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 Chapter 48 - Understanding Fate

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PostSubject: Chapter 48 - Understanding Fate   Chapter 48 - Understanding Fate EmptyThu Aug 09, 2018 2:34 pm

Ahad: We finally understand what we are dealing with. I'm afraid the situation though is must worse than when it began.

Ahad scratched his head in thought. It came to no surprise that people with the strength of gods could get so much done in so little time.

Phantasia: He is accurately deducing the locations of the previous housing locations. Once he finds them all, I will no longer be capable of handling him. His power is almost to my own, It's fucking ridiculous.

A past remanent of Phantasia's personality showered through the cracks.

Holly: Then perhaps. Like you mentioned, Phantasia. We do nothing?

Phantasia: That's not possible-- It's not what I meant. You can't just do nothing-- you can't anymore at least.

Phantasia said

Klark: Perhaps we could ask for advice.

Klark: Yo, computer, mind helping us out?

'Just wait for her to come' It spoke

Klark: Her? The fuck?

Aliya: Well, that wasn't exactly helpful.

Ahad: We will just have to hold up in here for now. If there is anything you guys have to do. It's probably best everyone does it now, with Evil Zach and those invaders out there. We cannot afford to keep running away forever.

Phantasia: I'll keep looking for him...

Phantasia turned and left without teleporting away this time.

Ahad: Phantasia is different for some reason..

Ahad thought in his mind.


Roland: Damn, Zyrion where the fuck are you!

Roland shouted out holding his head in pain, he never realized the strength of Evil Zach's power would be this much.

Zyrion: What is it. Hm? What happened?

Roland: That bastard, Zach, is what happened. Are you guys going to deal with this or not? This evil, It is continuously getting stronger.

Zyrion waved his hand at him,

Zyrion: I'll see what I can do.

Zyrion said, cutting the communication for a moment. His arms down on the table in front of him.

Zyrion: Chaos, we need to deal with this now, or we won't succeed.

??: You could send us over there sooner.

Chaos: You cannot deal with Evil Zach either, or did you not hear me clearly?

Chaos, the voice behind a glowing dark orb within the room resonated.



The others in the room were silent at the mention of the man's voice. It was extremely intimidating. They weren't capable of speech.

Chaos: Zyrion, Zach as of now is closely regarded as a God. In fact, I'm wrong, he is a god at the moment. He will soon surpass this, however, and step into the realm of the supreme gods. There are currently only two people who could pose a threat to him. Phantasia, the Supreme God of Time is one, however, He will soon surpass her. The only other person capable of fixing this is the other, and must I again, mention who that is.

Zyrion: Are we sure this will work.

Chaos: I've seen to it that it should work. She will have no choice but to comply. See to it that it succeeds because the rest is your responsibility.

Zyrion leaned up, pacing a moment before quickly returning to the hologram contacting Roland immediately. He was frustrated.

The communication returned, Roland picked up as soon as he saw.

Roland: What is going on now?

Zyrion: We have a solution to the problem, as promised. I have the information you seek. The one you are looking for is...



After everyone left, exploring the outside of the Isle in the different dimensional regions that it portrays. Arath and Klark were hard at work with their own session.

Klark at cross-legged atop a mountain hill in one of these regions, grassy, with trees littering the bottom. This mountain was up high, with some left of the risk of falling. Klark sat the top of it, with a small ledge just adding to the risk.

Arath: You have never tried to tap into the power of the Dark Spectrum.

Arath looked outward towards the trees.

Arath: You need to feel for it, and get a feeling for it. It's there, deep within you. In order to actually feel it, to touch and use it. You need to expel the useless energy in you. It is a distraction, it doesn't have the same qualities as what you want to obtain. The Dark Spectrum's energy, so it must be discarded. Only when it is discarded can you truly see what you have been missing.

Klark's eyes opened as he finished

Klark leaned forward...

Klark: It is easier said then done...

Arath: Keep trying...

Klark: Right.

He went back at it, deep within himself he felt the surging energies of this dark element he has always thrown around in his battles. It was like fire, so uncontrolled and wild. Trying to get out, even when Negayami wasn't within him. This dark element was still here, but for some reason was to a lesser extent, still existing.

Trinity mentions that Negayami was apart of this trial, but so far Arath has not mentioned him yet.

Klark peered closer with his invisible body of will to this flame of darkness. He attempted to expel it but as he tried, he felt a violent pull, the flames spiraled towards him attempting to attack him.

Arath turned seeing that Klark's mind was now in the process of something and began to speak.

'The darkness is attempting to prevent you from expelling it. That is its nature, corruption. This is what regular, useless darkness from the universe will get you. The Dark Spectrum is far more kind.'

