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 Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X

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Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X   Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 3:47 am

Alyce stepped back as a great power was surging into Zach's body, the entire Idric wasteland's aura, the power of evil that remained in this place, the same aura that made it one of the most terrifying places to explore, poured into him without stopping. Zach had his arms out sucking it all in.

Phantasia covered her face, the evil was so dense, so focused on being absorbed by Zach, it felt like wind, but it took its physical form.

She was unable to bare its grasp and teleported a great distance away, but not out of her view.

Phantasia: Damn it...

She said, gritting her teeth in anger. All she could do was sit there waiting for him to absorb the evil and become a supreme god in the process.

As more and more of it absorbed into him, the area turned red, eventually, the whole world turned red, and started rumbling.


Luka: Damn it, It's already begun, Zach is changing once again!

Luka and Lyall had just arrived at the Infinity Isle with the others who were out.

Lyall: Quickly, there is no time get inside...


Klark who had been meditating and training his mind to overcome his inability to expel his darkness was forced out of his transformation due to the twisting nature of Zach's power rumbling the ground.

Even inside the Infinity Isle's transdimensional landscapes, did the rumblings continue?

Klark rose to his feet, although most of his power was diminished due to Negayami still present outside his body. He could still sense Zach's power. It was hard not too.

Arath: You feel it...

Arath had his arms crossed, his expression seemed unsightly. Implying his 'surprise'

Klark: I cannot focus, for some reason. The atmosphere to train has been lost when that quake occurred.

Arath had merely glanced at Klark while he spoke but nodded along with his words.

Arath: It seems he has affected the planet and the dimensions in between.

Arath speculated

Arath: This evil power, it's far too strong of a force. It goes beyond a lot of what I know about the world.

Klark: Even the Dark Spectrum?

Klark turned

Arath: ...

Arath did not answer.

It wasn't that Klark was wrong or right. The answer is hard to say. What Zach is generating is merely the aura of another. If just an aura can exert this much force, how strong is the person who actually possesses the power capable of?

Arath: The Dark Spectrum wouldn't stand a chance against this person. They wouldn't even need to wield additional power, they alone could wipe its existence out with the snap of a finger...

Arath lowered his eyes as he thought these words...But that really just begs the question. If the person was present anywhere in the universe or universes, surely they should have already destroyed everything.

Obviously, two conclusions could be drawn from this information, one, Infinity has dealt with it or is dealing with it. OR The person is missing or dead...

Arath and Klark quickly ran back into the Isle's main chambers, everyone had gathered.

Phantasia teleported back with a difficult expression.

Phantasia: None of you are too leave this place. I don't care how powerful any of you think you are. You can no longer deal with the current situation.

None of them spoke, except of course.

Luka: Phantasia, don't tell me you plan on dealing with this yourself?

Phantasia: I'm the ONLY one who can deal with it. Don't get brave,

Luka: Don't speak for us, Phantasia, if you lose, we all die. So if we see that you are going to lose, we will have to make a last stand.

Phantasia closed her eyes against those words, only sighed she did.

Phantasia: I see Lily and Lilith were defeated.

Ahad: Yes, Ashley is currently assisting them in retrieving their bodies. So they can recover within a specific cell.

Ahad turned to greet her personally.

Ahad: I procured those weapons, I will probably test them on those two to make sure no more lingering effects are on them.

Phantasia: Alright...


Zach's body remains the same as before, but his power had skyrocketed. It was no longer bound a single plane. It held so much power...

He raised his head and looked out into the distance, he held his hand up and gripped the air, pulling back towards himself.

Zach: You aren't allowed to leave!!


Phantasia: I need to get--

Phantasia was pulled through a portal in that second, immediately teleported back into the Idric wastelands.

Phantasia: What did--

Phantasia turned to meet Zach's gaze...


Luka: What happened?

Ahad worked faster then any worker, his focus was already on the fields of the wastes.

Ahad: I had the monitor set up, prior. Zach forced her out of her. I've placed defensive protocols to prevent uninvited guests, incase that happens again.

Luka: This is getting out of hand...


