose. A purpose outside of my failures. That, is the best thing for you. The Dark Spectrum...

Infinity stepped away...

Trinity: You are leaving.

Infinity: There is much time, I have a lot of things to do. I give you one small request. There are three things that must happen. You must successfully uncorrupt the Dark Spectrum, Do what you wish with it. Afterwards. Use this, the spear.

Trinity: The spear...Why?

Infinity: It will emit it's power once you have doneso. It will then teleport you to me. When the next generation occurs. I will create a temporal duplicate of your subconscious and transfer it through time. And your 5th Generation soul will be spliced in half so that it can remain inside a boy.

Trinity: Infinity...What are you planning?

Trinity shook her head with worry.

Infinity: Doing the right thing. I cannot change what I have done. But I can have someone else control destiny. They will do the thing I couldn't. The Infinity Spectrum is too powerful. And I let it control me.

Infinity Spectrum churned as he looked onward.

Trinity: What about me? Splicing my soul, why?!

Infinity: Because...I love you. The other half of your soul. Will journey elsewhere. To a place long forgotten. You have a part to play in this, do not worry. I'm not doing anything wrong, I am only making up for my past mistakes.

Trinity: I...What is this, these memories.

Infinity: I just shared with you what I intend to do.

Trinity: This is-- It may actually work. But, Infinity, you...

Infinity hung his head. "Don't worry, It's fated to happen, and besides. Someone will inherit my power, my memory, and my knowledge. Except they will change everything.

Trinity: What about the Dark Spectrum...

Trinity turned her head.

Infinity: For now, It will be transferred to a separate dimension. Now that it's born, following the standard rules. It shouldn't be seen by anyone.

Trinity: and the Infinity spectrum?

Infinity: I'll return it to its original position. Inside the Realm of the Infinity Spectrum. As it's meant to be.

Trinity turned her head in a snap, she saw that he was beginning to leave. She didn't want it to happen.

Infinity: I'm sorry, but you won't be capable of finding me, Trinity, I will come to you. Until that time. Uncorrupt the Dark Spectrum. You understand what must be done.

Trinity: Why...why can't I feel you...your prensence. Why did you take that away.

Infinity: ...I'm sorry.

There was a flash, and the entire place was rendered. Silent. Trinity, the newborn spectrum, and the Infinity Spectrum disappeared.

It was an empty space.

Infinity was elsewhere now, looking up at the Infinity Spectrum that churned inside the realm.

Infinity: Just a beautiful power...and i let it control me. Or rather, I allowed the Evil Goddess to weaken me. I got weak, and in my weakness. Relied to much on this power.

Infinity: As for you, Infinity Spectrum, you are a great power. Too powerful for anything. You, I have to make sure that. Zach, understands what you are. And that you cannot be abused. You are the only one of your kind. I cannot allow the past to repeat itself.

Infinity turned towards an unknown location, his eyes pierced through all of creation, and the multi-verse to a single spot.

With the void of everything that is empty, a grayed out figure. Not intending to reveal itself, lifted it's head. And showed it's dreadful eyes.

Evil Goddess: Infinity...
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Episode: Trinity & Infinity
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