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 Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps

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Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps   Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps EmptyThu Aug 09, 2018 1:38 pm

While Zach and Alyce headed in an unknown direction, the others. Ashley and Sanno made their way back to Panzer City.

Sanno: Panzer City is currently in chaos, the citizens are still held up inside the bunkers and for good reason. They were built to keep others save, and we cannot be sure if the invaders are still lurking somewhere nearby.

Ashley: Unlikely, though, Sanno. Surely you can feel it as well?

Sanno turned as Ashley spoke, curious herself she started sensing her surroundings. Sure enough, nothing could be felt.

Sanno: It's odd that an enemy that comes from space cannot be seen within our own planet atmosphere. Where did they go?

Ahad appeared suddenly from the monitor in San's office.

Ahad: Sorry to intrude. But I was eavesdropping.

Sanno shook her head in annoyance and gestured for him to continue.

Ahad: Your question was my original question when I first arrived at the Infinity Isle. I wanted to know where they came from and obviously, it was from outside our planet. However, when I looked nothing was there.

Ryuk: Is it perhaps cloaking?

Ryuk stumbled forward saying.

Sanno nodded at his assumption, looking towards Ahad.

Ahad: Perhaps, I'll need to figure out the systems of the Infinity Isle more than ever now that Zach is gone before I can deduce that.

Sanno: So, even your powers cannot affect that place.

Theo giggled slightly

Theo: Isn't your pride taking a hit right about now, Ahad?

Sanno: Theo, this isn't the time.

Sanno scolded him

Ahad: It's not that, I mean I am feeling a bit annoyed. However, it is the design of it. It's made by Infinity himself, I cannot simply affect it with my abilities. It's an expected result, I'll need to do it the old fashion way.

Sanno: Keep us posted on that. If there is a chance to attack them, we will take it.

Stella: We can't simply attack them without a plan.

Rayne: Stella is correct, they invaded suddenly, and knew exactly what they were doing. They lost, because, they probably didn't expect us to be this stubborn. I wouldn't say we were enough to have made them retreat entirely. Clearly, Zach's presence and the fact that Serenity was taken contributed to it. If they hadn't been here for that, I would say, we could have lost entirely.

Sanno: I understand, then, Ahad, if any news comes up of the invader's position, can you keep it a secret?

Ahad: Well, not really. We won't risk attacking either, we'll wait it out until we are ready. That is assuming I discover anything.

Sanno nodded

Sanno: Alright, we'll hopefully be in touch.

Ahad: System has telepathic communication. I'll tell you if anything comes up.

The connection ended, Elsewhere though


Klark entered the room afterward, Ahad had come to greet him.

Ahad: You are here, and that's...

Klark: This isn't important.

Klark answered immediately.

Negayami: This? I'm a this now?

Klark turned slowly towards, Negayami, and then back at Ahad.

Klark: Like I said. Anyway, is there a place where I can perhaps store this.

Ahad: Hm, there is a section of the Isle that looks like a place. But

Ahad turned to point at another door. This door never existed before, in fact, the doors that symbolized the previous trials had vanished. It seems that the Isle was changing based on some directive, but this wasn't entirely known to both of them.

Klark: What is that?

Ahad: It opened up on the monitor the moment you stepped through the front door.

Ahad: I'm no expert, but, the shape of the door--

Klark: It's the same as the previous one, the doors that lead too mine and Zach's trial.

Klark stepped over to it. The design was oddly shaped.

Klark looked over to the other side, but no door existed.

Klark: Isn't this weird too you.

Ahad walked over and studied engraving.

The design depicted three people. One was meditating in the middle and the other two forked behind him. The others were designed differently as well.

The left side depiction was not facing forward and instead had its back turned while on its knees and a weapon looking like a spear lying on the ground, on the right depicts the opposite, the figure was standing up and facing towards them. However, was covered with a cloak, it was a regular style cloak, something like in the old days perhaps.

The figure in the middle was cross-legged, eyes closed, and seemed to have an aura linking the both of them together.

Klark: What does this mean, exactly?

Ahad: Unsure, but the word there in the middle, perhaps explains it a bit.

Klark: I cannot read it.

Ahad: From what I know, the word is written in some other langauge.

Little Queen who was strolling past noticed the two at the door and also overheard their conversation.

She stepped on over.

Nora: It is written in a gods language. Coded thing unique to gods themselves.

