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 Chapter 47 - Alyce Vs Phantasia

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Chapter 47 - Alyce Vs Phantasia Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 47 - Alyce Vs Phantasia   Chapter 47 - Alyce Vs Phantasia EmptyThu Aug 09, 2018 1:43 pm

Within Afartha Kingdom --

Luka: Come, Lyall, I have something to show you.

Luka called him over. The both of them went forward towards a building in the distance. Inside this building was nothing important, it was bare, and had no real value. The furnishes were poorly done as well, however.

Lyall: An elevator?

Lyall uncrossed his arms looking at the Luka came from.

Lyall: You have secrets?

Luka: I have many, but this is just one of them, come.

Stepping on to the elevator, which took a whole of a couple seconds to reach whichever floor there was and came out into a hallway that curved around with a room in front of them locked down.

They went right and around into a room that leads to viewing the room from earlier with the door locked down. In the middle of a glass containment.

Lyall: That's...

Sitting in front of Lyall was a glowing object, it sparkled with colors.

Luka: The reason this place is so secret is that I don't want people finding this.

Luka turned towards Lyall.

Lyall: That's the gem. The same one written on the codex within Roland's office.

Lyall turned somewhat shocked at the revelation.

Lyall: You hid it the whole time?

Luka: No, I didn't hide it.

Lyall: What? But, here it is, what else could it be?

Luka: The gem is useless to everyone at the moment. Because it is my heart.

Luka explained with the last few words making Lyall stumble back, he held his mouth and looked back at the shining gem.

Lyall: Your, heart?

Lyall turned back at her, she had crossed arms, staring at the gem.

Luka: I exist, because of that gem. I guess you could say my entire life is made to perfection for Zach.

Lyall: I see...

Luka turned to leave calling him over to another location within the facility, it was full of artifacts similar, but not as valuable.

Lyall: This is empty.

Luka: When we found the Infinity Sword in ancient times, it ended up here eventually. However, I figured out already that Zach was the Wizard of Infinity of the past and decided to seal in his body.

Luka glanced at him.

Luka: I wasn't aware at the time, that his insanity, his, mental manipulation colldied with Little Queen's corrupted darkness in which turned him into the man we all knew back then, I've shown you this because it seems to have repeated. Only now it's in full force.

She waved at him once more to come to another room, this room was disgusting, but it was for Luka's own good. She needed to understand the problem with what happened.

Lyall: Luka, what the hell is this.

Lyall's eyes were wide.

Luka: Isn't it obvious?

In the middle of the room was a stasis-chamber with Crysta Alexander, the original version. The sister from the past.

Lyall: Her appearance, it's the same as back then, Luka,

Lyall turned

Lyall: Just how long has she been here, aging as well it seems.

Luka: Since the event. We haven't understood the problem. I had Ahad come here before you to see what the issue was, and he had some theories.

Luka turned back towards her and started to explain in more detail.

'You see a long time ago when both Zach and Crysta were kids, everyone knows that Zach had the abilities of two, one was Psychic Energy Manipulation and Mental Manipulation'

'The Mental Manipulation was Zach's trigger into insanity as since he was so strong his power remained active throughout his life. He took emotions from everyone. We originally tried reducing it but it didn't work for long, eventually, all those things drove him crazy. What Crysta is now is a result of the last time both of them met. Zach's other ability manifested and it too took a form of its own'

'When both of them came in contact, the energy from Crysta was taken from her, leaving her hair, half white, and the other normal. As if her life-force was maybe taken, but it was a two-way street, Crysta gained something from that day. Her energy fluxed and was in the process of killing her from within. The only thing I could do was to stop the process by putting her in stasis'

Luka finished explaining but added a few details.

Lyall: Psychic Energy Absorption wouldn't leave her in that state. Could it perhaps be that Zach's inner power is at work?

Luka: That is clearly the conclusion we had donned on, of course, we didn't have the exact confirmation of what it was. Now, it's obvious, that Zach's real ability, that absorption ability awakened in place of Psychic Energy manipulation on that day, somehow altering her.

Luka shook her head too.

Luka: That also happened to be the day we sealed the Infinity Sword within him.

Lyall: Uh?! Could the sword have unconsciously awakened it for that moment?

