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 Chapter 45 - Peace Returns For Now

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PostSubject: Chapter 45 - Peace Returns For Now   Chapter 45 - Peace Returns For Now EmptySun Jul 01, 2018 9:53 pm

Episode - Peace for now.

A sweeping dark mist began forming until growing large. Stepping from the mist, Lily, and Lilith's bodies hit the floor immediately. Zach, now this twisted being.

His body twitched in pain, his eyes went wide afterward. His legs fell to the floor as his hands covered his head, one holding his neck as he struggled to deal with the pain.

his appearance morphed once more, becoming less monstrous, and more profound. Now his appearance was a bit more resembling of a human than before. His hair remained red, his body darkened, he did not express anything from before. Only cruelty laid upon his face.

As he stared at his hands before him. He was fixated on them, an evil force coursing through his veins, he flipped them over a few times, clenching his them into fists a few times. After glaring enough, he smiled.

"This body will do for now I suppose. My power seems to have stabilized now. I can focus on more important things now."

He turned, moving towards Both Lily and Lilith.

"I can't have Phantasia getting in my way all the time. I will probably need these two."

He wickedly stared at their unconscious bodies.

"I have plenty anyway." He smirked as he stepped away from them, looking into the distance towards an unknown location in space.

"Out there, such pathetic cowards."

Remaining serene, Zach sniffed the air, it was a bit awkward. After opening his eyes once more, his eyes gave a side glance. Redirecting his attention behind him, footsteps, the sound of snapping branches.

Zach: So you have come?

He didn't turn around right away, he, instead stared in front of him, with only a smile on his face. He predicted this. His shocking appearance gave the figure a moment of surprise.

Alyce: ...

Zach hung his head in a laugh. Turning, his entire appearance was fully viewed. Her eyes only fixated on him, they were glued to him. If one were to jump to conclusions. They would mistake her for admiring him.

That was not the case though. It would seem Alyce headed straight for him after his departure, and since the place the location was, was where she brought him before the invasion. She found him easily. Not to mention her ascension with the energy of Infinity.

Alyce stepped forward, with no intention of fighting.

Alyce: What happened to you?

Zach tilted his head. He gave her a confused expression for a moment before returning to the calm cruel outlook.

Zach: You should know, after all, haven't you been stalking all the battles thus far?

Zach said

Alyce: That doesn't mean I understand--

Zach held his hand up to stop her.

Zach: What is stopping me from killing you right now?

Alyce: I felt the need to come, and ask if I could join you.

Zach: Join? And why would I let you?

Zach summoned energy in his palm, playing with it casually as he answered.

Alyce: Why not?

Zach stood there, his expression the same, it had not changed, he merely stretched and tangled with the energy in his hand.

Zach: Why not? Perhaps because not too long ago you almost attempted to kill me.

Zach tilted his head though as he said that.

Zach: Oh wait, hold on, you weren't attempting too, you were going too. If it hadn't been for our power. You would have definitely won. However.

Zach: That isn't needed now.

Alyce instinctly defended herself as she felt the immediate danger engulf her entire soul, the power manifested was almost on par with what she originally wielded. But the effect of the transfer was still in progress.

Zach was gone, however, even though her reaction was fast he was already right next to her. He gave her a few jabs to the chest, grabbing her arm and throwing her into the ground.

Zach: That's unfortunate

Alyce: I'd rather not become an emotionless puppet like those two have.

Alyce exclaimed crawling back...

Zach: Begging wasn't what Zyrion did...

Alyce held her up hand in plea

Alyce: Zach, wait! I know I tried to kill you before, but I have already realized that mistake, I've already discovered my father's deceit as you have pointed out.

Zach shook his head in disagreement and his hand back summoning a sword.

Zach: You didn't believe me, insulted me. Remember? You kept me, prisoner.

Zach stepped forward.

Alyce: If it wasn't for that it wouldn't have given me the thought, I wouldn't have tried to piece it together. Zach!, I helped you save the planet from Serenity, I helped you find her.

