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 Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape

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Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape   Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape EmptyWed Mar 14, 2018 11:12 pm

5 years pass in the research facility, Pandora suffered for most her life being experimented on by doctors and humans for her powers.

Pandora is one of the top wondrous evolved humans known to science. No one has extracted enough data to understand her anomaly. Some say she is a deity, however Pandora was born as a human with normal parents.

Pandora’s parents lived around the dark ages, magic wars took place and she was affected through their own personal, sick, sacred abilities, Pandora is not limited to what she can conjure thanks to them, leading her parents’ torture to be her most grateful blessing, her parents were taken by the Human Order and killed.


Pandora was running down the hall swinging her fists, deflecting arrows and needles being fired from the other end. She vanished to her left, evading an explosion.
Beside her was her friend running at the same speed, dodging multiple attacks,

“Hey Pan, you take the guard on the left, I’ll get this one!” She said phasing into light diagonally to the guard with the crossbow..

Pandora sidestepped in zigzags forward, and met the gaze with the chaingun user,

“..Now Akari!”

Akari rematerialized from light form to human form in front of the guard surprising him.

“How can this be!?” yells the guard.

Pandora charged and raised her index finger and Akari followed in order generating a photon explosion.

The explosive pulse occurred immediately, happening so fast..

Body parts erased entirely and a pool of blood flew all over the concrete walls. The blood stained everything including Pandora and Akari as they both stood in silence covered in blood for a brief moment of their first kills..

“I don’t feel so good Pan..” Akari looked down at her hands that were dripping blood as she trembled with adrenaline..

Pandora had a dull expression on her face and turned her head to the exit of the facility and slowly walked forward and let out a sigh, “I don’t care for these scum.. You shouldn’t either.”

Pandora clapped her hands together, 'meditating' the blood off the both of their bodies..

“Woah just how did you do that? That was cool..” Akari felt cleansed, the blood being gone really helps.

“I don’t know, I can just do whatever I set my mind to.” She responded vaguely.

The both of them stepped in front of the exit, parallel to the release levers.

“Okay, ready to see the world with your own eyes?”

“No..” Pandora said with zero excite, pulling on the lever corresponding with Akari.

The shutter opens, darkness awaited them, however the moon lit the sky, and a grassy aroma rushed through the doors.

They head out..

“I.. Like the fresh air..” Pandora said.

“It’s nice..” Says Akari.

“So what we do now is form an alliance to put an end to the human order. First however, we need a headquarters.”

Pandora levitated in the air, raising her altitude, “Huh..?”

Akari levitated as well, “Are we going to save the other evolved humans like us?”

Pandora nods her head, pointing in a far direction off past the oceans , “There, we go there.”

“Well, alright.” Akari shrugs..

Pandora flashes off as Akari followed fast behind, flying beyond the deserted land towards the ocean. They make a few miles out, and Pandora and Akari stop, hovering above the sea.

“Am I about to see something cool?” Akari wonders. Pandora extends her palm out and concentrates her energy, materializing something in the middle of the ocean.

“No way this is incredible..” Akari said in shock.

Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape Floating_island__by_madam_shyarly-d73rzx4

Light stopped morphing around Pandora’s creation. An Island just took formation. A foundry is build with strong foundation. With her hand, built upon a nation. A shelter, with no damnation. For magic shall have no sanction.

“Welcome home Akari, let's rule this kingdom together and restore our freedom.” Pandora says with a bright smile, a change in character.

Akari smiled happily, “Absolutely Pandora! What should we call our kingdom?”

“Karidora!” Pandora yells happily, flailing her arms up high.

They both laughed and flew in circles holding hands.


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Chapter 2 - Pandora's Escape
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