Luka: Possibly, whatever the case may be. Crysta's fate relies entirely on Zach's success. So, no matter what we need to fix this problem we have with him.

Luka turned looking at Lyall once more with a serious face.

Lyall: You aren't...

Luka: I'm probably the strongest left alive right now. But I cannot do it myself, the gods, Lily, Lilith, Aliya, Holly, Fai, Zach, and Klark. They need the gem.

Lyall: Doing that will kill you. You can't, we need you now more then ever against Zach, if possible.

Luka: I know, that is why, when, and if we can deal with it. The time will come then.


Fai and Holly made their way back towards the mountains where they encounter his family once again.

Fai: I'm glad you are all, alright.

Molan: It was all thanks to you, Fai. But, may I ask what you will do now?

Fai: These invaders have caused too much trouble. I cannot be sure that you are all safe until I rid us of them.

Molan: I assume you have a plan?

Fai: Not me specifically, but I plan to contribute as much as possible. First, though, we need to help a friend get back to his senses.

Molan: You are leaving?

Holly: Yes, Ahad, over at the Infinity Isle has made it pretty clear that the safest place to be is over at the Isle. You could all--

Molan: Sorry, miss, but we don't tend to leave here.

Fai: I understand. I wish you all the best and don't you go and die of old age before I get back.

Molan: I'll try not too, haha.


Following all of these events, everyone gathered up once more at the Infinity Isle. The only people present were Holly, Fai, Klark, Arath, Ahad, Phantasia, and Aliya.

Ahad: Zach's location is harder to fix then I originally planned. Phantasia can you not find him, either?

Phantasia, who had been sitting crossed armed in the back.

Phantasia: I've tried, somehow, I don't know how, but the aura has a way of preventing me from seeing him through time.

Phantasia leaned off the wall and walked towards them all.

Phantasia: Just another reason why you should all stay put. If I cannot sense it, then that means he is dangerous.

Klark crossed his arms while she finished

Klark: Aren't you suppose to be a Supreme God? So why are you powers unable to locate him?

Klark asked

Phantasia: If I had an answer I wouldn't be talking to you guys.

Ahad: We are trying to find him, the important answer lies in what has infected him. This evil, same as the one before, but what is it exactly.

Klark: Ahad doesn't have this wrong, the evil has taken root within Zach. It took the original form of a girl the last we fought. It--was a little weird to fight, Zach when he looked like a female...

Phantasia: The aura of the artifact must have belonged to a woman then.

Ahad: I got a theory for everyone. I've learned somewhat from Roland's system that the Artifact housed an evil aura, sorry for the redundancy, as we know the artifact is currently not of earth's origin and most likely came from space. The appearance Zach took. The one where he took the form of a girl. It's my guess that the aura was strongest when it was still intact and not fragmented. This essence took hold of Zach and shapeshifted him into the closest appearance to its holder. That probably explains some of it, obviously, a shapeshift of that height would deal with a complete matter makeover.

Klark: Whoever this person was certainly has a degree of power to use nothing but aura to change someone of Zach's inheritance.

Phantasia: No, Zach hadn't awakened then, the artifact was able to change him. Now though, in a fragmented form, it has only twisted his thoughts. This theory is good, perhaps.

Aliya: This still doesn't get us anywhere closer to finding Zach--

Fai: No

Fai interrupted

Fai: I believe it would. When I worked for group 10. We raided the facility where the artifact was stored. The artifact had a deadly aura that emanated from the area and left traces of itself even when it was taken away.

Phantasia: That's a lead...

Phantasia moved away

Ahad: Phantasia wait!

She ignored Ahad's yelling and disappeared in that instant.


Phantasia teleported across the land towards the broken facility that once housed the artifact. The moment she appeared, both Alyce and Zach were in the area, immediately they both turned to see her, surprised to have found them.

Phantasia: Zach!

Alyce strafed in her way

Alyce: Can't let you near him, Phantasia.

Phantasia stood straight

Phantasia: You can't stop me, Alyce. You may have been a cosmic being with godly strength. You still can't win.

Alyce: Aside from you, I'm the strongest person on the planet. I'm the only one who could fight you. So, no, I won't step aside.

Phantasia: Tsk...

