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 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1  15079_10151651506248531_2092842529_n

Earth. Oh, how you have changed. A long, long time ago, 500 years ago to be precise. The world that we knew, changed forever. Before, there were only two forces. The Earthly Humans, and the Humans of Magic.

Two forces working together in tandem, cooperation, that lasted for ages. Of course, they had their problems and arguments. But, in the end, they ended up with a compromise. Needless to say, things ended peacefully with both sides receiving benefits for themselves.

Everything changed though when a third force began spreading unknowingly. It started off with a rumor, and later, incidents, which lead to more rumors. Each rumor having a connection with the first. Investigations popped up everywhere, trying to uncover the murders that took place. However, they found nothing, no evidence, almost like it was covered up.

Many theories and speculations were made, but, they didn't matter. The investigation ended weeks later, everything for a time returned to normal. Until they picked up again. This time more intense than that last, many more people were involved which lead to this force being finally revealed after being covered up mysteriously.

Earthly, Magical, and now powers? These people, who were reported, had strange abilities, far from magic. But, at the heart, appeared to be magical at the same time. Instead of casting magic, through the work of spells. They had abilities that required no spell, just thought, and hard labor to master.

This time, Both sides gathered their most Influential representatives to discuss the rumors and incidents, they couldn't find an immediate solution to their problem. These unknown people were related to something, and it wasn't anything made by anyone except fate. The outcome was definitely natural. That didn't stop them from thinking of fear.

It wasn't long before they argued over control of these individuals. Their powers surmounted both Magic and Earthly capabilities. Magic requires constant focus and hard-earned practice. Learning, and getting a grasp of spells. Some people weren't even capable of handling, or understanding spells, which limited users of magic. Earthly humans used more conventional methods, which put them at a serve disadvantage compared to those of magic.

Whereas the unknown ability to was absent to learning, to some extent. Those who had power still had to understand their power, learn, and master it. But, as one of the representatives said at the time.

"Water Magic, Vs Water Manipulation. The person who casts Water Magic can only use whatever spell that controlled water specifically, whereas those who control Water, require no spells. They can do, whatever they think up."

This concludes that humans of magic can only do as much as they know regarding spells. Where the other can continuously use methods at their leisure.

The balance of power was shifting, and they needed to take the necessary measures to keep everything under control. Before it escalated too far.

So a plan was devised, they wouldn't act out of turn, much like the previous cooperation that led to a truce between Earthly Humans, and Humans of magic. They quickly called those who would represent these 'evolved' humans.

They took the right amount of action, made sure to keep calm, and used methods to secure their entry, without making them feel like they had to be feared, or scared. Even though they were scared. They had to remember, that some of these evolved humans had to be in the same state. Scared of rejection. Belittlement.

Each action led everything around to cooperation on all sides. Even those that watched were impressed with the actions taken. At first, they were definitely afraid. It comes as no surprise that, the unknown would be feared. Luckily, those who came to represent the evolved humans were open, and understanding. Leading the discussions to a success. The problems that occurred were mostly accidents and those who caused them received some level of punishment, others who plotted, because of their greed were imprisoned.

Now, skip ahead. 495 years later. Where grueling experiments began.



The door at the end of the room swung open, revealing a woman in a lab coat walking over with a dominant posture. Her face revealed a smile.

The other scientist who is observing notes and documents gave a slight shift, viewing the lady stepping up to him. He dropped the paper from between his hand.

"You're here." He said

"Skip the introductions." She replied walking past him and looking into the room in front of her, arms crossed.

"I wasn't aware of your arrival this earlier? They might get suspicious"

"We aren't having this discussion, or they might get suspicious" She glared at him. Smiling with fear, he proceeded to continue...

"This girl, she-"

He tried to list his thoughts, but, was interrupted.

"Nevermind, just give me her report"

He nodded handing her the clipboard. She browsed its contents which read:

Name: Livia Dawson

Age:  10

Species: Evolved Human

Evolved Power: Imprinting


Eye Color: Gold
Hair: Long, straightened.
Height: 54 inches
Weight: 72 pounds

She carefully read all that was available, with her attention fixated on a single part of the report.

"Imprint?" She gave him a side-glance.

"She named it herself"

She stopped reading, dropping the clipboard on the table. After a moment, she spoke.

"What do you think"

"Livia is special, we had set her up for some tests before you arrived. It's something you will need to see for yourself."

