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 Final Chapter 3

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Final Chapter  3 15079_10151651506248531_2092842529_n

Following Tracy's Death, Tristan devoured her body with his shadows so that she could live on with him forever, his disposition within the group changed after she died.

They had to keep moving afterward and had no time to talk about the events. It was extremely annoying to Tristan, that no proper burial was made. So, he made the brotherly decision.

They ran through so many hallways, went up plenty of stairs, through so many doors. It was hard to tell if Carver was leading them to the right location.

They needed to catch their breath, and that is when things started to change.

"Carver, you need to keep the third eye open for soldiers. We cannot lose another person here!" Clay said, catching his breath.

"Come on, He is the one trying to get us to our exit isn't he..." Livia said...her apparent disregard for what happened earlier incited rage inside Tristan, as he recalled her 'only' putting up a shield.

Tristan walked straight at her. Zane and the others immediately tried to stop him, but he pushed them out of the way. He gripped her collar and slammed her directly into the wall.

"You, why didn't you do ANYTHING! Shielding Zane? Are you kidding me? Is that all your Imprinting ability is capable of."

"I'm sorry--"

"Shut up!

Livia moved her face away, knowing that she deserved this.

"He is right..." Clay uncrossed his arms and moved towards Tristan.

"..." Tristan released his grip, stepping as far away from her as possible.

"You should actually try and help us..." Clay said looking at her rather oddly, he could tell from a glance, her fear was there.

"Such a coward. I don't understand..."

"I'm not like you guys, I was brought here with my parents. I'm not a fighter like you all are." Livia said

"That's seriously not an excuse. You have seen what they are doing, does that not make you angry. You might be a child like us, but, by now, you should understand what is right." Tristan raged on.

"Clay, Tristan, we can't keep arguing like this." Carver spoke, "I have updated my directions, it should take less time to get there now"

"Alright..." Clay observed Livia one last time, "Let's get a move on then"


"Where are they..." The Lady said, "I don't see them on the monitors..."

"The boy, Carver, he has led them on a new path, avoiding camera's now."

The Lady was getting irritated with all this, the guards were focused intently on keeping the invaders back.

"Don't bother...It's time I did something about this."

The Lady vanished from the room...

"So, she plans on going there herself..." the man said

Carver and the rest of them ran towards the exit as fast as they could...

"THERE," Carver pointed towards the door...

As they ran, Zane could hear footsteps coming from both sides...

"There are guards waiting for us!" He said

"That can't be, they weren't there before..." Carver said as they stopped midway...

"That's thanks to me." The Lady stepped out from behind the corner with a large group.

"You have a lot of nerve attempting to escape, but that isn't--"

More explosions and shakes repeated throughout the facility interrupting her...

"It seems we aren't the only ones here..." Clay responded he felt a vague, familiar feeling. Something, that he hasn't felt in a long time.

"I feel it, my power...we must be close to the outside.." Clay thought

"Get me to that door right now. Livia, you can open it can't you."

"I can.." She answered

"I don't think so" The Lady teleported in front of Clay, gripping him and whipping him towards the wall, not giving a damn about his wellbeing.

Tristan stepped in recklessly and screamed as loud as he could, his power erupted with rage, coating the area in darkness and blinding her vision.

She was a veteran at fighting, but it seemed the kid's rage was heavily empowering his abilities. Some would say that his sister was the cause. Pure enraged emotions unleashed knocking, stumbling. She tried to keep her balance with the sudden burst of darkness.

"Quickly, don't fuck this up!" He shouted.

Livia and the rest ran towards the Guards.

"Livia.," Zane said behind her...

"I know..." She threw her arms out, coating her hands in flame. "Get in front of me now"

"Livia!...." Clay was startled...

"Just trust me..." She said

The flames flowed up like a stream, coating both sides in flames while the middle remained untouched. This was what she meant.

A loud scream was heard as Tristan was knocked unconscious falling to the floor.

The Lady had overpowered him with sheer willpower...

"He was defeated?" Livia was surprised, he showed a lot of rage. It almost seemed like he was actually prepared to kill her.

"What? You think a brat like him with his fragile power is enough to stop me?" The Lady stepped forward furiously. She wasn't about to let Livia get away...

Livia was...distracted by the unconscious Tristan, she wasn't prepared to leave without him. She didn't want too...

She stared at The Lady...and it came to her.

"I..." She teleported towards Tristan, the immediate teleportation didn't surprise The Lady, however, she predicted her power being imprinted.

"Nice try..." She gripped Livia's arm to teleport with her, but, it didn't work. Something was overpowering her control, she couldn't teleport her at all.

"What is...with..." The Lady was surprised to find, that Livia fought back against her temporal displacement...

"My ability, you enhanced it to overpower me! You little" Livia teleported from her location towards the others. And began absorbing the material of the door immediately.

"I don't think soo." The Lady teleported away, and back, with an object in her hand. It shot out multiple balls of fire towards their location...

Livia sensed their presence, although not completely finished absorbing the door. turned and caught the fire in mid-air and launched them back towards her.

She turned finishing the absorbing process...