Zach had been glancing at them both from his spot. He had nothing to add.

He turned his back towards, Phantasia's fist clenched when she saw Zach walking towards the broken building.

Phantasia: I don't have time for this

Phantasia's eyes closed and immediately opened afterward. The whole world was frozen in time.

She lunged at the frozen body of Zach, however, as she drew closer a faint blood red aura, broke through the barrier of time and surrounding, Zach. Allowing him to move unfrozen.

Phantasia: You...can move.

Zach: ...

Zach seemed surprised himself, but quickly returned to normal as his hate was still festering to save Serenity. He was quick, in the same position he zipped in front of Phantasia and attacked.

Her retreat allowed for him to engulf, Alyce in a similar red power, breaking the frozen hold on her.

Alyce: What?

She looked around.

Zach: She stopped time, and has kept doing so. I'm giving you an immunity for now.

Zach walked back over to the facility.

Phantasia: ZACH!

Phantasia: I have to stop this, this wasn't a part of my vision. How is this possible for him to changing fate like this!

Phantasia thought.

Alyce stepped in the way and slamming into her sending both of them into the snow below. Phantasia annoyed of her started battling. Alyce's current strength failed to hold up completely against Phantasia, but as they fought her power ramped up.

Phantasia: Still figuring things out, why did you think that you could face me right now.

Phantasia backhanded Alyce, her legs unable to hold up, she fell to the ground with blood trailing from her mouth. Phantasia stepped around her and pounded her leg into her chest sending Alyce into the distant, trees.

Alyce: Fuck sake...

Alyce in a spread out in position on top of broken trees. She wiped the blood from her face and teleported back in front of Phantasia.

Alyce slapped her hands together sucking up the surrounding energy from nature.

Alyce threw her hands out powering up in a new found energy.

Phantasia: Nuisence.

The air was cold, the ground trembling. Their gazes shook the mountains behind them, as Phantasia started getting into the fight. Time resumed, immediately alerting the Isle of danger.

Ahad: Shit, Phantasia has gotten into fight with Alyce.

Klark turned his head...

Klark: That was quick..

Ahad: Isle reads data of anything changing immediately. It's a little overwhelming. Displaying the screen now!


They both leaped forward clashing with their fists, the mere shock wave caused both the trees and mountains to crack and break away. They were obviously holding back for the planet's sake.

Alyce's strength was broken making her retreat back, but Phantasia didn't allow her to easily recover sending out a barrage of after imaging attacks that were all very real.

Alyce's body was beaten from all sides, stumbling back.

Phantasia: The thing about my techniques is they aren't fake.

Phantasia exclaimed beating Alyce back.

Alyce tried to kick but she was grabbed and gripped into the floor. Her hands formed a cone which created condensed energy that she sent forward.

Phantasia let go backing up preventing the direct hit. Only for Alyce to begin her assault. The fight took itself to the air, where the mere blocks and countering fist clashes caused the cracking mountains to be blown away entirely.

Phantasia's stopped distracted by the destruction on the landscape for Alyce to land a few hits in.

Alyce: A time travelers greatest enemy.

Phantasia blocked the rest of the attacks, kicking her away.

Alyce's powered up once more using the surrounding plant life to fuel her. A barrage of energy filled the sky, which she sent crashing toward her. Each one dodged by Phantasia's swift movement. Zipping around the snowy valley, each attack missing and destroying the background.

Alyce: Damn it

Alyce started throwing out beams now, attempting to do everything she could to hit her, but Phantasia kept dodging all of it.

Phantasia: Over here.

Alyce turned to see an incoming ball of distorted time energy coming her way.

Instinctively, Alyce held up her hand and absorbed the power into herself.

Alyce: Huh? What?

Phantasia: You just...

Alyce's eyes showed a tint of surprises, but suddenly she prepared something of her own.

Phantasia: Attack reflection?

Phantasia stumbled back but dispersed the rogue time power like it was nothing.

Phantasia: So, Time energy is something you are capable of absorbing. You've already taken that power then.

Alyce: Not entirely.

Phantasia: How unfortunate.

Phantasia crossed her arms.

Alyce: I'm still standing here.

Phantasia: I didn't just disperse that attack, I made it my own...-- into a Spatial attack.