They both left the area, reaching an area in the facility where everything was silent, the atmosphere was dense and multiple researchers were huddled around, called by the one standing next to the lady.

"Play it."

One of them hovered their hand over an object enabling a hologram in the room.


"Alright, Livia, if you could show us your ability."

Livia blankly looked onward towards the man in front of her, she sat crossed-legged on the floor as the audio from the other side of the room cut. The silence was her indication to start, otherwise, they would surely punish her.

She didn't understand why her parents brought her here. Presumably, because they disliked her ability, or perhaps they were forced. She didn't know, but, she wanted too.

She didn't move from her spot, instead, she looked closely at the man. He didn't hide his emotions at all, he was sweating, and seemed very nervous, but, she wasn't. After two minutes, Livia rose her hand, carefully rubbing her fingers together, and back.

A burst of flame engulfed her hand slowly spiraling around and eventually coming to stabilize around her palm. The Immediate closure of her hand caused the flame to die off.

"Is this all? I would really like to see my parents now."

"Sorry, Livia, but I don't know if that will happen. Try again, this time. Someone who casts magic will enter. See what you can do."

She hesitated because of the thought of her parents never coming back, or that she was abandoned left her with a grave impression of distaste.

She turned her head towards another man, who replaced the last. This time, he wasn't an evolved human.

"This man here can use varies types of fire spells. If you would be so kind to show her a single spell."

The man nodded and threw down a piece of paper in front of him. He lifted his hand, a burst of aura surged from his palm a moment later it disappeared.

The paper surged and exploded with a tiny revolving flame before turning to ash.

"As you saw Livia, He used a spell that engulfed the paper. Can you do the same?"

She was already focused on him from the moment he started the light show.

She rose her hand that was encased in the aura of magic, however, she threw the aura onto him instead.

"Wait, what are you doing!"

The other announcer was stopped on the shoulder.


She dropped her hand and the glow disappeared.

Something else happened, his shirt floated upwards towards the ceiling. He quickly realized what was going on, as he, and the chair fell to the ceiling. He held his head to cover himself against the chair toppling on him.

"You didn't only know flame spells. Personally, there isn't a need to learn flame spells, now that I can use fire. I happened to notice you had knowledge of Gravity spells, so I used that instead."

The old scientist covered his mouth, as he stared at the others who displayed the same variety of emotions.

"She can take on other peoples knowledge? and their power. Magic included, this is crazy." He said

"Livia, what do you call this power?"

She suddenly paused...then spoke up.

"It's called Imprinting."

The Hologram cuts away, and the rest of them are silent. The Lady kept her posture, as her hand had been placed in a thoughtful position. She was thinking of something that eluded the rest of them.

"We haven't assured our superiors of anything yet."

"No need" She interrupted, "Our superiors don't need to know quite yet. 'We' still need to do some more testing to grade the height of her power."

He nodded at her statement, afterward, he stepped towards their current work board to discuss the others.

"We should place her with the others, with supervision. We need to see her work with others, and also, we need to test their abilities too." She said

"Alright, then, we should probably do a check up on Zane, Clay, Carver."

"And the other two?" She asked

"Those two were already tested yesterday, before Livia, and the rest arrived." He answered

The Old Scientist went on to explain the extent of the previous two and their ability. The first was, Tracy. She can turn invisible, to the naked eye.

"That's not exactly unique, there have been plenty of people who could use invisibility."

"Yes, I know, that is where her brother comes in."

He threw up a still image of him, he had a small black mark from up from his neck across his cheek.

"These two are actually twins. They work in tandem with each other. We received reports prior to their capture and placement here in the facility. They work together, Tristan, her brother uses shadows to cover the area in darkness, while Tracy remains invisible to catch the target off guard. Tristan's darkness isn't always still too, he can move them at will. It's essentially a piercer attack, at all times." He explained.

"If they are such work, how were they captured?"

"Oh, well, They were lured to an area with a lot more light then they could handle. And someone with abilities themselves mysteriously appeared and helped us out."

"Mysteriously?" She glared as she heard those words.

"We cannot do anything about it now, since the person is, literally, nowhere to be found. They just disappeared." He stated

"Whatever, we should focus on right now." She said stepping backward, towards the door.


Livia remained silent, staring at the ceiling, arms folded as a pillow. She is trying to figure out why her parents would bring her here, or if it was them from the start. These are the only thoughts she had in her mind since she arrived here.

Regarding the scientists and the tests. She followed their orders without resistance, fearing any kind of retaliation would lead somewhere bad.

