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 Chapter 2

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Chapter  2  15079_10151651506248531_2092842529_n

Regarding the tests that continued, everyone who was present was now fully aware of Livia's abilities. She imprints abilities from others, not only that. Magic spells, knowledge to use the spells and power efficiently, and can empower existing powers to be far stronger than the one she imprinted it from.

During the tests, her flame ability has shown far more flexibility than the original owner's use of it.

Her knowledge of gravity magic has also shown improvement, before, she was only capable of reversing the gravity. So those affected could start walking on the ceiling. Now, she can affect gravity to allow herself to hover in the air, reducing the gravity to zero in the area.

Carver Reyes, which was the last person to introduce his ability had clairvoyance. A dangerous ability indeed, capable of locating people, or objects given the nature of the person's experience with it.

"Aside from him, Zane and Clay haven't been able to demonstrate their ability yet." one of the scientists concluded the report of the days testing.

"They both seem useless, but, they have been reported using some type of ability. One way or another, we will get it out of them." The Lady said

She dropped the clipboard against the table, after a while of more records and testing. The day had come to an end, only the old scientist and the lady remained in the room.

"What are we going to do about Livia." He said..he was throwing a toy ball up and down.

The Lady kept reviewing the records on Livia constantly. Livia Dawson. Imprinting others power onto herself no matter what it is. This is risky, having an ability that takes other abilities as your own, would incite a lot of people to strive for her.

The Lady didn't know how many people knew of it, but, she was trusting that her partner kept things quiet. Livia was truly a gem.

"Hello? You there?"

"Huh? Sorry...What did you say." She flipped over the folder and threw it on the table.

"The girl, Livia, what are we going to do with her."

"What exactly are you implying exactly? What do you want me to say?" She shifted herself onto the chair to look directly at him.

"She's dangerous."

"She could also be useful." The Lady countered

After a bit more talking, both of them headed to bed.

The next day arrived, and they got back to testing. Livia did nothing new with her abilities. Tristan and Tracy practiced more with this since they had the chance.

"Hey, Livia, how's it going" Zane walked up from behind

"Nothing really.." She said, "I'm not exactly striving to learn more about my power."

"Why? You should embrace it, with people like this out here. You need a way to defend yourself." He said


Zane smiled and caught the eye of The Lady, and the scientist behind a glass window. He was curious so he started using his power to hear what they were talking about.

"You can't keep doing this. If she gets any stronger..." He complained

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna allow that. I want her power sealed, and placed in cryogenic sleep. We need to use her, keep her for later."

The Lady smiled as more thoughts entered her mind. He shook his head in disagreement.

"Livia's ability right now is limited to her being a child. If we let her develop, allow her to imprint knowledge, spells, power, and whatever else. She will become far too strong" He exclaimed, worried that The Lady would create an unavoidable issue.

"What do you plan to do exactly? Kill her?"

"That's an option" He replied

"You cant be serious. She is just a child"

"So? If she keeps imprinting. She won't stay a child mentally for very long. You don't seem to understand the capabilities of her power." He said

"No, I completely understand. But, our job is to take care of ED's to make them harmless. Not to kill them." She moved from her spot and looked at him seriously

"You will obey my orders. Fuck, whatever you think you are trying to accomplish." She turned back to what she was doing, "Cause, Frankly, I don't really care."

"Fine, but, if this explodes on us, then it'll be your fault," He said leaving the room.

Back inside the testing area, Zane's eyes were godly shocked, hearing literally everything just now. He snapped towards Livia, who stepped away from him to be alone.

"Livia, you need to imprint my power right now."

She looked up at him in shock, why was he asking her to do that out of nowhere.


"There is no time, you need to get stronger fast, take my power." He looked at The Lady, who didn't notice the scene yet. "They are planning to seal your power away. They are never going to tell you where your parents are, or meet them again."

His words hit home really hard, she stood up immediately after hearing the last few words.

"Quick, take my ability. How does it work exactly, do we touch or something."

She almost smiled at his determination, but, in her head, she thought...

"Zane, I can't do that."

"What do you mean you can't" He exclaimed

"I don't want to take it..." She said.

"Don't be stubborn this isn't the time."

"It's probably not, but, if I have to take power? Is that all I am? Taking, imprinting. I, seriously hope you don't expect me to just use you like that. Besides, Super is this going to help me"

"It's going to help you by keeping you aware of their plans!"

Livia nudged her hands together while glancing at the others, before hugging and whispering a few things in his ear. Afterward, she steps away and leaves him there.

"Damn it..." He slammed his foot on the ground. Just as he did, The Lady appeared questioning his behavior.

"What is wrong with you." She asked

"Nothing, I power isn't working. Sorry."

She stared at him for a moment. Which gave him a chill down his spine. He scratched his head in embarrassment.