Zach's hand stopped, his body too.

Zach: ...

Alyce: I helped you against Klark as well, remember, I gave you the idea to use your true potential. Otherwise, would you have noticed earlier of Serenity's capture?

Alyce's words finally hit. Zach stepped back, the sword fading from his hand.

Zach: You're right.

Zach turned in light of this and glanced slightly back.

Zach: Do as you want...

Zach: Remember what I said...

He gave her a side-glance

He returned to normal and studied Lily and Lilith for a moment.

Alyce: tsk...

Zach: These two will make a great addition to the team.

Zach's wicked smile continued, while Alyce watched from the distance.


Phantasia landed on the ground next to everyone else, her movement seemed to be full of anger but wasn't directly shown to everyone else. The only ones to actually take notice were Lyall, and Luka.

Phantasia: Zach is no longer someone any of you can handle...

Phantasia spoke frankly, her words came as a shock to everyone. Fai, however, was somewhat in agreement.

Klark: This, evil, that has its hold on him. It feels almost like it did back in Omari District. Care to explain it?

Klark said

Phantasia: I do not know of its origin, but you are right, the energy you felt is the same one as the Evil Artifact, Roland kept in the facility group 10 raided years ago. You'd remember, Zach, used it again all of you and almost killed Layla. But, as many of you already know. I am Kurumi and before I allowed Zach to use it on all of you.

Phantasia explained,

Phantasia: However, this time is different. The power being exerted from him is above a demigod.

Klark: Hold on, you mean to say that, Zach, is now a god? Absurd.

Phantasia: Not Zach himself, but the energy that has infected him is, and it is because it has infected him that he has become a god.

Phantasia turned to Luka.

Phantasia: How long are you going to hide by the way.

Phantasia asked.

Luka: I...

Lyall: Whoa, whoa, Phantasia, we understand you are somehow related to the Larson family, but you cannot start causing more conflict when we have two to deal with now.

Phantasia: Just a thought

She glanced still at Luka and then back at the others.

Phantasia: This is just a warning,

Phantasia then turned towards Klark as she spoke

Phantasia: Do not attempt to deal with Zach, just because of some divine intervention. You will find that nothing good will come of it. The level of his power now is only going to grow.

Klark: Right...

Klark already understood the reasoning behind her having said those words while looking directly at him.

Following that day, the city structures were torn, broken and needed repair. The world just couldn't catch a break. Alyce attacked and now Zach is corrupted by a similar power he had a long time ago, albeit with some differences.

Klark stayed at the Infinity Isle's Inner Chambers while the rest were up around the Infinity Isle Security room, or at least what you would call one.

San's body wasn't recovered and it was clear, Adam was hiding this fact well, but it actually turns out when the rest of Group X found him. He revealed the truth.

Luka: San is dead...these invaders have truly done it now. He was the protector of Panzer City and without him.

Ahad: We will need a new executive.

Sanno and the rest of group X stepped forward keeping San's body in a containment container.

Sanno: We of Group X will deal with Panzer City, you just make sure of one thing. Godfrey, you make sure he dies.

Sanno had left after that message.


A reddish, festering energy slammed out from the forest revealing two women. Lily, and Lilith.

Zach: Good...that's good. They both understand each other. I mean, they seem to have a very intimate relationship.

Zach turned seeing as Alyce had entered back into his field of view. He ordered both the girls to monitor the area while he turned towards Alyce.

Zach: So you want to help? Fine, we are going somewhere, and I need you with me.

Zach commanded

Alyce: I'll follow..

She casually said, with a blank expression.

Both of them disappeared into the distance at top-speeds.

Alyce: So what exactly are we looking for?

She yelled trying to overpower the sound of the wind.

Zach: There are several locations on earth that have housed the Evil Artifact. Each of these different locations has trace amounts of residual energy left over.

Zach paused

Zach: This energy can be taken and added onto my own.

She turned to notice the wickedly vicious evil smile.

Zach: ...
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Chapter 45 - Peace Returns For Now
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