Nora: When, and if you become a true demigod you will most likely be able to read it, for now, however, you cannot.

Klark: Can you read it?

Nora: I could have, but sadly, I'm no longer considered a god, remember?

Klark held his head

Klark: Right, you have reduced to a mortal after Alyce took it.

Nora: My godhood wasn't entirely destroyed by Alyce, though, because of what my father, Zach did, it further reduced it. I'm not sure why, though.

Klark: Father, Zach. You know how weird it is to hear that.

Nora: I have no idea.

Nora waved goodbye and left.

Klark: Well, it would seem I must go inside...then

Klark turned giving a slight salute, it was kind of silly, and a bit like him to do. Entering the area caused the door to immediately shut and sealed itself off.

Klark: No way out it seems...

Negayami: Spooky...

Negyami played

Klark: ...

Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps B3c35cf708ba6ad7d82a70308d89c331

Klark: What is this place...

Negayami's barrier started to churn whilst in this place. Klark turned and back at the ball in front of him, it called out within his mind, like a nagging child pulling on him. He stepped forward past the breaking point.

Klark: I feel it, understand it.

Under some kind of trances, he stepped forward until he reached the platform, sat down and closed his eyes trying to meditate under its veil.

Trinity's phantom appeared off in the distance on the ledge, her face full of coldness.

Trinity: Still not ready I see.

Trinity looked on closely at Klark's presence and noticed it rather fast.

Trinity: Festering cosmic energy, so I see he has already stepped in. It won't do much good at the moment.

Trinity crossed her arms and watched on.

Klark's face was sweating, the orb in the middle of the arch stopped spinning and the darkening aura that engulfed it didn't spike, only it started coming towards him.

As it got closer, Klark's body started to hurt, badly, it wasn't any kind of pain he had ever felt. Compared to the simulated nukes that hit him back in the Omari Academy, this was 400x more powerful.

His hands shook, his legs getting out of position, his face was full of sweat. He couldn't handle it. His eyes snapped open as he screamed. The black aura wasn't even near him, the moment it fell back towards the orb a huge backlash occurred the force of this blast, Klark out of the breaking point and over to the door once more.

He had several cuts and bruises on him.

Klark: Fuck...

Klark held his chest and placed his arm overhead...

Klark: ...

Trinity uncrossed her arms and disappeared

Klark rose himself up a moment looking back at the orb in the middle.

Trinity: Do you fear it?

Trinity walked out from the corner of his eye, standing now, directly in front of him. Klark was shocked, to see Trinity now standing before him, he tried to hide his settling attitude.

Klark: Trinity, How are--

Trinity: I’m nothing but an illusion.

Trinity walked out, pointing and pressing directly at his chest.

Trinity: I’m, but, a mere fraction of power, that inherits the dark spectrum. My will has been placed over you, while you finish this trial.

Trinity stepped back before continuing, she turned glancing at the same orb he had desperately tried to conquer earlier. She rose her arm and open the palm of her hand.

The power forming by the darkness weaved and spiraled around the place like she had been the puppet master of it, with a flick of her hand the motion ended.

Trinity: You felt it didn't you, the desperate yearning to be with it.

Klark: Yes..

Trinity: The orb you see in front of you is a catalyst. Do not confuse it with the actual thing. You have been a child with your power so far, it's time to be a little more like a teenager and actually use what I've given you.

Trinity: You were drawn to the power, however, you didn't resist it. This is why you failed, The Dark Spectrum's power isn't yours to control. It is yours to experience and grow with. If in the future you use it for simply a benefiting power source. Give up now, I shall not be a mother and teacher to a moron.

Klark: ...

Trinity saw the expression displayed on Klark's face, it wasn't one of deterrence. He saw his father and understood the power granted to him, but clearly, it wasn't meant to be controlled by force. Neither was his mother's power. It was clear that motivation was a suitable drive for him, but not a greedy one.

Trinity: This trial is none you will face for a long time. It will test everything you hope to understand and it will make you understand that the power you hold is something special. Understanding this trial is what will allow you to progress later. When the problems of mine and Infinity's come at you full force.

Trinity spoke looking at the orb and then continued whilst glancing back at him.

Trinity: If you cannot do this, you will never be able to conquer the Dark Spectrum. Do you understand

Klark: Completely, please, tell me what must be done

Klark insisted.

Trinity pointed at the barrier behind him with Negayami in it and began talking.

Trinity: Negayami is you, however, you are not Negayami.

