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 Pandora Gahnz

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PostSubject: Pandora Gahnz   Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:06 pm

Name:Pandora Gahnz

Age:15; Prologue - 10 / Episode 1 - 15

Species:Evolved Human

Alias:Pan, Gone

Status: Alive

Occupations:President of

Background & Personality:As a young child Pandora was ripped away from her Mother and Father from an anti-evolved movement and she witnessed their murders at the age of 5 and bared the loss of her parents and her innocence. The scars left Pandora to metamorphic changes... Her persona became radically different from when she had her happiness. Cold, dull, and cynical. Her powers quickly matured with each diabolical test that was performed on her.

Eye Color:



Body Type:

Power:Power Manipulation


Family Members



No one 'Yet'

Significant kills

No one "Yet"

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Pandora Gahnz
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