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 Chapter 1 - 5 Years?

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - 5 Years?   Chapter 1 - 5 Years? EmptyMon Mar 12, 2018 9:30 pm

The Facility was like a ghost town, not a single shred of life seemed to remain. Almost all of the power in the facility was gone. There were cobwebs everywhere.

The cells were empty, papers left behind, data was stripped and taken. It was unknown who invaded, or if they succeeded. But, it was clear that one side was victorious.

Throughout the hallways laid the decomposed bodies of the fallen scientists, guards, and other personnel scattered around the halls. A brutal, intense battle occurred here.

Any remaining scientists were gone, The Lady vanished. All that remained was one single person. The one where all the power was being transferred too.

Livia Dawson, she was saved by The Lady from death, she was placed in the life pod to which she remains in a permanent recovering state.

Life Pod 43#
Occupant: Livia Dawson
Life Status: Alive
System Status: Awaiting Authorization
Stasis Chamber Life Line: 5 years and 54 days.

At this moment, the door swung open revealing a light. Two people were standing at the entrance.

"This place was well hidden. So, let's see what they didn't want us to find" One of them said.

"Let's just hope that the information is correct. I don't want to find out that we came all the way out here just for a dead end. I'm getting annoyed with this already." The other said.

They through the door which closed behind them.

"Well, that ain't creepy at all." One of them said shining their light, on the door.

They looked for a minute until one called out.

"Look to see if there is any power in the systems around here"

"On it" She stepped away while the other one slowly wandered around the area glancing between the broken Stasis chambers and metal beams that fell when the battle raged on years ago.

He came against one of them with an actual person inside that died because of system failure.

"Pity...These people..." He glanced at the clipboard that explained the condition.

"Odd, did he drown after the system failed?" He stared

"Yo!" The other shouted

"Anything?" The man shrugged his arms out as he yelled.

"No, everything is dead here just like everywhere else"

"Wait...That, over there." As the other was walking back there was a tank lit up with light at the end.

He backed away from the stasis chamber. He noticed it too.

"Good Job Tessa" They walked with haste over to the tank. As they saw it for the first time it was almost like hope was physically embedded in their eyes.

"It's...this...." The man held his mouth, he was stuttering badly. He darted around to see for something.

"That computer works..." He rushed over to it, typing a few things into it revealed what he wanted.

"Livia Dawson..." He muttered...

"It's her" She crossed her arms giving him a side-glance as well as a smile.

"So, the commander wasn't wrong. She is here." He said, he is really happy to find out that it was all true. He looked down and continued looking through the files that still remained on the computer. A few more things he took care of it until the system status showed up.

"Oh my..." He said

He walked forward towards Livia with a regretful expression on his face.

"What is it?" She asked concerned now.

"The Lifepod it has been in standby mode for over 2 years."

"What does that mean?"

"According to the report, she was injured and was placed in there to recover. However, she recovered much faster. The Lifepod is set to receive authorization to release the subject." He said, "It means, she has spent 2 extra years in here. She could have been in here for five more years. Just waiting for someone to come along and find her"

He typed more on the computer until a system diagnostic of the energy being used was displayed on the screen.

"She is incredibly lucky." He said with shock, "The energy level is at 18%, another couple of months maybe. And the system would have failed."

"She would have survived, The Lifepod is feeding her something that keeps her under, if it fails, she would simply just wake up." She said

"No...their system has a flawed failsafe when the power is cut off prematurely. The system ends up killing the one inside..." He said reading the rest of the documents.

"It explains, why some of the others around here are dead," He said walking towards her with the card needed to give access to the Lifepod.

"How does it kill them though?"

"The wires in her neck, arms, and legs. You see them right." He turned back towards her, "The system fries their insides..."

Tessa closed her eyes at the thought of being boiled from the inside, she shook her body to the sensation of it and looked back at him.

"Who the hell would design such a system." She said

"Like I said, flawed. Probably due to some sort of malfunction. " He used the card and the Lifepod began to stir inside of it. The wires from inside Livia pulled back placing her into a standing position. The water began draining from it, the glass opened.

The wires released their hold upon her, she hadn't woken up yet, so her body fell from the platform into the man's arms.