Alyce's lit up wide, she turned like her life depended on it, where an emission wave came toward her, but it had already past by the time she tried to counter, her body falling to the snowy floor.

Phantasia: Defeated...

Phantasia teleported to the entrance of the facility and attempted to go inside only to have Zach suddenly appeared.

Zach: Futile.

Zach whispered with Phantasia swing right to hit him only to hit nothing at all.

Phantasia smirked and slashed with her hand in an unmanned spot only for Zach to appear there. His reactions were quick as always breaking the attack away sending it to the ground.

Phantasia: Still not enough for you to pose much of a threat to me, however.

Zach: Tsk...

Zach moved slightly towards Alyce but was stopped by Phantasia.

Zach: You don't intend for me to go do you, haha.

Phantasia: I can't do that.

Zach crossed his arms.

Zach: Says the one who did it before if I recall.

Phantasia: That had to happen.

Zach clenched his fist in anger.

Zach: You sit by and let things happen, and now here you are doing something about it. Phantasia.

Zach's body churned like before with a sword summoning from within his hand.

Zach: If you don't get out of my way, I'll just have to kill you instead.

Phantasia: Like--

Zach swung the sword horizontally creating a massive wave of energy with a deadly radiance.

Phantasia's body trembled at immediate death, foreseen the end.

Phantasia's eyes went wide, she summoned all of her speed and disappeared from the area, suddenly appearing tumbling within the room of the Isle.

Phantasia held her face in terror just now.

Ahad: Phantasia! What the hell just happened..

Klark looked over seeing her expression of dread and despair on her face.

Klark: She is terrified. How is that possible?

Klark looked back over at the holographic screen...


Alyce stumbled over to Zach who had his head hung to the ground where Phantasia last was, he noticed her and glanced back.

Zach: Hmph, you seemed to have failed miserably.

Alyce: Considering I'm only a God, and she happens to be a Supreme God.

Zach: I'll give you credit for being so brave though.

Zach said

Zach: After all, you made so I could take what was here. A next location is a place we will see an old enemy.

Zach turned


Roland was watching the area with his sight and immediately got nervous for some reason.

Roland: He is coming here, shit, I need to leave--

Zach: I don't think so.

Zach said from behind, having suddenly already arrived in the split second, Roland took his eyes off the screen. The blade pointed right at him.

Roland: Well, if it isn't my old friend.

Zach tilted his head at Roland with a strange look, he smiled and almost wanted to laugh, but instead, he snapped his fingers. A deadly level of Insanity engulfed the entire tower.

Roland: What..What are-- ugh...

Roland's face trembled stumbled to the floor, his power distorting everywhere. A terror, a terrifying past coming back to haunt him.

Roland: It-- IT-- can't be!

Zach: Remember the feeling? Did you kill me originally to end it? Maybe I should give it to you permanently!

Zach gripped Roland slamming him into the wall, grabbing Roland's forehead.

Roland: What are you---WHAT ARE---STOP.

Zach, however, didn't stop. He unleashed the full power of his old ability. Mental Manipulation. Roland's screams ceased and he had passed out. Zach wiped his unconscious body to the floor.

Alyce: What did you do.

Zach turned around seeing Alyce arriving.

Zach: You should already know. I gave him the insanity he rid himself of a long time ago. This time, however, I don't need to be dead for it to disappear. He will have it forever.

Zach turned towards a vault. Locked with several layers of seals.

Zach: How paranoid this man is.

Alyce: Enough seals to repel a God.

Zach held her shoulder.

Zach: The keyword is 'A God' there is two here. Focus on the vault

Zach held his hand up, as did Alyce. Both of them forced the seals to break immediately.

Zach: Not much of a problem with two gods, I'm afraid.

Within the vault was several priceless relics but the most priced were in the back, a rather useless artifact taken the place of what used to be there. But too, Zach, the remnant energy was still there.

He began absorbing the energy, fulfilling his job of coming there. Turning to leave he noticed design engraved on a stone slab. Depicting a man stabbed through the chest with an oddly looking blade.

Zach: Interesting decor.

Zach left immediately after with Alyce in tow.
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Chapter 47 - Alyce Vs Phantasia
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