Klark struggled to deal with the pressure the dark flame was attempting to do. It both attacked and tried to tame him instead of the opposite.

'But it won't always remain kind, it takes someone who understands the experience of dark to control it perfectly'

It surged even more as he struggled, forcing his will onto it like a blanket. However, this act was so effortlessly repelled. He added a bit more force, getting more frustrated with its act of rebellion.

'Trinity understood it eventually. Like you, she was corrupted, and later perfected her experience in taming the dark and effectively turning it over'

Klark's invisible like-will was immediately engulfed by the pressure and his body started emitting a small aura around him he started losing himself, his eyes twitched, he started to exhale a lot and felt like he was on fire.

'The trial is a means for you to understand its effect and perfect your will over it, other than the opposite'

He couldn't hold on and pulled far, far back, running at speeds so it wouldn't catch up. He was pulled out of his mediation landing on his back in exhaustion.

Arath looked at him with a slight smile.

Arath: Isn't easy is it.

Klark: No--no it is not-- damn it I feel like I just went for a stroll in front of the sun.

Klark said

Arath: Indeed, Darkness is wild and destructive like a flame, but unlike flame, it has a tendency to spread everywhere at an imaginable speed. That is what has happened here too, it has spread so far in you that it will take time to expel. Once you have-- we can move on.


Zach and Alyce landed upon their previous location in the woods, Both Lilith and Lily both came out view, looking different from what they looked like before

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Alyce: They aren't the same?

Alyce blurted out once he saw them walk up and stood idly at them, both also seemed to be holding hands. Interesting for beings corrupted by evil, it seemed their relationship has more of a burning passion this time around.

Zach: Hmph, they harness their true power, along with my own. Their previous forms were weak and unliking.

Zach turned back toward them and gave them specific orders to keep an eye out for anything. The evil power emitting from there erupted from his order and they left without hesitation.

Zach: Evil is such an obeying force, those two and their love will reach heights.

Alyce merely looked on at Zach who watched as the other two left to keep watch. Her glance was caught. Zach gazed at her, with a serious face.

Zach: I need to integrate what I have collected, so, as for what you can do for me. Expand your sight, and keep a lookout for Phantasia.

He sat down in a mediating position. Keeping his composure and kept focused on what he needed now more than the outside world, planet or universe. Nothing matter except what he needed to do.


With Klark training for his trial with Arath. Ahad and the rest of them started working on a plan of strategy against Zach. There were a few things to note when it came to the power Zach now held, it was the power of a god and will soon reach the height of the supreme gods.

The next location that Zach needed to head to wasn't fully known, the known locations of the artifact when it was still whole made things difficult.

Ahad: Luka and Lyall? What's the matter?

Ahad suddenly spoke, breaking the rests train of thought.

Luka: You are trying to find the first location the Evil Artifact was held in, right?

Luka said

Ahad: That is correct, It must have been forever ago. What, do you know?

Luka: I do, the last location is a place Barron and dead. It's called the Idric Wasteland.

Ahad's eyes slightly shrunk, the one place that he wouldn't have expected.

Ahad: Didn't Zach revive in the Idric wasteland, after he was impaled by Roland all those years ago?

Luka smiled at Ahad's surprisingly accurate knowledge.

Luka: That is correct, the evil artifact's fragments must have had a hand in the location picked by the reincarnation, or, the evil artifact desperately wanted control and sought the location out, however, the resurrect seemed rushed and may have been too stopping that plan outright.

Luka had an idea on what happened and started giving some explanation, She looked a Lyall who knew who reason for having such a high un mortal like understanding.

Luka: When Zach died, the insanity, that Roland felt disappeared and that was when Roland turned against Omari to enact his plan, the essence of evil that stuck around within Zach threw itself towards Idric for a single purpose.

Luka looked very serious.

Luka: The Evil wanted to survive its own destruction. The Resurrection of Zach would surely have destroyed any remnant evil remaining, but it did not. It's obvious that the cold atmosphere of the wasteland and dreaded intent of the place is because of the evil aura's power engulfing it for so long. It likely that when Zach resurrected, the evil power was saved from destruction because of the evil aura present in the location.

Ahad wasn't sure about this, but one thing came to mind.

Ahad: How strong can the person the aura belong to have to be to negate the effects that Infinity held.

Luka: Probably on his level, which is why this is too dangerous for us. Zach will eventually go back there. Before he was stopped by Lily when he was resurrected. That was because of me, I told her to get him, as I realized his revive before most.

Ahad: How did--

Luka: Do not question me,

She interrupted

Luka: When Zach goes there, we must not be separated, the Infinity Isle will most likely be the safest place against Zach.

Ahad: It's not that simple, the commands are linked to him. He may just be able to walk right in without difficulty.