Trinity: This darkness must be expelled.

Interrupting his chain of thought.

Trinity: However, doing so would be a waste. One thing I have learned from my time at taking control of the Dark Spectrum was changing it into a power, an energy that benefits me more. Then losing my mind every time I use it. There is no point in a power that controls you.

Klark glared more at Negayami more than ever now hearing those words. His focused lessened as Trinity continued.

Trinity: Think of Negayami as the ‘Dark Spectrum’ a power of corruption. Something that was, that even if you wielded, and possessed as your own power. Will engulf you in its own twisted sentient domination. And you, like me.

Trinity: I'm explaining this past tense, nowadays, under the control of Dark Spectrum, I don't have to constantly watch over my shoulder. It is my control that allows it to still function properly. If for any reason it is left without anyone like myself, it will adjust accordingly overtime. That must not happen. So you must learn how I learned but do it better than I ever could.

Trinity: Negayami can be converted this way, as his power is yours after all. As was the Dark spectrum for me.

Trinity closed her eyes to Klark, his determination was lacking.

Trinity: If you ever hope to inherit the Dark Spectrum. You must complete this trial. something like this that almost serves as a lesser version of what I had to go through. If you cannot do it, you will have no hope of managing it later. When it is standing in front of you.

Trinity: Negayami is nothing, but your fault. His existences is based on your own soul. If you can’t beat him, when the time comes for you to inevitably control the Dark spectrum.

Trinity: Well, let’s just say that, it won’t be you taking control, The Dark Spectrum will control you.

Trinity: Such a power, is something you’ve seen before.

Trinity gestured, Klark didn’t understand until he remember the past in Omari Academy.

Trinity: You can remember right. Zach, his evil, his bloodthirst? All that rooted from inexperience, but dubbing it inexperience is ignorant, his power, his ‘Mental Manipulation’ in its state was always active, taking in power, emotions, everything around him, was amplified, and he suffered for it. In a similar fashion, it’s exactly what the Dark Spectrum will do to you. Regardless of what I have done, it feeds off your will. If you blind yourself like Zach did, like his power did to him. You will have to face Negayami again, in the future. However, that version will surpass you in all aspects.

Klark didn’t respond, Trinity stood for a moment. The things Trinity said to him, definitely gave him a lot to think about. Negayami is once again his second trial, but it’s not the same as it was before. Now that he is powerless...something told him, that this trial won’t to simply grant him power like it did before.

Klark: Just, what do I have to learn?

The door from behind him began opening, and the orb in front of him soothed as well.

Klark: Trinity, what is going on…

Trinity: The second trial is beginning, thus the loss of your powers are destiny. This was fated to happen. But, do not fear, it’s merely preparation. You must overcome this trial if you hope to understand your abilities and limitations.

Trinity: The one who will help you will arrive shortly.

Klark: Help me? What? Who?

Trinity: You already know who it is, you’ve met before…

Trinity’s voice was the last thing he heard, her body had disappeared before she spoke her last words. Right afterward, another voice shouted behind him, Klark immediately turned around to see who it was. He had recognized that voice.

Klark: Arath...You..

Arath: By now, you should have begun your trial.

Klark: Trial? Wait, how did you know. Are you the one who she said would help me?

Arath: Indeed I am, Trinity should have explained this to you, correct?

Klark: How do you- No, forget I asked.

Arath: Before I explained, is there anything you wish to know?

Klark: Yes, Why you.

Arath: That…may be difficult to explain actually, If I must give an answer, it’s because I already understand a bit of history regarding you. Forgive my deception.

Klark: I figured you weren’t normal. There was a mysterious aura about you from the moment I met you. Even though, back in Omari Academy it was a merely sensation of you being an enemy, however, even after all that. That feeling never disappeared. The more I got to know you, as an ally, it did not change that.

Arath: Hahaha, as it should be. You are right, I’m not just anyone. I’m the person who will help you after all.

Arath: Tell me, Klark, How much do you know about your own abilities.

Klark: My abilities. Which ones,

Arath: You only possess two. The one that truly matters is your power that comes from the Dark Spectrum. Let me ask something else then. How proficient are you in using those abilities of yours.

Klark didn’t respond at first, because, it suddenly hit him, that his words held some sort of wisdom. It remains to be clear, even if one didn’t know, that the power Klark has is dark, of the dark element, however, the utilization of that power hasn’t fully been established yet.