Zach: You can't escape me? You are nothing, but persistently getting in my way.

Zach spoke in anger but quickly his anger turned to a smile.

Zach: Since you are such a nuisance before, I shall return the favour.

Phantasia: Tskk...........

Phantasia threw up her arms as the attack was launched at her. Zach's fist clashed against her sending her into the distant cities.

Phantasia: Having to fight once more...

Phantasia looked into the sky as she was thrown away, She closed her eyes as she sensed his presence draw on her. She flipped around and disappeared.

It appears she moved so fast along with Zach's own speed and clashed. The moment they had the surrounding landscape was scarred by the pressure that impacted it.

They could no longer be seen by the naked eye, their combat speed was just too fast, each hit that was blocked by Zach had only reflected back to the ground destroying it immediately, any trees in range or mountains were annihilated.

Each impact showered the sky, each time they moved a great distance dancing around the planet without any effort. Each attack, each hit, destroying pieces of the planet.

Ahad: This is insane!

Ahad: The Infinity Isle can keep up with their speed.

Lyall: How fast are they moving?

Lyall said

Ahad: Too fast...If it wasn't for the Isle, we wouldn't be able to track them.

Ahad stumbled back...

Ahad: This is crazy, they only just started and they lapped the planet several times...

Luka had been in thought for a moment...

Luka: Why is that? Why are they moving so fast around the planet...

Klark: Well, of course, its probably because their both gods at the moment?

Luka: No, that seems too simple. Gods don't need to move in that pattern, unless.

Luka walked up towards, Ahad with her arms crossed.

Luka: Zoom in on them...

Ahad obeyed and managed to track them in at a closer distance...

Phantasia hasn't been on the offensive for very long, she barely manages to get any attacks off. When she does, they are redirected to the ground and shot elsewhere destroying the cities and mountains in the background.

Her abilities as a goddess of time are on full, you can see the skips in the monitor that indicate her ability of time stops, teleportations, but they fail...

Luka: She keeps trying to keep her distance.

Klark: I get it now...

Klark stepped up as well adding onto Luka's explanation.

Klark: She keeps losing in close combat with Zach, she retreats to recover herself, but Zach won't let her leave, he is back on top of her in that single moment.

Lyall: Unbelievable...


Phantasia moved back again, only to have a kick shoved her in back sending her to the ground, She tumbled to her feet only to receive a kick to the ribs from her left.

She rolled backward across the ground when another on his attacks slammed into her chest preventing her from moving.

Phantasia: Get...Off...

Phantasia struggled...

Phantasia: He's so damn quick, even if I teleport, he is still there, even if I stop time, he is still there...

Zach gripped her fist holding it still, he began punching down at her several times, she barely manages to block the power from his punches only for him to summon a blade, a similar one from before.

In her fear, she struggles intensely, loosening the grip on herself, she prompted kicked him with full force, adding on top of that a beam made out of pure space-time capable of decaying those it touches forward in time.

The blade merely deflects the attack allowing for Phantasia to escape some distance away from him. Her body bruised, her breath rough. She held her chest trying to recover from her beating.

Zach appeared in front of her once again, smirking all the while as he silently stepped forward, letting the blade disappear once more.

Zach: Am I too fast for you? Goddess. Of. Time?

Phantasia: I will not be defeated so easily!

Phantasia gestured with her arm in anger and did so several of times. She slapped her hands together, with several layers of aura covering her being.

Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X C99354433d23403969bd4ba044e2ee89

Her form was different, her expression changed. The evil within Zach has truly revealed Phantasia's true form.


Klark stepped forward closely analyzing her appearance.

Klark: So that's what she looks like...

Klark: I always suspected she wasn't anyone normal.


Zach: Finally getting serious? Perfect--

Zach leaned back holding the attack given by Phantasia within that instant. She punches several times and unleashed an imbued power within her fist, powered by those weird things along her arm.

It was like her body itself was time and space, or at least giving itself an odd form along her body as the patterns suggest.

Zach jumped up, Phantasia blinked across in that instant again, not willing to let him go. Both of them struggled once more against each other.