Everyone ran through the door except for Livia and Clay who sniffed the air, as the sun fell upon his face...

"Nature...your natural empowering energy, I have so missed you." He turned as Livia held off The Lady's magical object.

"You are one tough kid, you know that. It doesn't take long to earn your place. You probably imprinted that too didn't you..."

"No..I didn't...I took your teleportation, that's all." She said as flame stopped once again, however, then exploded. Livia made a gestured with her arms and hands that stopped the exploding after effect of the flame, and reduced it too noting.

"Your evolving powers are starting to annoy me..."

Clay finally shined with a burst of energy, his fist, now encased with aura slammed into the ground. Before they could do anything, everyone was hurdled backward in their current position. All screens and monitors surveying the area went dark.

Zane, Tristan, Carver, and Clay all coughed as the dust settled around them.

The sun shined brightly upon them as they stood next to a cliff looking out upon the army that was invading the lower, front entrance of the facility.

"We made it..." Clay said with a happy smile on his face.

"Livia...Where is Livia..." Zane interrupted Clay's thoughts.

Clay hung his head, and he twitched, and slowly twisted his head towards the worried Zane.

"We can't leave her there..."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't save her..." Clay said. His expression didn't agree with what he said.

Zane held his head in anger for leaving her behind, that was stupid.

"She should have just imprinted our abilities..." Tristan commented

"My sister would be alive, she would be safe herself. She is just a lost cause. We cannot associate ourselves with cowards, else, we get taken down with them."

"You can't say that she saved your life.."

Tristan's expression changed to regret...for a brief second.

"I know," He said

"Does that not mean anything to you? And Clay..." He stopped, "I just don't know anymore."

Carver's eyes widen as he sensed something terrible.

"We need to leave, the soldiers have found this entrance if they find us here. We'll be killed."

"Shit...Zane, enough pouting for Livia. We need to go." Clay grabbed his arm and threw him forward. They dashed into the forest...

Livia coughed up several amounts of blood as a piece of metal pierced through the side of her stomach.

The Lady who had managed to awoken found that her in a dire situation...

"No...No, no no.." She called out, she teleports from her downed position towards Livia.

"You cannot die, this isn't how you are supposed to die. I won't let it happen."

"I..." She tried to speak, but couldn't...

"Damn, if only you had a healer to imprint from," The Lady said

The Lady almost lost her composure, and panicked, but remembered something heavily important.

"The Cryogenic chamber!" She took ahold of Livia's arm and tried to teleport...Livia grabbed her hand trying to stop her.

"You have to let me teleport you damn it. I refuse to let you die! Please, let me save you!" The Lady said, she didn't care at all for the others, and only for Livia. Only her.

Livia looked at the desperate women in front of her and released her arm in defeat. She couldn't keep up the effort anyway.

She took her arm and disappeared from the area. The next minute, they were outside of a large metallic room with Cryogenic chambers empty, and everywhere.

"Doc..." She called out...

"What happened, this wound.."

"Piece of metal...we need to take it out, and place her into the Cryogenic chamber"

"We cannot do that. The Cryogenic chamber might actually kill her!" He said

"No, No, won't. I saw what she did to the door..she absorbed the material of it." The Lady was rather excited to have found this discovery.

"She absorbed it? How?"

"I have no idea, but I'm willing to bet, that the strong potent magic inside the tank may be absorbed too. Hopefully..."

The doctor thought for a second...

"It'll have to do. Come, since this part is your job."

The facility shook more and more...

"They won't hold them back for long...we need to hurry," She said

"Alright, your power, you need to teleport the piece of metal out of her body. I'll stabilize her and place her in the tank."

She did exactly as he instructed. She placed her fingers ontop the metal, which vanished into her hand afterward. The blood started rushing towards the air.

"There is so much of it..." He said, placing an object gently upon the wound, closing it slightly enough to stop the bleeding.

"This won't be enough, quickly get her in there."

The Lady grabbed Livia's body and teleported her up into the chamber, with that. It closed and a purifying water entered into it. Wires automatically entered her skin as she floated there in sleep.

"Her vitals are fine...she might actually survive."

An explosion interrupted the peaceful victory of saving a life...

"We cannot stay here I'm afraid." The doctor said.

"We need to activate the shielding protocol. If we wish to keep her safe from outside intruders. They cannot know this place exists." She said

Everything happened according to there wishes. The place emptied out, a special, very strong type of magic filled the room and closed it off forever. No one would be able to enter unless they had a power that could see through the Illusion.

No one in the army ahead had this power, and so it remained this way. Locked for now, until the day someone finds her.

Livia's eyes were half opened as she noticed the lights were off, and everything was black and gloomy. The explosions were gone, no more shaking occurred. It seemed like she awoken hours later.

"I'm...sorry" She slowly fell asleep once more and didn't awaken again...

3 years later

Life Pod 43#
Occupant: Livia Dawson
Life Status: Alive
System Status: Awaiting Authorization
Stasis Chamber Life Line: 3 years, 243 days

[Energy Consumption Warning]
[Energy: 63%]
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Final Chapter 3
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