Klark: I see, so that’s what you mean.

Arath: You get it? Good. Your power over the dark spectrum, no matter how much you accept to believe it, is tiny, very tiny. In fact, If I were to compare you to Trinity. Trinity would be a sun, and you would be a dwarf star. The point here is that your direct connection while inherited is still very small.

Klark: But I can feel it, regardless of that connection. It’s there

Arath: Of course. That’s naturally because you are of Trinity’s bloodline.

Klark: I was under the impression that my connection to the Dark spectrum was established in my first trial.

Arath: No, you have always had a connection. The dark spectrum’s inherit power was just sealed. The first trial awakened that power within you. You see Trinity’s Dark Spectrum is a great power, so powerful that if you had fully realized it sooner it would probably have destroyed you. The biggest evils come from unnecessary conflicts and issues, and like Zach who will eventually learn of his fate as well. You simply could not handle the face of the dark spectrum.

Klark settled down after hearing those words. It makes sense actually, because Holly, as well as Phantasia both expressed the same thing. The stones would unseal their power, the same kind of seal to remain on Klark and Zach at the same time, however something about this felt weird.

Klark: Wait, my powers were sealed, -- I mean the dark spectrums connection, no doubt this seal came from my bloodline. And was actually because of Trinity.

Arath: That’s right, She sealed your bloodline.

Klark: What about, Zach, his power had already developed before his trial. It was clear he possessed Infinity Energy prior to even accomplishing his trial. Why is that?

Arath: That’s because of the Wizard of Infinity.

Klark: Wizard of Infinity? That can’t be, I thought he was the Wizard of Infinity?

Arath: You won’t be wrong to think that. However, It’s not wrong, The person who is the Wizard of Infinity, is Zach, however at the same is not.

Klark: Now I’m really confused.

Arath: It’s simple. It’s because The Zach you know, and the Zach that was the Wizard of Infinity existed at different times.

Klark: Huh?! In the past?

Arath: Correct. In the past, Zach, from his home world had come to Earth. He fought Little Queen and fell to earth. He was the original, and true Wizard of Infinity. The ‘reason’ he had that name was because he was the source of Zach’s rebirth. You can call him, Infinity’s Agent, at the time, originally, Infinity could have allowed Zach to be born on earth, but that would have allowed Chaos to take notice a lot earlier, and everything that has happened will have happened sooner rather than later. Which would have caused an issue. So instead, Zach was born on another world, with its fate, I’m not too sure. But in the end Zach, on his own, came to Earth, through the realm of Infinity. Because of how he traveled between space. Chaos, naturally didn’t figure this out.

Klark: Oh my god…

Klark attentively continued to listen.

Arath: In the past Zach helped with the construction of this world. After the gods, created about the rebirth. He, along with others allowed everything to flow. When everything was completed, he willingly entered into a reincarnation period and his existence flew through time.

Arath: He was naturally born from Luka. Luka is actually made entirely from one of the pieces of Infinity. The Gemstone, that has been lost for centuries.

Klark: No way, you aren’t joking?

Arath: Completely serious. This kind of birth allowed Zach to be born completely like he should have been. Luka’s external energy was formed from aura induced from the piece of Infinity. The reason Zach has always had his power from the start was because of the environment of his birthplace. He had been raised like this.

Arath: As for why those have started attacking earth now, and Alyce’s sudden appearance. Ultimately there is another who is controlling the strings. He was alerted of Zach’s existence originally when he entered into his revival process. And was brought back after death when he was killed by Roland in the Omari District. The cycle of energy created from his rebirth is extremely potent. Thus, allowed for darker forces to take a hint and notice this.

Klark: I see, all of this happened right under everyone's noses. The amount of thought put into this. Infinity, aside from what I know, most be more then just some abnormal God.

Arath: Indeed. Which brings me back. I shall ask. What do you think about Zach and his power?

Klark: Power? Well, I know from observation and from what I heard. He possesses the power to absorb the energy of all kinds. I’m not sure of its limit, however.

Arath: That’s right, That is what we call Innate abilities.

Klark Innate?

Arath: An exclusive power, given to someone at birth. You should know, that his original power was that of mental manipulation. Which had some of the same effects, rather, he could induce, and take in other things relating to emotion. Which connects to the function of most of his abilities thus far as absorption.

Klark: Now that you mention it. Yes, I can see now. His innate abilities always seem to relate to taking or giving. Absorption. Would make sense in this case.