"Whoa," He said catching her.

"Leo" Tessa called, "You just going to keep staring at her like that?"

Leo obviously noticed that she was completely naked, holding her like that seemed to annoy Tessa.

"Come on, this isn't the time for this." He said, "We don't have clothes for her at the moment."

Tessa raised her brows and looked at him in confusion...

"No clothes? That's not true.." She took off the bag from her back and pulled up clothes, which, she blatantly showed in front of him.

"You packed those?" He said, "Really?"

"Really, now, give her to me..." She said.

Livia coughed and coughed again while in the man's arms. She moved on her hold to keep herself from coughing any more. But, it was hard, her sudden movement gave them both a startle. She slipped out of his hands onto the floor holding her chest...

"Livia, Livia" Tessa called holding her shoulder trying to help.

"Who..." She coughed again

They both looked at each other...

"Livia..." Leo muttered

"Who are you, people..." Livia finally after coughing a few more times spoke off, she moved back on her knees looking up at both of the strangers in front of her.

She asked them a question, but, after looking at them for a second, her eyes noticed the background, she turned her head to see the place was in complete ruin.

Tubes were broken, bodies inside failed lifepods, or stasis chambers as they were properly called, wires ripped away, beams fell, walls rusted. It was not like this when she was last awake.

"What happened?!" She quickly changed her question, she tried to stand. She couldn't, so she fell back to the floor.

"Calm down..." Tessa said gripping her shoulders getting her complete attention.

"Its been five years, you were critically injured, and placed in that Lifepod," She said pointing behind Livia from where she fell, "You have just woken up."

Livia's head hung to the floor, her eyes in complete shock.

"Critically injured..." Livia muttered, she thought of the last thing that happened before everything went blank, he rushed to escape with the others, fought against that lady that stood in their way. She remembered an explosion and being pierced by stray metal.

"Injured, that's right...I was.." She held her side instinctively as soon as the words left her mouth. But, the wound wasn't there. The metal was gone She healed completely.

"I..." She held her head in pain for a moment. Leo's brows raised, when he saw this. He glanced quickly between the stasis chamber, and her, and understood.

"What's happening with her" Tessa asked

"Shes disoriented from being inside the stasis chamber for over 5 years, this is normal.

She held her head, rubbing it carefully as her eyes slightly readjusted, the floor didn't look like blurry images of itself, the effect seemed to linger on the surface though.

"I'm fine, my vision is blurry and my head hurts. But, I'm not in any danger, I don't think." Livia said placing her hand down.

"Well, we should probably get you some clothes..." Tessa said

Livia looked at them oddly, she only realized it now, even after looking down earlier to notice her wound was gone.

"I'm naked..." She said with a confused look...

"Uh...." Leo stared, he scratched his head awkwardly...

"What?" Livia said

"You realize you aren't a child anymore right?" Leo pointed

"Oh...that explains why my chest is bigger..." She just wasn't aware of the situation right now.

"Come, seriously girl, That Lifepod did more to your head then you think" Tessa grabbed the naked Livia and moved away from Leo who was heavily embarrassed.

Tessa gave her the clothes she needed, she patiently waited for her to dress, while looking in random spots around the room with her power of light.

She returned her attention towards Livia who dressed rather fast, she unlit her palm while saying.

"Do they fit?"

"Yeah, odd, how you had clothes that just happened to be the right size for me." Livia moved closer towards her, shuffling the top portion.

"It's a scholar uniform. I didn't know what else to bring."

"Scholar? you mean someone studying magic, or perhaps artificial objects." Livia looked up for a moment.

She seemed startled for a moment, as those words left her mouth.

"You understand what a scholar is, that's impressive, for having a 10-year-old mind." Tessa said,"Unless you studied before all this" Tessa pointed around.

"No," Livia said having her arms out in front of her, now with a different expression, one of surprise, and shock.

"I didn't know that I accidentally instilled that knowledge from you when I used my Imprinting ability."

"You took my knowledge of the word? just now, in that single moment?" Tessa answered with bits of confusion lingered in her mind. It hadn't even been indicated, she just dressed, stepped towards her, and they spoke a few words. Nothing out of the ordinary popped out at her.

