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 Chapter 3 - An Indepentant Town

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PostSubject: Chapter 3 - An Indepentant Town   Chapter 3 - An Indepentant Town EmptyMon Sep 24, 2018 2:39 pm

Leo and Tessa sat around the faded fire, eating the remnants of leftovers they saved from last night. They sat in silence for a moment before one of them spoke up.

"How is she?" Tessa asked poking the embers of the fire.

"Fine, she doesn't seem completely naive to the situation. I honestly expected to be dealing with a child when I came on this trip" Leo said he leaned forward, face supported by his arm in thought.

"That was assuming we found her or not" Tessa gave him a side-glance as she threw the stick down on the embers, standing up afterward to check their stuff.

"Yeah...she actually exists." Leo glanced back at the tent she slept in as he said.

Following that morning, Livia had woken up after Leo and Tessa cleaned up everything. They explained their first objective was searching for her, Livia Dawson, in an abandoned facility. They didn't tell her why they knew she was there, or how this 'Commander Silva' knew either.

The second objective they had before returning back, was to search nearby towns for a rogue group of individuals that were causing a bit of a problem in the area.

Specific regions that encompassed the outer edges of the kingdom were some of the weakest points. Which allowed many bandits, thieves, and other criminal-types to take advantage, again they didn't mention as to why they needed to stop or find these people. Only, that they needed her help in doing it.

"What would have happened, if you didn't find me?" Livia asked rubbing her eyes after hearing their plans.

"Two things. Continue searching for you for a while, or do everything ourselves." Tessa answered

"Why must I help with this?" Livia questioned their motives again, it's obvious from the start, that these two randomly showed up, waking her up from her sleep inside the stasis chamber, and brought two unwanted guests straight to her, too completely give into their trust, was simply something she didn't want to do.

She had some of the rights to do that as well, since, historically, there has been a varying degree of people only looking at her for what she could do.

"We won't hide it, we need you for that power. Teleportation, It's useful for travel" Leo openly said.

Livia was right, in the end, it was for the use of her abilities. However, what shocked her was not that needed her for 'her' ability, but rather for a specific one.

She hung her head in thought for a moment, coming up with thoughts. She sighed for a moment, pushing the thoughts into the back of her head for later.

"I'll help, I don't exactly have anywhere else to go at the moment." She replied

"Hey, we aren't going to ask you to fight, actually, we would prefer it if you didn't," Tessa said grabbing the grabs, handing one to Leo, both placing them on.

Livia didn't respond to her, only nodded her head, she turned around as both of them stepped up from behind. They both gripped her shoulder, Leo took the map out with his other hand and told her the exact location.

Livia nodded.


Surrounding the fire, Hendrix's clones were stepping around, glancing around the area, looking for anyone listening in, or watching them.

Kade stood in the middle, next to the fire, waiting. He glared at the embers and flames with intense fixation, after a moment they churned and spun, twisting into a figure of flames. Resembling a guard chief, wearing fancy kind of armor.

"Kade? Did you deal with the rebels?" He spoke

"I'm afraid, they escaped." Kade answered, "They done so, because of a teleporter." He added.

"Teleporter? Was there another person with them?" He asked

"Yes, a young girl. I have no idea who she is, however, I can tell you one thing. She was not with them when I tracked those two, their presence never indicated having an additional person."

"Kade, are you sure they don't have a method of hiding themselves?" The Guard Chief said

"No, but, I figured out another thing. I wouldn't have been able to track them if the girl was with them prior. She's a teleporter, Leo, and Tessa has no reason to walk with an individual like that." Kade said

The figure began thinking for a moment before speaking.

"See if you can figure out who this girl is, if she's important to the facility you found them in, then, we must do everything to discover what they are planning."

Kade nodded in response. The flame a second later withered, and disappeared returning to a single tiny ember at the bottom of the pit.

"Hendrix!" Kade called, "We are leaving"

"Understood" Hendrix answered walking back, all of his counterparts came in from the distance all merging into a single person.

"We need to see where they headed"


Three figures appeared on a cliffside, overlooking a sized village in the distance. Livia's accuracy according to the map was impressive. It was exactly where Leo pointed, if only he had pointed closer they wouldn't have to walk the next way there.

"There it is, Lindow Village, it's large for a town at the outer edges," Leo remarked

"Right, Leo, this will be your first time here too. I suppose I'll lead the way then" Tessa said

The three of them proceeded down the mountain towards the front gate. Like mentioned by Leo, the town, or village is large in size.

Most villages on the outer edges of the kingdom aren't regarded as towns because of their size. Most outer villages have low income, bad crops. Usually, because everyone is centered around the middle. Skilled, talented stray closer to the money, and less out here. So those who don't have that, are stuck with what they can make do with.

However, Lindow has a couple of farmers that manage the farms in order to keep population growth going. There are mages that deal with magic and healing arts keeping injuries to a minimum. Guards, both with powers and magic to keep bandits and suspicious people out of their establishment.

The village has grown because of the dedicated group of individuals keeping everything in order. Thus, it no longer could be called a village and progressed into a large town.

"It's gotten more lively since I was last here," Tessa said, her eyes went past the front gate and guard, towards those who were chatting lively, trading, children, laughing laborer workers.

Lindow Town is definitely the best place for anyone looking for a nice place with low income to settle down in. Tessa knew this too since this is where she spent a lot of her time as a child.

She wasn't actually born here, but, a part of her family or relatives to her family used to live here.

"Take a good look, Livia" Leo whispered

"Oh..." Livia responded

"Leo, come on, you know all about my life here." Tessa gave him a side glance, but it was with a smile rather than her regular annoyed expression.

"Well, only the stories you've told me." He shrugged

They proceeded towards the gate, where two guards quickly stopped them from entering.