Phantasia walked over toward them as they spoke, her eyes were better now after the terror in them from before scared a few of them.

Phantasia: There are two individuals that I can think of that could halt, Zach's actions.

Phantasia was about to purpose the idea of these two people when...

Nero: Phantasia, are you intending to go against the will of the Time Codex?

Nero, who no one noticed in the room, had his arms crossed looking at her with a slightly amused, but annoyed smile.

Phantasia: Nero!

Ahad: Phantasia, who is that.

She nodded, making sure everyone wouldn't attack, not that they could win.

Phantasia: Nero, the fate of this world has already been broken by the weird acts of Zach. We must afford--

Nero: No..

Nero interrupted her, his arms uncrossed and he started stepping towards her, each step that landed felt like a massive planet had strike the ground, the pressure he held was extremely overbarring.

He stopped in front of Phantasia and looked into her eyes.

Nero: Those two will not arrive until the time for them to come is right, regardless of the actions of Zach, you will obey.

Nero: To fix something broken, you aren't supposed to break the fate of another, Phantasia, are you a moron? You are above the law of fate, deal with the issue yourself, or not at all. But, you will not interfere with what must happen. That is fate, and fate will not be broken because of another.

Nero smiled as he turned back towards the others, he merely bowed and disappeared, it almost liked like he was never there. They blinked once and his presence, his pressure, all gone.

Phantasia huffed in anxiety.

Ahad: Phantasia, not to anger the person that just came here, but who are these two individuals you spoke of?

She didn't turn around, simply speaking from her current spot, her attitude cold and unwavering still.

Phantasia: Don't ask, I will not answer. I must go.

She stepped out, without saying goodbye, she didn't even teleport out either, her presence remained in the Isle for now, but for how long was unclear.

Aliya: That was weird,

Aliya suddenly said

Fai: I couldn't even activate my power or my eyes. It was like a force I have never seen before.

Holly: The wind around the Isle was being pushed away by him as well. I felt it trying to engulf the place but it was merely being pushed by his presence, does Phantasia always like to remain secretive of those she knows?

Ahad: Perhaps, but we cannot hope to understand the actions of the supreme gods.

Ahad turned back to the Isle's systems, typing things into its interface.

Ahad: Now we know where Zach will go, we must keep an eye on the area, and make notable changes when he is seen there any suggestions?

Fai held his head in thought for a moment...

Fai: What about those test you did on Serenity, did they yield any results?

Ahad smiled at Fai's suggestion

Ahad: Smart and clever you are. Yes, I have been working on that. I'm trying to create some sort of weapon to defend against Zach with, but I'm sure the weapon will be useless the moment he takes in that extra amount of essence sitting in the Idric wastes.

Fai: Hm, then it's a dead end

Phantasia: No, it's not completely a dead end

Phantasia walked in again,

Holly: You're back so soon.

Phantasia: Lily and Lilith both of them were taken and corrupted by the same aura covering Zach, they both won't be on the same level though as he would, those weapons would definitely affect them.

Ahad slapped his fist against the palm of his hand in surprise.

Ahad: That's right! Good thinking

Ahad began typing out something on the interface.

Ahad: Wait, it's a good thing you told me now.

Phantasia: Yes, because those two are preparing to attack any minute now

Phantasia blurted out.

Ahad: What?

Ahad turned back suddenly,

Holly: Where?

Phantasia: Anywhere, they are probably meant to distract me. They are a part of the folly, so it's either I attack, Zach, in the idric wastes, or leave two empowered beings destroying the cities.

Ahad stood up rushing out of the room, he needed to get those weapons ready immediately.

Phantasia turned her attention toward the others, Holly, Fai, Aliya,

Phantasia: There isn't a single doubt, Lily and Lilith won't be the same as before, the essence of evil given to them will likely empower them, much like Zach himself. They may not be gods or demigods, but they won't be easy.

Fai: You want us to cover them for you.

Phantasia: Yes, Zach will be going to the Idric wastes. I cannot have him get any stronger!

Aliya slammed her fists together, Holly merely nodded. Fai did the same.

Phantasia: Thanks. What I can tell you is that they will attack Zion district first.

Holly: That place is where the soldiers of the nation are.

Phantasia: A place of military power, especially when you consider that most of them have powers like our own.

Fai: Then we will head there first,

After a few words,

Phantasia: Grab a hold of my shoulder.

They did as she said. The next moment, which was merely a blink, they were in the middle of the Zion District, ships and jets flying about, they seemed to be lively

Phantasia: Take care

Phantasia turned and vanished in a blink after they landed there.

Fai: We need to warn the people in charge here!

Fai demanded running off with them towards the main building.
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Chapter 48 - Understanding Fate
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