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 Agents of Power - Introduction

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PostSubject: Agents of Power - Introduction   Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:57 pm

Agents of Power

Agents of Power takes place a world where humans are connected to the earth, and others connected to magic. These two common species are referred to as Humans of Magic, and Earthly Humans, of the Earthly Realm. Earthly Humans have connections and ties with the earth. That make them adapt more in situations revolving around the Earth. They have a special connection to nature, animals, and plants. Though they lack the ability to consciously cast spells like Magical Humans. Their connection to nature makes them "just as necessary" as and "perhaps more important" than those of Magical Humans. Of course, Humans with affinity with magic can use spells and the alike

However, a third wave appears later, which imbues people with powers rather then magic. Allowing for a much more controlled use of power then with spells.

The story starts off with Livia Dawson. She has an ability she herself calls Imprint, which allows her to imprint things onto herself, and make it genetically, and naturally the same as if she were born with it. This power is tested multiple times before they seal, and place her into a Cryogenic Water Tank to sleep.

She is awoken 20 years later, and found she only aged 8 years rather then 20 years. Which makes her 18 years old at the beginning.
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Agents of Power - Introduction
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