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 Chapter 49 - The Might of Fire and Water

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Chapter 49 - The Might of Fire and Water Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 49 - The Might of Fire and Water   Chapter 49 - The Might of Fire and Water EmptySun Sep 30, 2018 3:51 pm

A tidal wave, a frozen giant, a fiery blaze, melting fury. The sounds and yelling from military soldiers.

Fai and they managed to warn the generals of the army but were too late to get them set up to defend the onslaught from both Lily and Lilith.

Lilith came in with a massive ocean of water, flooding the streets and causing people to drown in buildings by filling it up the buildings without the escape of water.

Lily prevent the escape by caging the buildings in a fire if they were to escape they would either burn or drown.

Lilith turned her attention to those fighting, changing the temperature of her ability to ice and causing everyone to freeze to death.

While Lily kept the skies in a deadly flame, the surrounding city was caged by flame.

Fai: This is impossible, how are they capable of handling so many of the objectives with there power.

Fai said, with his eyes alerted to each corner of Zion, he noticed everything had been so effectively dealt with by these two alone.

Holly: It's the power of that aura surrounding their being, just like Phantasia told us.

Holly clenched her fist...

Fai analyzed the surroundings, figuring out a course of action, both of them weren't giving them any thought, which means they had a chance at a plan.

Fai: I cannot assist those in the buildings since my power is mainly lightning. Holly, your power wouldn't be very effective either, however...

Fai turned towards Aliya

Fai: Your power over Earth may be the most effective here.

Fai turned back to the field, seems like he had his eyes on everything.

Fai: 24 buildings, they all still have people in them, some are using their power to negate drowning, they won't hold out for much longer. Aliya, if you could assist them in removing those barriers.

Fai asked

Aliya: I guess that's my job then...

She nodded

Fai: Holly, those fire cages need to disappear before Aliya can make the escape for everyone work.

Holly nodded lifting herself up and flew towards the sky preparing to counteract the fire.

Aliya: What about you?

Aliya said

Fai: Lilith's power is weakest against me. I'll deal with her, and Lily if I must...

Fai touched the ground with his palm, glancing up at Lilith and zapped away with the speed of lightning towards her location...

In the blink of an eye, the preoccupied Lilith was struck from the back, her eye's only twitched violently as Fai's kick sent her some distance away.

Fai was surprised by the durability of hers to be able to remain only a few meters away from him after that kick landed.

"This will be tougher then I thought"

Lilith's body twitched and turned, her eyes grew wide in a wicked state, almost crazy. She completely turned and lunged at him.

Although a mere lung, her speed accelerated, too the point of being almost on top of him. Luckily, Fai was already on guard, he dodged to the left and prepared to punch only to be blocked by a body of water and countered with several snakes of the same water counteracting his every move.

Although Lilith is weakest against Lightning, it will hold no effect if she isn't taking any damage. Also, It's not like she is made of water, either.

Fai dodged consecutively, preparing a strategy as he moved. His eyes focused around him, Holly had been destroying the cages one by one. Aliya had forced the earth from the buildings within the barriers and created a pathway out.

Lily had control over fire, Lilith over water and probably ice. Fai turned back towards Lilith who stopped acting with her ability and instead entered close combat.

Fai effortlessly dodged, his face gained a slight smirk.

"You should have just kept on attacking me," He said kicking in the gut, this time amplified by his lighting. She was sent flying into the ground.

The impact of such an attack gained Lily's attention. She turned seeing Lilith in the ground. Looking back at Fai, her face grew annoyed. She placed her eyes behind her and unleashed a blaze, the force made her go flying in his direction.

Fai turned his attention at the fire-blazing up to him. He wiped his hands back, into position.

He dodged her strike, the force of Lily's attack caused the surrounding background to be completely engulfed in flame, causing the area to turn into a blazing colour.

"Holy shit, is she trying to roast me?" Fai had seen the impact, he turned seeing her attack again. He caught her punches, dodging and blocking them.