It was because of her constant worrying about her parents, and her being here, that has led her to remain calm. Also, Her power may have done something as well.

The pressure on Livia's thoughts continued as groups of scientists arrived outside her chambers without her knowledge. They observed her for several minutes before The Lady walked in.

"How is she?" She said

"Laying down, it appears she is thinking of something."

"That doesn't matter, grab her, and bring her to the central area."

She commanded, a buzzing sound came from her pocket. She stepped out, and into a hidden area to grip the item currently in her pocket, it lit up brightly as she held it.

After a second, words entered her mind.

"Yes, the girl is here. Yeah, yeah, I'm waiting for them to gather in the central area."

Even though it was a telepathic message, The Lady could hear another person talking with the man in the background. He stopped, with the silence in the air, his voice came once more.

"We have a plan," He said casually

"What?! What do you mean, who was that you are talking too." She asked without permission, and without patience.

"That's not of importance, you wanted a plan, we have one. I'll keep you posted."

"Oh, and one more thing," He said

After a moment, The Lady stood there, taking in the words given to her by the man, she nodded in agreement without hesitation.

"I don't fully understand, but, I have a feeling that I do. It shall be as you order."

The object cracked, and broke afterward, stopping any more contact from then on. The sight was confusing to her, as she used the object several times before and it appeared fine. Only now did it crack.

"This whole situation is weird. But, If he has a plan, I will follow" She reassured herself.


Everyone was taken to the central area, where cooperative tests start. Livia, along with five others were gathered. She didn't know who these people were. It came to a surprise that the one who gave her the power of fire was not amongst them.

A horrible feeling in her gut suggested something bad may have happened. Her feelings, however, were interrupted when two of them, who had gathered, walked towards her.

"Hey! You're Livia right?" One of them said. He had a smile on his face as he shouted.

"How do you know my name?" She questioned

"I heard the scientists talking about it. I got good ears."

"You heard it?" Livia looked towards the group of men conversing together from a distance, then, back towards him with a surprised expression.

"You can hear them talk from here?"

"Indeed, right now they are talking about what they plan for us to do. But, they are waiting for the one in charge. They just keep calling her 'The Lady'" He said, "By the way, my name is Zane, Zane Braxton."

He held his hand out to greet her, Livia smiled for once as she took his hand.

"Livia, But, you already knew that." She said

Before they could converse anymore, his friend next to him interrupted with a hard smile and greeted her as well.

"Don't forget me. My names Clay" He said. He also held his hand out to greet her, which Livia obliged.

"So you can hear from far away? Is that some kind of Super Hearing?" She asked

"Yes. There is plenty I could do with this power, but, at the moment I'm just limited to hearing really well." He said

"Don't listen to him, Livia, His super hearing is much more than that." He interrupted, "I keep telling him this, He can be a human lie detector, hear things in the earth, his potential is many."

He nudged the shoulder of him as he spoke with a giggle.

"Right...but, I've tried several times already," Zane complained lightly

"Not hard enough, listen, in a few years, if we escape from here. I'll teach you myself if I have too. My power can help you."

"Your power?" Livia said She understood Zane's, but what was Clay's ability.

"Nature, my power is nature." He smiled. Though, that smile faded rapidly. He kneeled to the ground and place his hand firmly on the ground. His face showed a lot of focus, but, nothing happened.

"Ever since I got here, I haven't felt anything with nature. I hate this place, it makes me feel like I'm nothing."

"You can't feel, nature, in here? How is that possible." Livia asked

"I'm not really sure. Though, I could give two possible reasons. One, either they have some way of blocking our powers, or my control or aptitude with nature is still too weak. Requiring me to be directly next to nature itself to feel it. This metal facility is exactly the kind of place I would like to avoid the most."

Both Livia and Zane agreed with the reasoning. It's somewhat likely, even though they are just kids. They had a developed mind, much more than normal children.

"What about you, Livia" Clay asked, "What is your ability? We told you ours, so it's only fair you share your own"

"Uh...Well...It's called Imprint.." She said, stuttering a few moments.

"Imprint?" Both of them said in confusion. What the hell is "Imprint" They couldn't fully grasp it.

Before she could continue to explain, a voice shouted

"Everyone, line up, right now." The Lady said. Nothing in her voice was held back, she stepped forward without hesitation.

"You, Livia, you will stand here, for now as I explain what we are doing." She said

Everyone other then Livia looked at each other in confusion, what exactly what is this person going to do? As each of them stared at her. The Lady walked over to the group presented and choose Clay, Zane to take a step over to her.

