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 Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power

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Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power   Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 3:11 am

Aliya had her hands together, she was feeling for it. The power, it appeared in front of her -- Not in front in essence, but within, as it revealed itself. Within her laid a faint, small power. Faint, but there.

When she tried to reach and grab it, it distanced itself.

Aliya: No, I need to help. I can't just sit on the sidelines all the time...

Aliya reassured herself, she extended her hand out again and caught it. She returned to reality, standing there with her hands together. No time had passed, everything that happened remained within her own mind.

She opened her eyes, revealing a dense and powerful aura, different from her previous one. Her eyes glowed aquamarine, with the aura came a storm.

Fai was surprised to see the storm rolling in around the area, but it wasn't any kind of normal one. At least nothing that he has ever created. It wrapped itself around the area and unlike normal storms that produced rain. This only produced two things. Lightning, and a lot of wind.

Both Fai and Holly were stunned, taken back by the development.

Looking back over at Aliya, she still had her eyes opened. She wasn't focused on them, or the others. Her attention seemed to be, elsewhere. Like she was somewhere else.

They were correct, her head moved oddly, her position remained the same, but her head, it moved in strange ways. She kept looking all over the place.

Aliya understood what they were thinking, she herself didn't understand. Her sight extended around the entire area, and she didn't just produce the storm in front of them, she was the storm, but at the same time wasn't.

Even though she seemed like the storm, or within her body, she seemed to be viewing things from an ethereal state. The truth of the matter is that her consciousness has extended outside her body. It's currently unclear if this is a side effect of the power, whether it be incomplete or not. She only knows one thing.

Aliya: Fai. Holly!

Aliya said from her body.

Aliya: The storm, the lightning, the wind. It shall amplify your power!

Aliya shouted

Fai and Holly turned towards the storm in surprise, earlier it wasn't obvious, because their attention was so focused on her. But now that they both thought and felt. It was true. Fai's extension to lightning was far more vast. Now that the storm appeared, it felt like Fai could use its power to produce an almost endless amount of lightning without having to worry about running out. Holly felt the same thing.


Both Lily and Lilith screamed as they seemed to sense the impending danger. Their power shot up, they were getting desperate.

Fai: Holly...

Fai said looking in their direction. He spoke silently.

Holly: I understand.

Holly gripped his hand. Their power lit up like a candle on drugs. The lightning tackling around his hand as it traced into Holly's arm, as her wind tackled her hand and wrapped around his arm. They both started igniting with power.

Both of them started to float up into the sky. They were resolved, and because of this. The storm that was previously being created started to wrap around them. Manipulated by their thoughts, and feelings.

It morphed, churned and shaped. Lily and Lilith's expressions changed from monstrous to fright.

Standing before them was a giant completely made up of cloudy wind spiralling around with lightning. It slapped it's armed together getting a vortex of this power.

Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power Gosha-babko-air-elemental-01

Their power shot forward with intensity, both Lily and Lilith were engulfed in a vortex of everything Fai and Holly could conjure up.


Zach's eyes shot up, he had finally done it. The power integrated itself perfectly within him.

He stood up, with an evil smirk on his face. Alyce had been watching him carefully, his presence perked up, he cracked his hands and neck, then turned around immediately and shot out a blast, it engulfed the entire forest, creating a massive path within its radius, hitting the mountain in the background and destroying it.

Alyce turned to see the destruction he caused.

Alyce: How many mountains does this cover?

Alyce was going to jump down towards him, but her shoulder was gripped.

Zach: Don't bother, we are leaving for another place. We must hurry, I suspect that with those two being defeated, Phantasia will probably make sure I don't get to Idric wastes.

Zach and Alyce disappeared from the area immediately heading towards the wastes.


Phantasia reappeared in the wastes. She couldn't see Zach anywhere, however, just as she was preparing to search. His body appeared in a flash, sensing him only moments before appearing.

Zach: Hey there!

Zach waved, his smile was creepy enough to send chills down any normal person.

Phantasia: How...

Zach: Hm?

Phantasia: I don't understand how you can already be a god. You didn't even absorb that much energy.

Zach: Energy? Aren't you a little stupid?

Zach shook his head while he shrugged

Zach: Energy has nothing to do with this, silly.

Zach's speech was beginning to change again, Alyce glanced at him.

Phantasia: ...My bad, I seemed to have forgotten.

Zach: It's only part of it. I'm not absorbing energy. That is too simple, having a lot of energy does not make anything better. No, my power, the evil essence is special.

Alyce: Zach, Remember, Serenity.

Alyce reminded him.

Zach looked at her, his expression and tone returned to normal...

Zach: we -- or rather I didn't come here to talk. I'm here for this power, for Serenity.

Zach inched his nose in excitement.

Phantasia: I won't let you have it!

Phantasia burst forward only to stop as Zach's arms were opened wide.

Zach: It's too bad. You won't get that wish.

Zach's appearance vanished without a trace, leaving Phantasia confused as what just happened.

Phantasia: What? No illusion?

Alyce: No. Energy.

Alyce corrected her.

Phantasia: A decoy made of energy!

She glanced at Alyce, then burst forward, only to be stopped by Alyce.

Alyce: He might be fake, but I'm real!

Alyce formed her defensive posture and powered up with all she had, Phantasia gritted her teeth in anger for a moment. But, she remained calm and merely said.

Phantasia: You aren't who I'm after...

She then teleported from the field...

Alyce: Shit!

Alyce turned, cracking the ground as she drew closer to the surface. Suddenly she shot across the area in a flash.

Zach had been crossed-legged absorbing the atmosphere of the place at a rapid rate. The presence drew closer, he understood that. Phantasia had disappeared from the location he was present earlier. Which means that Alyce failed to prevent her from trying to force her way here.

Zach remained seated until she appeared, flying towards him. Her expression gave him a little smile, but he lost it fast. He dodged out of the way.

Her presence was a threat, he needed to make sure she kept away. She turned immediately advancing him again. Teleporting several times before reappearing beside him...

Alyce: Phantasia!

Alyce appeared rushing towards Phantasia in a flash she had her fist inches from her face.

Alyce almost hit. But merely hit the air, she came to a halt, sliding a few meters.

Phantasia had teleported at that moment. Her reflexes were amazing. Alyce could have sworn that would hit.

Zach had smiled now, for real.

Phantasia: Alyce! Why...What reason could you possibly have--

Zach: She doesn't have a choice.

Zach said loudly, interrupting her pointless banter.

Zach: Now...

Zach stared at her carefully.

Zach: It is time.
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Chapter 50 - The Earth God's Power
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