Going in for several strikes, Phantasia zipped around launching controlled arcs each time she showed her appearance. They surrounded him, making him unable to move, down, up, left or right.

Zach: Hmph

Zach swiped his arm destroying all of them.

Phantasia wasn't done, she flipped around, appearing to have shot more, but they vanished...

Zach squinted his eyes and realized what happened, He quickly turned in surprise...

Zach: Spatial attacks

He stumbled forward as one of the attacks came, slashing against his left side, he dodged, and dodged again back to the right. But both just managed to get him.

Phantasia took the opportunity to attack only for her imbued punch to be stopped by the half distracted Zach, he caught her fist, whilst also destroying the other several attacks. One more of them managed to cut there into his leg.

He winced allowing Phantasia to kick him in the chest only for him to catch that too, he pulled back and threw her against the ocean with ease. He lifted up his arms and powered up some more and lunged at her.

Phantasia recovered from her tumble through the area and countered. Both zipped around creating massive shockwaves, destroying the entire background. The ocean's waves were piling up bigger then tidal waves each time a punch landed.

Phantasia's lack of awareness showed that she was too desperate to let Zach continue being involved in this evil. However, everything she has sought to stop, she is encouraging.

They lapped the planet several times in their battle, again.


Ahad: 4th city destroyed!

Ahad called out, gaining everyone's attention.

Ahad started calling out each city destroyed by the battle between Phantasia and Zach.

Ahad: Oh my...that's the 9th city destroyed!

With that, the planet began to shake uncontrollably, their shockwaves were breaking the planet's surface. The cities that were destroyed started showing cracks all over the ground, implying the breaking of the surface.

Luka: ...

Luka remained speechless.

Ahad: I'm reporting several high-risk earthquakes all over the planet. Devastating storms have started to pop up all over the world.

Ahad's eyes were focused on the screen, another warning alert called out.

WARNING WARNING: Planet Core Destabilization

WARNING: Human Extinct Event Reported

WARNING: Planet Core Overload Imminent

Ahad: The planet's core is overloading!

Luka: Ahad! Does this place have anything to prevent planetary destruction?

Ahad: I don't know! I haven't checked--

System: There is a protocol subsystem that will ensure the core is kept from harm.

System interrupted their talk without been giving commands.

Ahad: It's possible. Do everything to keep the core safe!

System: Understood.


Luka: Incredible. It has the power to repair the core.

System: To ensure core stabilization, I've placed a barrier around it. However, while the core may be protected, the surface around it cannot. These functions belong separately.

Ahad: Do that immediately.


While the fight continued Zach started regaining the upper hand, Phantasia's power seemed endless as well, however, it did have its limits as well.

Phantasia stopped suddenly, the power bursting out of Zach caused her to dodge improperly, allowing for a series of strikes sending her in across several landscapes.

Phantasia breathed heavily in fatigue. Her abilities to outmatch Zach weren't enough...

Phantasia: He's too strong.


Luka: System, Is it possible to shoot something from here.

System: Yes.

Luka: I need to lock on target! And place him away from Phantasia,

System: Understood

Luka: You guys, we cannot let her die! We must attack as well.

Phantasia slowly came to her feet, she was preparing to flee for a moment only to hear a voice in her head.

"Phantasia, we are coming to help, but we need you to teleport us to your location"

Phantasia looked around in a daze, she...

"You can't, it's too dangerous!"

"Just trust us, we will help you. The signal will appear any second, we--"

"No, you'll definitely die, this isn't--"

"This isn't up for a debate. He is too big a threat, you cannot do it alone. Besides, I'm not a normal person, I have contacted a few others, they'll need to transport as well"

Phantasia stared as Zach landed in front of her, his hand tinkling with power...

As he was about to finish her off. A massive blast engulfed him. He instantly tried to defend himself. At that moment Phantasia waved her hand, causing several others to appear instantly...

Luka, Lyall, Fai, Holly, Aliya, Klark, Sosuke, Sella and Theo

Luka: Prepare to strike, do not let your guards down, and most of all. Don't fall.

The smoke created by the beam exploded out with intensity. Zach laid in the middle, smiling, coldly.