"So, here is how this is going to work. This is a training test." The Lady placed her hands behind her as she stepped out from between them, pointing at both Clay and Zane

"You both possess abilities, you will use them against Livia in this exercise." She demanded

This caused a bit of an issue for both Clay and Zane, not entirely because they were supposed to attack, Livia, but because both of their powers weren't going to work in this. Zane's power is super hearing, he cannot exactly focus it on offense unless he was martially skilled. Which, he wasn't. And Clay uses nature, but, he cannot understand it enough yet. They were both effectively powerless against Livia.

"What is the matter? Why aren't you doing anything."

Clay and Zane shrugged. They didn't wait any longer and dashed towards Livia, who had been barely registering them for a moment. She was surprised to find them charging her with nothing but their own body.

"What are they doing," the scientists said, "Don't they have abilities."

The Lady stared onwards without questioning just yet.

"This is peculiar," The Lady thought.

Zane stepped in first with his fist, not giving any time for Livia to react, as Clay from the other side did the same.

Livia, however, couldn't move her legs to dodge, or even block for that matter. She tried to think up something, but she was completely afraid of the outcome.

Her face didn't fake it either, she was scared right now. Whether or not they didn't wield any power, the thought of being harmed in this place like this seemed out of control. As they drew in, she instinctively prepared for the pain. But, nothing happened.

When she opened her eyes, both Zane and Clay's fist stopped right before they hit.

"We cannot do this." They both shouted.

The Lady didn't budge, however, the scientists did, they were the first to shout out.

"You dare disobey! You are Lucky-"

The Lady moved her arm to interrupt them and stepped forward briefly. She took both Clay and Zane by force back to where they stood last without batting an eye.

"We will try this again. Attack Livia, this time, if you don't follow through. Don't expect me to be lenient a second time." She said. She gave a sharp glare, the atmosphere slightly changed for a moment. It was the terrifying expression they have ever seen.

Livia was breathing heavily for a moment. She has always been calm, but, it was obvious that she was just lying to herself all this time. When it came to real threats or pain, she was still a kid.

Clay looked away, as well as Zane who hung his head in slight defeat.

Zane's arm was nudged for a moment. Clay began whispering so that only he could hear him.

"We should try this time. Do we really want to befriend some like Livia who isn't willing to fight back?" He said giving Zane a cold look, he was being absolutely serious.

Zane's surprise was all Clay needed to see, he could tell Zane's disapproval at the surface. He understood, closing his eyes for a brief second.

"Fine, just think of this as a lesson then. Livia needs some motivation. Don't think of it as hurting her, she just needs a push, we are that push." He whispered

The Lady's patience was wearing thin, her expression got more intense.

"Right, Livia, We are sorry, but, if you won't take this seriously. Don't blame us..." Clay said out loud. Zane forced his agreement same to him.

"I..." She was trying to think up something.

Zane and Clay again charged her like before, this time, they weren't intending to stop. She had to move, dodge, or block somehow. She didn't want to use her power. Not against them.

She stared at The Lady, who gave her the most attention.

As they drew closer, Livia's half-baked resolve finally kicked in, as she stepped back to avoid their fists. Which, drew a surprise over Zane's face. Though, Clay wasn't at all in the same. He continued.

Which, Livia desperately countered each time. They were like children, fighting over something. The sloppy footwork, the punches. It was hard to watch. Yet, no one could deny that this wasn't a fight between kids right now. Clay really was trying to deal damage here. Zane tried as well, he was holding back unlike Clay.

As the fight continued, Livia only dodged as best she could, without trying to fight back. She knew that she could use it.

Clay followed up with a few left, and right jabs, to which Livia stepped back weaving out of them. She would step further back, and jog a moment to gain some distance when Zane would come up next to do essentially the same, as he distracted her.

Clay sprinted at her, without stopping, he jumped, spearing her into a  tackle. They both hit the ground. The landing was rough as both were tossed aside.

"Come on Zane!" Clay said annoyed with his slow reaction. Clay climbed back to his feet, while Livia slowly did the same. Clay looked at Zane's charging figure.

He carefully examined Livia's position. She was still trying to stand up. That tackle must have taken the wind out of her, which was his chance.

He rushed up from the other side. She noticed Zane instead, as he rushed forward. She stepped back again to dodge the fist, however, found that Clay pushed her towards Zane's fist.