Arath: He isn’t the only one. You have one too, Your Titan Physiology is an innate ability. This power is your father's, while your connection with the dark spectrum is your mothers.

Klark: Arath, for a person who I originally met as an enemy, and later an ally. You sure know a lot more about my history, and perhaps, future, then I know myself. How is this possible.

Arath: If I told you. It would confuse you. But, anyway.

Arath: How much control over the dark element do you have?

Klark: dark element? You mean the dark spectrums power?

Arath: No. I mean dark element. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Klark: Well, I’m not a master or anything of god-like talent. But, I can say for sure that I could deal with any one of those invaders no different then Zach could.

Arath: Then, about, above average.

Klark: No way, definitely higher.

Arath: When comparing against them. You are strictly average. Don’t forget they aren’t mortal, they are demigods. Their powers are very potent. You cannot use normal scaling to justify talent.

Klark: Seriously? Are the people out in space really all that strong.

Arath: From what I heard from Phantasia. Yes, People like herself are everywhere. We are simply touring a small pond. Space is a vast place. It has many enemies and potential allies. You cannot be conceited.

Arath: Now, as for why I’m saying your power is of the dark element. It’s because that’s what your power is. You can say Darkness, or dark, or whatever you want. But regardless. It’s the dark element. Energy comes in many forms. The energy of the dark spectrum is exclusive to itself, other beings with similar dark elements will naturally draw on the energy in their surroundings. Because the energy of the world contains energies of all kinds. So naturally, you won’t get harmed from using it to fulfill one's own power.

Arath: But since your power is different, you should be naturally drawing from the Dark Spectrum. And not your surroundings, since you learned about your powers, all you have done is draw from your surroundings and that is not acceptable.

Klark: Wait, wait, stop right there. My power is my own. If I run out I run out, why are you saying that I take in from my surroundings? Isn’t that a bit weird?

Arath: Of course not, I’m not stupid. You naturally have a limit to how much strength you possess, how much stamina you have, and that relates to how long you and your body can absorb. But unlike, Zach, you aren’t really absorbing, energy flowing around that is a part of the dark element is naturally drawn to you. It comes to you on its own. but regardless, you can absorb, and strengthen yourself using the energy of your own element regardless. Like a bucket, once you run out, you cannot simply get more until you rest for a moment. The reason people can simply draw for more around them is cause doing so is dangerous. In an exhausted state, you would find it hard to do that. Even with your powers.

Arath: However, enough of that. What I’m trying to say is the power you draw is too weak. And also, it isn’t the right type of dark element. If I had to explain it, I would do it like this.

Arath summons two flames in his hand. Arath’s power, ironically, also dealt with darkness.

Klark: One is an illusion, and the other isn’t. Why show me this?

Arath: Just shut up for a moment. The difference here, between you, is this. Two flames, one is dark, the other isn’t, but don’t worry about their color, or origin. What you must focus on, in which one is more profound than the other. This flame here looks weak, it’s fragile, and there is an abundance of it. The same could be said for the regular dark element, the stuff you have been sucking in, and using to strengthen your power. It’s everywhere, however, it’s weak and fragile. For someone of your origin. Using such a weak power is merely an insult to the dark spectrum.

Arath turned his gaze towards the smaller, yet more powerful one.

Arath: This flame although smaller, has a much stronger sight, just looking at it. Regardless of size, it would completely destroy the other, if you were to mix them together. This kind of flame isn’t normal, you cannot simply find it like the other one. And that is what I’m trying to tell you. If you stop and meditate, figure out the workings of your power. And connect yourself, get in tune with this connection. You can create an environment, much like Zach’s in his childhood. To absorb the right kind of energy, the old, weak power, will be mixed with the strong powerful power, thus you will get stronger. For the sake of this trial. It won’t be easy to gain control over even a tiny bit of this dark power, because you haven’t ever tried, and you never knew you could.

Klark: I see, I SEE

Klark exclaimed, he seemed to rejoice in his heart, this made Arath, behind his mask, smile for a moment, he places his hand on Klark’s shoulder.

Arath: You must train, train hard because Evil Zach won’t be stopped by you. There are forces working to fix the issue. You do not need to concern yourself too much about this, However, to gain more experience in this connection of yours. Being around dangerous situations while also trying to keep in tune will allow you to step into its grasp a little sooner.
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Chapter 46 - Beginner Steps
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