"You cannot pass until you explain your purpose for visiting"

"We are--" Tessa placed her hand out, ceasing Leo's explanation, she stepped forward towards the two, and handed them a letter signed by someone. However, the Guard wasn't convinced yet.

"We are actually here to help out with the situation." Tessa added, "We are aware of the problem occurring around Lindow, our purpose is to find out what it is, what caused it, and to eliminate it"

"One more thing, we need to know you aren't a threat. If you are here to help us, we welcome it, however, people have tried before to sneak in using friendly methods." The Guard warned

"Actually, we do..." Tessa smiled, She took the necklace out from underneath her shirt and tangled it in front of both Guards. It was a unique piece of jewelry. It was a pendant.

They both stood in a little bit of a daze. The piece she had was nothing short of impossible.

"Is that, the first part of the pendant." The Guard shouted out.

Tessa's pendant wasn't completed, its overlook was outside outlining of a specific material, with half a jewel inside, the back of it had a slot that could allow another half to click into place without any difficulty.

Two people received parts of the completed Pendant, one of them belonged to the wife of a famous doctor in town, who used to be related to the mayor of the town. This woman still lives in Lindow, as for the famous Doctor, he disappeared afterward.

The other piece was given to a young mother.

"How do you possess this pendant. Tell us now!" The Guard enhanced their weapons, pointing them at her.

"My mother gave it to me before she passed away right in front of me." She gave them a cold response.

"What? Lady Cynthia? You mean, you're her daughter." Both the Guards looked at each other in embarrassment.

"Wait!" They shouted

Tessa moved forward but was stopped again.

"We will notify the Mayor before we let you enter, is that alright with you?" One of them said.

"That's fine," Tessa said

He nodded, the other rushed off into the distance. Tessa sighed, she hoped that her presence here would be a lot smoother, she stepped back towards the other two, who stood there idly.

"What?" She asked

"Nothing, nothing at all," Leo answered,

"Livia," Tessa said ignoring Leo. "I hate to ask you of this, but we may need your ability soon."

"I figured out already that you would" Livia replied, "I'm assuming that it's not gonna be any normal use of abilities either is it?"

Tessa nodded

"Lindow has seen a lot of battles before, but, ever since we were cast out, and became a rebel group against the kingdom. Lindow has been targetted. We're sure it's because of the kingdom"

"We aren't sure if it's them or not, since they usually just send armies to take places. Since that is not the case this time. It's either being handled discreetly, or it's another organization entirely.

"Why does the kingdom send armies?" She asked

"It's a new thing, they have changed since we were cast out," Tessa answered

"You keep saying that. Cast out? Were you all a part of the kingdom's army?" Livia asked

"We were, but, we were framed for something we never did. Its become a total mess that has remained out of our control. A new commander and another who is in charge have taken control of the order." Tessa explained

While they chatted, a shout came from behind them. An older man was rushing towards the gate, with the guard from before following right behind me.

"You" He shouted rushing right past the Guard and in front of Tessa, Livia, and Leo.

"You said you had the half-pendant" He spoke eagerly, "Can I see, show me."

Tessa quickly showed him without much hesitation, the only expression he gave was excitement.

"It's true. You are her child then."

Both the elderly man and Tessa hugged in a reunion. Turns out the girl in front of him was the little one he had known for so long all those years ago before she left the town.

Following their arrival, the two spoke in private, Tessa seemed to relay information regarded their encounter with the duo earlier. She didn't hold back either.

They needed to make sure the town understood the dangers of the kingdom and those after them.

"Sure enough, Tessa, we aren't like we used to be. Before, when you had only just left here. It had only just become that town you loved, now, we have many secrets, your "friends" will not be suspecting."

"Oh? This place does seem more lively. The air is clean, the children are playing almost without any hesitation to danger. It does seem like the atmosphere is much more confident if I put it in words."

"Yes," He nodded at her observation, "It has taken an incredible amount of work to achieve what we have throughout the years. All for this day, and more" He gestured in joy, moving himself to the window of his home, "We aren't done. There is still much work to do, and to maintain our power."

"But, let's leave the town aside. The women you picked up" He asked, "Who is she?"

"Honestly?" She said, sipping from her cup of tea, "I don't know, the commander gave us intel on the facility initially, hinting of a person there, barely giving us much to go on what might have been there,"

"So far though, we haven't had any problems,"

"The girl's name. Livia Dawson was it?"

"Yes, I can say for sure that she isn't anything dangerous. At least, not on the surface," Tessa rose to her feet placing the cup down as she stepped closer to the window.

"But, I do have the impression that she isn't anything evil. Just an out of place character in this fucked up world," She finished.

"Is out of place really the words you would describe her? After all, you did say she was abandoned in that facility, the only one left. Those facilities were used for dark things, Tessa. I do not doubt her involvement in their experiments were anything good. She may have been dangerous, or might potentially be" He warned

"Maybe, but, all the more reason too keep an eye out, and to turn Livia away from such paths. We'll see, I'm not a mother, I don't want to pretend to be, either. I'm just..."

"Alright, Alright, I think this may be getting to you now...let us stop here..."

"Oh.." Tessa blinked in confusion...

"Don't worry about it. The first thing I'm going to do is tell the head guard to prepare for any surprises, like those friends you mentioned who may drop by," The man said

He had his hand carefully clenched up to his chin in thought.

"I'll need to think how we'll deal with them, accordingly, assuming they do show up and assuming they are immediately hostile. Regardless, of course, any enemy of yours, is an enemy of ours. Take care, I'll deal with the rest from here, Tessa,"

With that, Tessa bowed her head and left the room.
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Chapter 3 - An Indepentant Town
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