Livia was startled, her entire heartbeat sped up. She managed to land her foot on the ground gaining balance. She looked up as it was too late.

Zane's fist landed, striking her in the face. The force wasn't that great. She still fell backward to the ground on her butt, holding her face in pain.

Zane was almost in tears, as he stared at Clay who had been giving him a thumbs up.

"Clay...Why did you..." He stuttered looking back at Livia, "Livia, are you alright..." He said

"I'm...alright..." She said holding her cheek...

"Good job, Zane." Clay said, "Sorry about that, Livia. It's just, you weren't going to fight us seriously. So we had to see if we could motivate you. I see we failed. I'm sorry." He said sincerely.

"Are you serious? No, Livia, we really shouldn't have done anything. I would rather have had taken any kind of punishment."

"What the hell are you saying--" Clay was pulled away..

"Get back in line. Zane, you as well. I'm completely disappointed with you both." The Lady said without waiting, she grabbed Livia and threw her back.

Livia had to catch herself there, still holding her cheek.

"Seriously pathetic. You both still choose to not use your power?" She said

"Miss, It's not that we can't use it--" Zane was interrupted again, this time by Clay.

"Just...stop..." He said

"Well, Livia, I'm also disappointed in you. I was expecting you to show more care for your life. This really isn't a game. You should really take Clay's advice" She continued. She waved her hand to the other two.

"These two, are Tristan and Tracy. They aren't naive like the other two. They will definitely try and kill you. If you don't defend yourself. Then you will simply die."

The Lady stepped back, she is being completely serious too, much to Livia's despair.

Tristan and Tracy stepped front. They weren't giving her a smile at all, They have been rather quiet since they got here.

"You may begin..." The Lady said

Tracy immediately disappeared from sight, as Tristan slammed his hands together. His shadow erupted with length and size as it encased the entire area around them and Livia. The rest of them. Zane, Clay and the other, were surprised.

The area they stood was unaffected, they could see perfectly.

Livia glanced around, she couldn't see anything. Tristan was in front of her, but Tracy was nowhere to be found.

"Try not to die on us okay?" He said

Just after those words were said. Livia's back was struck, making her stumble forward.

She turned to see nothing. Tracy had the ability to turn invisible, which became obvious to her now. Turning back to Tristan, she was hit in the face again. Which made her stumble back.

She stepped back further, again, she got kicked in the back, another time in the chest, in the shoulder, the stomach. They kept coming, each hit.

She could no absolutely anything to stop the onslaught of attacks. Her legs were hit next, which made her fall to the ground. By now, Livia had been bruised up and down. Her leg now injured by the precise kick. She couldn't bring her self up to her feet, where another kick landed on her face.

"I...cannot deal with this for much longer," Livia said in her mind. Her hands beneath her, she remained still as her thoughts began running through her.

Everytime Tracy attacks, there is always a couple second delay between each. Livia waited for a moment as a strike landed on her shoulder to which she tried to counter. It had been successful. however, they kept coming in more intensity now.

This time, another piece was revealed. She doesn't randomize which part she attacks. She attacks in a circle. Always attacking from in front, after attacking from behind. Livia finally had something to go on.

After every attack went on again, The attack came from behind once more. Livia's eyes filled with life as she threw out her hands to grab something. She felt it immediately, something that was invisible that she couldn't see.

It surprised Tracy to find herself gripped suddenly, she tried to struggle with Livia's strength.

"Let go! How can you be so strong in this state!"

"I will not let go!" Livia yelled "Never, Neve--"

Her legs slipped out from under her. Her grip loosen which allowed Tracy to break free.

"I won't let you do that" Tristan's calm, yet, dull voice sounded around. He manipulates the shadows to churn beneath Livia to catch her off guard.

Livia was on all fours as Tracy hammered on her back.

Livia thought about the words from Clay for a brief second as she collapsed to the floor in pain. She was still awake.

Livia moved her head, her hands lit up for a second. Tracy stopped her assault.

"Sister! What are you doing."

"I'm not doing anything, I can't move!"

The Lady finally looked up, after the great disappointment so far, Livia finally used her Gravity magic.

"I'm done...with feeling pain!" Livia slowly rose to her feet, her legs were still in bad condition. However, she used the gravity magic on herself to keep her from falling.

She stared at the frozen Tracy. Her invisible was still on, but she heard the voice earlier. She knew, that she was there.

After placing the circle of gravity under her, it froze anything around her. The sound she made, allowed Livia to place the effect only on that location.