She ceased her gaze, continuing towards the guards, and scientists who were conversing, she gave a few strict orders. Everyone would be taken back to their cells and restrained.

Zane knew exactly what was going on.

They were taken back to their quarters, where inevitably they would be restrained.

"Sir..." Zane said as he was walking back with the guard at his back. The guard didn't even flinch. He simply grunted and continued.

"Quiet type... I see..." Zane could hear the guard's heartbeat, it was extremely calm.

Zane waited until he noticed the next hallway was up ahead. Just as they were passing by, he ran towards the corner, which alerted the guard from behind him.

He gave chase promptly following him behind the corner, however, just before he reached, Zane tackled the guard as soon as he came around, into the wall.

Zane quickly grabbed the weapon the guard had and jab it several times into his stomach, killing him instantly.

He looked around to see if anyone saw the scene.

"Good..." He patted the guard for anything, he found nothing and left the body in a nearby empty room.

Zane needed to find where everyone else was taken, which wouldn't take very long since he can pretty much hear everything in the facility.

It didn't take long to locate exactly where they were. The problem was, that there were too many guards and scientists roaming around for him to make a pathway there.

He glanced and kept to the empty halls hearing for footsteps. He crossed several guards on the way. Killing them swiftly while they were unaware of him.

He eventually made it to Tristan and Tracy's room.

Zane looked around. No sounds at all, it seemed he was safe.

"Tristan! Tracy!" Zane called out to them.

Shuffling came from both the doors as they shouted from the other side.

"Hang on, I'll get the doors unlocked." He said the keys he stole off the guards worked on the locks opening them.

"What are you doing," Tracy said causally

"Something is going on. We are in danger" Zane said

"If that wasn't obvious already." Tristan said, "They are practically keeping us here against our will"

"No, they are going to do much more. While we were still in the testing area, I overheard The Lady talking about sealing Livia and placing her into a Cryogenic tank" He said, "If this is the fate we all share...then we need to stop wasting time and start resisting."

"Sealing? Cryogenic tank" Tristan said calmly. He took a stare at Tracy, as she did the same. Both of their expressions changed.

"We aren't going to allow that. We are with you"

Tracy and Tristan followed Zane carefully through the facility using their power to take down the guards that came by until they reached the rest of the cells and freed Clay at last. Now, with Zane, Tracy, Tristan, Clay, and Carver. They just need to find Livia.

Zane explained the news to Clay, who was angered by the depths they wished to go with them, especially, Livia.

In the meantime, however.

Livia had her hand on the door feeling it carefully, it didn't take long, but it would seem her imprinting power is dangerously powerful as they have said. She examined the door and felt like she could also affect it in some way.

"This-- I can replicate it, and change it," Livia said in her mind. "But, I don't have too."

The materials that made up the door began turning into a liquid, as it was absorbed into her body. She didn't feel any change, however, she could tell the materials existed somewhere. She focused hard, as the material a moment ago reappeared from her palm forming a door, because that was the last thing it was, and what she was thinking about.

"Interesting..." She turned to the door and proceeded to the exist. However, just before she was about to leave the door opened.

Her immediate surprise had her ignite flames in her palms readying to fire upon the unlucky individual.

"Whoa, Livia, calm down. It's just us." Zane said as the rest walked out from behind him.

"What happened here," Clay said

"The door? A new skill I guess.." She said casually.

"Skill? You mean with your imprinting?" Zane said, "I thought it was just imprinting powers and stuff."

"I thought that as well too, however, materials aren't excluded. I can imprint anything it seems." Livia walked towards them.

"We are planning to escape, but, we came here to get you. You cannot do this on your own. Let us help" Clay said

"Thanks, I'll walk with you then." She said with a gesture. Before they went, however.

"You should probably imprint our abilities first before we move."

Livia glanced at all of them as Clay spoke those words.

"I...don't think I should do that." Livia stubbornly refused once more.

"You..." Zane was astonished by how far she was willing to refuse this.

"You are kidding right." Tristan shouted, "You have that amazing ability, and you refuse to use it?"

"I'm not refusing anything. I have power, Flame, and Gravity. That's enough isn't it." she said without any intention of agreeing.

"You could have more" Tracy added

"Exactly" Tristan joined in.

"I'm greatly disappointed. You are acting a lot like when we fought" Clay said

"Are you going to pick on me, or escape."

That was something they all agreed on, but, going by Clay's expression, he was probably wasn't going to let it go easily. He turned towards Carver.

"Carver..." Clay called out, "You have clairvoyance, you should be able to locate a suitable exit."

"I'll try..." He said in a soft tone. While he was doing that, Zane pulls Livia away.

"I understand, why you want to keep refusing our abilities."

"It's called being modest." She interrupted

"Yes, but, you are being too modest. Look at us, we are only kids." Zane saw that Livia was trying to avoid his confrontation, but, pulled her back towards him.