"Yeah, but I didn't want too, I mean, I was wondering what a scholar was when you suddenly said the name of the outfit." Livia explained, "I don't have control over my power, how is that possible."

Leo stepped out from behind, he was weird doing it too, he strolled up to them, trying not to act awkward about what happened earlier.

"You have been inside a stasis chamber for five years, and, it kept you asleep. That is probably the reason for your sudden control issue."

Livia thought for a second hearing that, and nodded.

"I guess, you know a lot about Lifepods, or stasis chambers, whatever they are called."

"I'm a bit of a scholar myself. I've studied these machines plenty of times"

"We aren't here to listen to that, Leo." She glared "Livia, this issue, you can resolve it can't you?" She asked

"Yes, my imprinting ability actually has a self-employed ability, not sure how to say it, but it allows me to basically gain control over it without any hassle. My mind being disoriented like Leo said, was probably the cause of my control being divided"

"That actually makes sense. Weird, you sound a lot older already." Leo held his chin in thought.

"Yeah, I think my ability is learning things, now that I'm older."

"Maybe, being 15 years old is different from being 10 years old," Tessa said

"We should probably get out of here." Leo said, "The barrier I placed earlier will have wore off by now"

As soon as he said that and were prepared to leave. An explosion came from the entrance of the illusionary door, from the smoke and broken metal hanging from the ceiling that fell after the destruction detached it. The blocking beam was thrown back without any relative force being seen. Four men stepped out from the smoke created by the destruction.

They walked with smiles on their faces. The one leading the charge was about the same age as Tessa and Leo. Around the mid-twenties. The three behind him were all the same.

"Leo, Tessa,, whoever you are." The man said.

"I'm--" Livia's mouth was closed shut by both Leo and Tessa, they pushed her behind them. Stepping out in front of her, Tessa's right hand glowed with a bright light, while Leo's glowed her a purple light.

"Ah, the light, and psychic controllers of Commander Silva's group. You guys are pretty infamous. You know that right, capable of anything they say" He said with a crooked smile.

"Enough with fake praising, Kade," Leo shouted

"Oh? I thought I was being very convincing."

"I see, you brought Hendrix..." Leo glared interrupting his display of stupidity.

"What business is his to you?" Kade said

"You afraid to take us on yourself? Aren't you suppose to be the big shot around here" Tessa taunted, "You stormed in here, all big, with your fake praise. Yet, here you are, with Hendrix, someone who can replicate himself. It's obvious now, that all your apparent boasting is a just mere fantasy"

Kade was silent for a moment, as his eyes were hung to the floor in thought. The atmosphere changed in a split second.

His eyes dart up, fixated on Tessa, he quickly moved, grabbing a blade from his cloak, and dispersing them into the air in quick session. He dropped his arm, having his palm, and pointing towards her as they stopped and immediately launched towards her.

She wasn't surprised, she shot all of them out of the air and caught the last one in between her fingers while she dropped her right hand shooting a needle sized light attack towards his arm.

He stepped back as it punctured his wrist, losing control of his blade.


She held the blade in her hand which was destroyed by the light emitting from her hand. He held his hand and smiled at that moment.

A beam from above manipulated by Kade as well, She hadn't been prepared for that one, but...

It halted, as a purplish aura surrounded in and hastily wiped it in the distance like a ball. Leo lowered his hand.

"Kade, do you really think, with your power alone. You would be able to beat the both of us?" Leo seemed slightly insulted.

Kade leaned back, looking back at Hendrix who was sitting there silently, He began whispering into his ear"

"Hendrix, No need to hold back," He said softly, he leaned back.

"Let's just end the talk here shall we?" He said.

While they were talking, Livia took the time to analyze Kade's ability to control metal. Her attention on him was impressive, but, after a moment, she glanced around, still remaining hidden to the others as to what she was doing. Her eyes darted each corner of the room, each beam, wall, every piece metal. Her eyes were scanning for something.

Livia was startled by something as she realized something wrong. She tapped Leo's shoulder rapidly to get his attention

"Kade is planning something..." She said "And it involves the infrastructure of this whole building"

"The infrastructure?" He stopped mid-way, Leo turned, scanning his surroundings. He was also started. "How come I didn't realize that!" Leo thought in his mind

Tessa listened while having her attention fixed on Kade.

