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 Livia Dawson

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PostSubject: Livia Dawson   Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:08 pm

Name: Livia Dawson

Age: Prologue - 10 / Episode 1 - 15

Species: Evolved Human

Alias: None

Status: Alive

Occupations: None

Power: Imprinting

Abilities Imprinted

Power of Fire
Gravity Magic


Power of Fire: Allows Livia to control, and create fire at will. She imprinted this power when the facility sicentist experimented with her, and another with flame powers.

Gravity Magic: Allows Livia to cast spells regarding Gravity Magic, however, because of the person who used Gravity Magic had little knowledge with it. She only gained one specific spell with her imprint. She will either need to continue to imprint from others with similar affinity with Gravity magic, or have learned more spells, so that she can imprint from them.

Teleportation - Livia imprinted this power from 'The Lady' as her nickname goes, when she tried to escape in the prologue.

Ability Intuition - Livia can intuitively understand abilities, how they work, how to control it, and how to master it. The user can teach others how to control their abilities once seeing their power.

Instilled Knowledge - Livia's ability to imprint knowledge into the mind by various means, rather than acquiring it through studying or experience.

Lower Level Self-Power Augmentation - Livia is able to empower her existing powers to higher levels, if not highest possible levels.

Evolving Absorbing Replication - Livia's ability to absorb and replicate any materials, then upgrade/augment absorbed materials.

Family Members




Zane Braxton<Friend>
Carver Reyes<Friend>

Significant kills

No one "Yet"

Background & Personality:


Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Long, straightened.

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Body Type: Slim

Livia Dawson as a child

Livia Dawson Aged within the Cryogenic Tank

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Livia Dawson
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