"You are so distracted by something, what is it?"

"It's nothing, truly, look. Flame, Gravity. I'm a child. After that fight, I'm not gonna pretend like I'm fearless, I'm not, I'm scared."

"We are all scared! Livia, Are you truly content with this" Zane said once more, it felt like it was the last time in her eyes, so she didn't complain.

"Yes. I am...If there is truly a need for power, then I won't hesitate to obtain it." Livia told him.

"Fine, I'll stop trying to persuade you. However, there will come a time, when you will eventually feel that power is the only thing you'll need to defend yourself, and others you care about. Remember that."

Zane walked away from her, leaving her, to her thoughts. Once they were set, Carver found the location of an entrance that wasn't used regularly by the guards or scientists.

It was apparently easier than the front door that was for sure. Just as they were about to sneak out, the alarm sounded, with a voice overhead explaining of the escaped subjects.

"Subjects..." Clay responded, "Of course, I knew that was the case." He said furiously

"Come on, we need to go now. Carver will lead us, we are leaving right now"

They swung the door open, which had several guards right there already. Tristan unleashed his shadows to fend them off.

"Quickly, go..." Tristan said

They rushed past following Carver closely.

Tristan fended off their spells and magic as best he could, when they broke through, Tristan had already left them behind with shadows, he ran returning to the group who waited behind a blast door.

"Quickly..." Clay said.

Once Tristan entered, Livia absorbed the door and rematerialized it.

"It's broken, they won't be able to get in through this way."

"Can they use spells?" Clay said

"If there are more of them perhaps." She answered

"Then, we shouldn't be standing here."

The sound on the other side of the door was the indication they needed and also confirmed Clay's theory.


The Lady had her arms on the table watching the monitor...

"This is unprecedented...they are actually attempting to escape. How admirable of them."

The Lady was watching a video within the testing area, where Zane had been focused on her, and the scientist conversing.

"Strange, that they happen to escape after you witness us talking Zane." She figured there was something going on.

"Telepathy? No...perhaps not. Well, we will soon find out.."


A loud bang was heard, causing the building to quake, the group stumbled as it felt like the floor would give way.

"What the hell was that." The Lady said

"We are being raided by an unknown group!"  The Old scientist shouted storming through the door.

"How is this possible, how did they get around our sensors." She ran towards the outer monitors seeing a massive amount of soldiers marching towards them."

The Lady rubbed her head, displacing her hair with stress, seeing that many magical, and possibly evolved humans storming towards them was like a nightmare waiting to happen.

She turned towards the man.

"We have to get that girl now, she cannot be allowed to escape!" The Lady shouted. She flipped the intercom on and shouted with anger.

"Livia is not allowed to leave this building. All guards, your new orders. Livia 'must' 'not' 'escape!'"

"What do they want with me!" Livia shouted...

"They want that power is what they want." Clay responded, as he grabbed Carver and continued, "We can't stay here."

They rushed towards the escape, with the loud explosions, and multiple shakes kept slowing them down, but they did not stop. Carver had a very defined path. It wasn't touched. They just had to keep going.

Sooner or later, they entered a room where a bunch of guards stood. There were so many of them.

"Behind cover now!" Clay shouted. A large barrage of spells was launched towards them slamming and exploding against each other.

"What the hell, we are just kids. Are they trying to erase us or something." Zane said trying to overpower the loud sound coming from the explosions...

"This is getting messy, we have to relate. Livia, Tristan, you are our only hope, do something."

Tristan moved forward trying to get a fix on a few of them, he unleashed a barrage of his own shadows against their attacks, but, they were blown back.

He didn't stop, he increased his shadow around the room towards them.

He folded his arms together as spikes erupted from the ground impaling all of them.

Zane, who had seen the bloody mess, held his mouth...trying not to throw up.

"Keep it together Zane."

Tristan released his shadows, returning to normal.

"Everyone alright," Clay said

"Fine, I guess..." Tracy added

Livia moved towards Zane and glanced at the hallway where the bodies were. She caught sight of one more. He noticed that he was discovered, turning around the wall he fired one last blast.

"Watch out!" Livia covered Zane putting up a barrier of fire, but it was too late. Just as it formed to repel the attack, it just barely made it through slipping past, piercing right into Tracy's stomach...

She stumbled back not completely aware of what just happened right there. Her mind was full of shock, and disbelief. She saw the fatal injury and covered it with her hand.

She was silent, more importantly, everyone else was shocked...Livia saw what happened and engulfed her hand in a flame, it condensed into a ball of flame, which she prompted launched towards the Guard.

It slammed into him making him fly back hitting and snapping his spine. Killing him instantly

"...Tristan...." She spoke those last words before collapsing to the ground...

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Chapter 2
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