"Hehe, Guess the secrets out!" Kade rose his hands immediately after. Triggering the entire place to shake, random pieces of metal fell from the ceiling, pods busted, beams made an impact on them.

"Kade!" Tessa yelled she prepared to attack him, but her hand was grabbed from the side by one of the Hendrix's clones, she lost her balance as the light was shoot upwards breaking off a part of the ceiling.

A large piece of metal came crashing down above Hendrix and Kade, however, The metal underneath Kade's feet broke apart and hovered out of the way. Now in the air.

Kade's face and arms had bulging veins as he manipulated the buildings metal structure towards Tessa, Leo, and Livia.

They were trying to keep their balance while fending off an endless supply of clones.

"We cannot stay here, we have to leave" Leo shouted waving over towards Livia and Tessa.

"Got it" Tessa shouted signaling Livia as well. They both ran towards Leo and followed along with him. There are a few doors that lead out of the place.

"I don't think so!" Kade shouted, he throughout his arm towards their location.

The ground, walls, and ceiling caved towards them creating a wall that blocked the entrance. Instantly, they turned around and rushed towards the other location.

"Nope," Kade said once more, doing the same thing as before.

"Damn it!" Leo shouted, he quickly scanned the area again "Quickly, He wouldn't harm himself." Leo said. They ran towards Kade

He changed his focus again, underneath him, he began doing the same blocking their path towards him.

"No!" Tessa lit up her hand full of power, launching multiple bolts of light towards him. Hendrix stepped in front slamming his hands together multiple clones appeared jumping into the way of these lights. Ineffectively dispelling the danger.

She prepared another strike, however, multiple other clones climbed the wall just created by Kade, distracting her attention towards them instead.

They jumped back to dodge the onslaught of the clones.

"We must get out of here"

Livia looked at all the previous entrances and exits they went too, the walls and metal were beginning to warp into a sphere that was supposed to crush them to death before too long.

"It's his playing field, this place is made entirely of metal," Leo added

Livia turned and gripped their shoulders tightly.

"I suppose it's my turn then." She said as her eyes closed, she needed a clear head, because, this was the first time she would try and teleport since she did it last. Especially, with her being older, and woke up not too long ago.

Tessa and Leo looked at her, then each other, they didn't question it. The clones were drawing closer, as well, as the metal encircling them.

They both stood there, blasting the clones away while Livia tried too focused.

"I got it." She said, after a second, her eyes opened and their appearance vanished at that moment.

Outside, far behind the facility. Livia, holding onto both of their shoulders appeared.

She let go of them looking around for a moment. It's the first time in a long time, that she was able to see the outside. Five years?

Livia looked up at the sun, her eyes were trying to adjust to the sunlight after being inside all this time.

"Teleportation" Leo dusted himself off saying. "I didn't expect you to have an ability like that on you." He added

"Doesn't matter, Hendrix isn't stupid, he might have placed clones out here just in case we escaped."

Exactly as she predicted, a large number of footsteps came, followed by a group surrounding them. Hendrix's clones were waiting for them around the facility. And immediately got the order to track them down.

Once, a single clone learned of their location, the others were alerted. Now, an army of them was stationed around them.

"As expected of you both, always on alert" Hendrix said

Back underground, Kade stopping using his power and lowered his arms. Hendrix stared like he was looking outside.

"They have encountered the ambush I set up."

He gave Kade a side-glance waiting for a response.

"That girl..." Kade muttered, "Hendrix, pull back."

Hendrix gritted his teeth after he heard,

"It's too late. They have started attacking, I cannot do that." He said

A few explosions occurred topside, trees turned over, small craters created from impacts of powers. A Hendrix clone smashed into another tree, falling limp afterward. Tessa's light faded from her palm walking back beside Leo.

"You bastards..." The Last clone said, coughing blood kneeling down in front of them.

"Earlier you had the advantage, no thanks to the metal from the facility. But, you alone? Clones? Did you really think just cause you have an army, that we couldn't deal with you?" Tessa said

Back underground, Kade walked around the broken down lab and found nothing interesting, only the destruction he created while trying to crush from.