Livia moved her hand up, with a flame filling her palm, it flew out around Tracy. The heat was intense, the pressure was also strong. Tracy's Invisibly was disabled, as she flew into the wall, unconscious.

"No! SISTER!" Tristan shouted, "Look at what you've done, you will pay for that."

Clay and Zane were astounded.

"So, she has two powers," Zane said in surprise

"I'm actually kind of glad, that she wasn't willing to use her powers earlier." Clay said scratching his head in embarrassment.

Livia looked at Tristan as the area of shadows was beginning to move once more. She noticed that her legs were being devoured by the shadows as well.

"Attempting to take me out like this?" Livia thought for a moment as she remembered that shadows are weak to light. Though she didn't have any light. She had fire, which was the next best thing.

She threw out more flame, which encased the area around her. Stopping the formation of shadow around her.

Tristan didn't stop though, he threw everything he had into her fire trying to devour her entirely. However, She simply drew out her magic once again.

His body lifted without permission. He tried to use his shadows to stop his ascent. But, a flame came destroying the area of shadow attempting to keep him down.

He fell into the ceiling, dwindling his focus and stopping the area of shadow around the area.

She held him to the ceiling for a moment. A flame from the ceiling surged and erupted down.

After the smoke cleared, the gravity spell wore off. His body fell to the floor.

"Is he dead?" Clay said

"No," The Lady said, "He's just badly injured"

The Lady begin thinking for a moment, looking at both Tracy, Tristan, the areas that were scorched as well.

"She takes the power, magic spells, and possibly knowledge of others and combines it to make it better than it already was. Using flame like that, Even the the original owner wasn't capable of using it like that."

Livia stared at her own hands...

"Am I really this strong?" She said silently.

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Chapter 1  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1    Chapter 1  EmptyFri Mar 09, 2018 6:45 pm

Her eyes glowed like a rainbow, her hair was down to her knees, she appeared young and innocent, However..


"Stop it.. Stop it..."

The young girl was sitting in a metallic chair, strapped down to its unappealing leather anklets and bracers with a sponge on her head taped to an odd faucet connected to a lever device..

"Sorry I just can't allow a being like you exist, Pandora."

The Doctor says casually

The doctor in the corner of the room flicked the switch on and electricity sent out to the sink with water flowing onto the sponge, attempting to shock the five year old girl!!

Pandora sat in the chair rapidly shaking up and down expressing nothing on her face withstanding the force, without breaking a tear.. But the doctor kept the switch on making this.. So annoying to her.

"I said stop it.."

She said blankly, the vibrations suddenly stopped as a faint cosmic aura shrouded her body.

The doctors assistant came crashing through a door, "Hey what the hell is going on in here--!?" The man came to a halt and got blown back from the cosmic magic, landing on his rear. "What!!?"

The other Insane doctor was gripping on for his life, laughing maniacally.

"HAHAHA.. Subject Zero-One you are special indeed! Absorbing the powers of electricity too are we?? A five year old little bitch! I shall kill you someday!" The other doctor on the floor looked at the clipboard beside him:

Subject Num: 01
Subject Name: Pandora Gahnz
Subject Age: 10
Subject Race: Evolved Scum..
Subject Height (Recorded): 3 foot 6
Subject Body: Average
Subject Weight (Recorded): 56 pounds.
Subject Weapon: Power Manipulation, unknown limitations..
Subject Persona: Calm, Elusive, Dull, Empowering, Dangerous
Subject Notes: tests attempted: 37 tests failed: 36..

"This.. This is ridiculous." The doctor said..

"Indeed it is." Said the mystic child, Her voice indicated her broken spirit. Pandora Gahnz. And the doctor vanished beside the chair..

"All of my experiments failed on you, and these last two have really shown me a new side to you child. You are a true essence of evil and must be stopped. But there's no way to kill you!" He slapped her across the face, she kept a dull look as a red mark appeared on her cheek.

"Do what you want, I'll no longer suffer."

Oh is that what you wanted.. She thought in her head, fearing her traumatic past coming back to her all over again. She is truly broken.

"Oh.. Don't worry bitch. You're just a monster to me now."

"You're the monster." She says, a tear flows down her eye, sorrowing the human nature..

Chapter 1  V2-0f710

"Or is he right about me?" She thought as she was being forcefully pulled by the wrist, slapped with handcuffs..

Chapter 1  Naruto_signature
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Chapter 1
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