Both of them switch from offensive and defensive, however, each of Lily's attacks caused Fai's hands to get progressively worse. The heat they emitted surpassed his limits.

He didn't falter, however, he kept on fighting, with his palms being stained, scorched black. His worn hands starting showing blood.

"Tsk" He arc'd up his arms quickly dodging all of Lily's attacks, he quickly powered up a ball of electricity encased in his palm and shoved the power deep into her gut, the rebound of the power sent her back quite a distance.

She landed upon her own cage of fire, unarmed.

Lilith from behind smashed out from the ground, immediately pouring all of her power into throw a tidal wave of water in the shape of a snake at him.

Lily threw her own ball at him.

"A pincer attack" He looked between both of them, he had no choice.

He closed his eyes and started focusing his power. Slowly, each power of his body started to spark up with power.

A thunderstorm started to appear, Fai's body amped up, covering in lightning, his body flashed away, dodging both strikes as they collided into each other.

He arrived behind Lily, who was momentarily stunned by Fai's speed for some reason. His kick caused blood to flow from her mouth, although because of the nature of her body, the blood burned up. She wasn't sent away, only Fai continued his rampage, striking her a few times in a rapid session before her body hit the ground in great force.

Lilith surrounded the area with water, she seemed to be taking advantage of Fai's weakness with water as well. Since now he is covered in lightning. However.

As the water encased his being, nothing except the amplification of said lightning happened. The force from Fai extended outward. Causing the body of water to overlap with Lilith.

She couldn't be heard screaming as she was engulfed in her own attack, the electrified water causing extreme pain to her person.

Fai felt sorry for them, as they were only both corrupted. He didn't have a choice, just before Lilith was about to pass out, a large ball of flame, shot into the water grabbing her and launching into the air.

Lily, although transformed still, appeared to care deeply for the wounded Lilith.

Fai was shocked by her emotion.

Lily leaned closer to the girl in her arms, where she kissed her forehead, the aura's of both grew increasingly.

Fai landed upon the ground as the aura from them was too much.

As this was going on, Holly and Aliya finished up their tasks. Everyone they could find was safe from the destruction.

Lilith had awoken, clutching onto Lily's hand their power amplified tenfold. The thunderstorm created by Fai had been casually striped from the sky.

"No way!" Fai stepped back in shock

On Lilith's side was water, which quickly erupted into Ice, and on Lily's side, there were flames, which grew hotter and brighter.

Layers upon layers of their element littered the battlefield.

Fai powered up again and launched at them, only to be met with fire and ice, their force-fields were tremendously tough. He was rebounded back slamming into the ground.

Lily and Lilith both raised their hand attempting to continue their attack.

Fai noticed this as well as he saw the incoming attacks of both fire and ice.

He flashed around dodging their attacks and attempts on his life. He understood now, that this was a battle to the death. He couldn't afford to make any mistakes.

However, as he was dodging, the surrounding area got progressively colder, his speed got slower and slower, as his body couldn't manage to deal with the cold.

As he turned to see Lily's side covered in flames, he rushed over there, only to see the same flames turn blue. The fusion of ice and fire...

"Ice-Fire" Fai muttered

These flames proceeded an intense chill, his body began shivering, unable to dodge the next attack, he sat waiting as his life would surely come to an end.

However, both the wind and a large boulder appeared from below, surrounding Fai's body. The attack was negated, Fai was pushed back towards the ground.

"You alright!" Holly ran up holding onto Fai's body tightly...

"Yes," He said having an indifferent smile on his face, "You both saved me..."

"You cannot take them both..." Aliya stared up at them.

Aliya stared closely, as she did, she felt a slight anchor towards her power. Almost like it started to yearning for a fight.

Aliya, without knowing it. Her body was surrounded by an aura.

"Aliya!" Holly shouted

"I'm fine...I think I can help" Aliya started off, and before she knew it, her aura had spiked.

"I can definitely assist you both." She said, slapping both her hands together.
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Chapter 49 - The Might of Fire and Water
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