"They killed all of my clones and fled" Hendrix reported

Kade threw up his arms in anger, the metal all over the place lifted and shot towards the ceiling, only to crash down again.

"Nothing, at all, I wish I didn't destroy of thing here." He kicked out...

"What's done, is done. We need to report to the Captain."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, That girl...what was she doing here." Kade's face lit up as he thought, he pointed at Hendrix as he walked away...

"She has to be important to them, we must find out more about her, if possible."


Come midnight, Leo, Tessa and Livia settled down, Leo and Tessa made tents to sleep in while Livia came back with wood for a fire. She placed the stack upon the pit, created by the two, while Leo surfaced from his tent.

"Thanks for getting the wood for us," Leo said

He stepped on over to Livia who had placed the wood in a certain order, she glanced at Leo who made his way.

"Well, I'll be traveling with you, so the least I could do was help out." She said.

She rose to her feet clapping her hands, brushing the wood dust off.

"You can lit it right?"

"I can" She answered, she placed her hand out, but, rather instead of doing that. She merely snapped her fingers, creating a dense flame from beneath the sticks.

"Incredible, How does that work exactly?" Leo asked, "I mean, you can have multiple abilities."

Livia turned towards him and walked past, she has heard similar questions before.

"It's called Imprinting," She said walking back after picking up a bottle filled with water. She sat down opposite from him, looking into the flames silently, taking a sip of from the bottle.

"How does it work-- I took a look at your file, and it takes you can take abilities from others like you did with that flame power. Does it require touch?"

She took another spit, while she silently stared at him.

"If you looked, you should know why already." She replied

"Well, the computer didn't have all the files. The rest of the power was being transferred from the facility including from the main control room. The only computer left running was the one directly tied to your Stasis pod."

She took another spit after hearing, placing it down in front of her, she leaned in looking at the flames.

"The way I imprint abilities -- I'm just giving it a simple explanation, My Imprinting ability, takes from others, by imprinting what they have onto myself. It takes a bit of focus, not too much though." She explained

"Hm, So, it's a lot like the name implies, Imprinting. Livia, from what you just said, it's safe to assume that your ability in general, doesn't simply function by doing one thing, but, many things at once."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. " She answered, "For instance, your power, I already know what it is, even though you haven't properly told me. It's Psychic Energy" She said

"Hmm, so my Psychic shield is no match for your imprinting ability." He added

"You mean that mental block that you have around you. No, It won't work. Cause I'm not exactly entering or looking through your mind." She said

"Odd. But, hey, If you know about it, does that mean you have my ability now?" He asked

"No, I just understand it now that I know what it is. I can choose to imprint it or not."

"Huh, kind of like intuition. You are a fascinating person Livia." He said, he suddenly looked worried as Livia's face showed a bit of despair on her face when she heard the words fascinating.

"Not just as someone with a unique ability, but as a person. You told me all that, despite, not too long ago having the mind of a 10-year-old"

Tessa stormed out of from the forest with a dead animal in her arms.

"I don't suppose we can eat now, I'm starving." Tessa smiled dropping the animal to the ground.

"Well, of course, we can, and we don't even need the fire either," Leo said standing to his feet after he saw Tessa back with food...

"Really?" She looked over at Livia for a moment, before asking Leo what he meant...


"Livia can roast it for us." He gave a thumbs up. Livia looked the other way in an embarrassment, for whatever reason...

The animal was stripped of its meat, and placed over the fire, Livia, who crouched down, placed her hands in the flames to increase the heat, so that it would cook quicker.

"We still need the fire..." Tessa said glaring at Leo, who had his hand scratching the back of his head.

"Livia, don't worry, keep the heat medium. I have good cooking instincts I can tell when I need to turn it."

"Alright" Livia sat back down, as she continued feeding the flame from her spot.

After a little bit of time, the meat was cooked, they ate and went to bed.

Livia laid there staring at the ceiling of the tent, she thought about everything that happened between her and the others. Zane, Clay, Tristan, Carver...Tracy.

Five years passed her by...

"What you thinking about," Tessa said looking in her direction.

"I'm thinking about the five years I wasn't a part of." Livia turned over and closed her eyes...
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Chapter 1 - 5 Years?
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