Zach: Trash...

Zach swiped his hand creating an immeasurable amount of energy.

All of them jumped from there location, Phantasia maintained his attention, allowing for the first two, Fai and Holly to make there move.

Gripping each other's hand they reached for the sky, a cloud full of furious wind, sparking with its furious lightning struck towards the ground.

Zach blocked and kicked Phantasia into the distance, he prepared but felt his legs caught by the earth.

Zach raised his arm, stopping the Wind imbued Lightning bolt, he used his other hand to destroy the earth around his feet. He then waved his hand slapping Aliya with energy, sending her away, The lightning continued, but he merely flicked his hand down. Causing a rebound of lightning, the force of his counter pushed both Fai and Holly out further in the sky.

Phantasia got back onto her feet, wiping the blood from her mouth, Luka and Lyall landed upon the ground after the strikes from either were knocked back.

Luka powered up some more, her structure of power levelled that of a god. She waved her hand summoning a barrage, she threw them up into the sky. Zach stared as they flew up there.

Zach: Are you--

Zach's body started to get crushed by an immense force...

Lyall's hand had been raised as he saw, the strength of the two of them was pretty high, However.

Zach: I may not be a true supreme god. But you are nothing!

Zach shouted

He threw up his arms destroying the barrier of gravity hold him. He then swiped his hand again, pulling Lyall to him in that instant, throwing him into the barrage and causing damage, Lyall was sent flying down below where Zach kicked him into the distance.

Luka tried to counter with close combat, only to be stopped by a single finger. Zach gripped her arm and pulled creating a ball of energy and exploding it, the force threw her to the floor.

Zach turned, stopping Phantasia's advance, only to be gripped by the head and slammed prompted into the ground. Luka had launched another attack right after he left her alone for a mere second. He caught it in one hand and threw it back at her at double the speed. She barely just managed to dodge.

Zach's face curled at this matter. He clenches his hand, causing Phantasia pain, he slammed one more time in that instance and lunged at Luka, who had created a sword mainly made of energy to dish out more power.

He deflected them all, and the sword itself when she tried to strike down and gripped her neck at that moment, However.

Aliya quickly slammed her hand onto the floor of the surface creating a pillar that came up from beneath them, Zach's head snapped stepping on the earth being created destroying it completely.

His aura appeared and lashed out at Aliya, Arath appeared creating a barrier in front causing the aura to be destroyed afterwards.

Phantasia appeared creating a portal sending the energy away. She dashed causing his grip over Luka to end, he gripped both of Phantasia's fists only to knee her in the gut, she fell to her knees herself.

Theo and Sosuke struck at this moment, Sosuke sped at the speeds of sound. Theo took the air with his freezing flame of weapon.

As they both came into his view.

Phantasia was kicked in the mouth to the side...Zach, however, turned and gripped both Sosuke's speedy fist and Theo's freezing sword.

Zach smirked, he quickly punched Sosuke faster then he could possibly imagine.

Zach threw him to his knees, instantly he gripped the sword tightly and threw the blade into Sosuke's gut.

Sosuke: Uh...


Sosuke coughed blood at that moment.

Zach: Hmph, Trash...

Zach backhand Theo to the ground and prepared to obliterate him.

Phantasia gritted her teeth and engulf his power with her own, she rushed past them teleporting both Theo and Sosuke from the battle, back into the Infinity Isle.

Theo: Sosuke, you can't die yet.

Sosuke: Damn that...guy...

Sosuke's eyes were heavy,

Ahad: System!

System: Understood. Preparing medical treatment.


She lunged again attempting to attack...Both entered combat for a good 2 minutes before everyone else who had been blown back got back up on to there feet.

Phantasia couldn't gain the upper hand, even though she was the only who could actually maintain single-hand combat. Her abilities meant nothing in the face of this evil.

She gritted her teeth at her own helplessness. Zach caught all her attacks and threw her into the ground as Arath prepared to step in.

Zach merely side-stepped blocking every attack with his hand. Arath summoned more of his strength, however, it was short-lived. Zach saw his attack coming only to parry him to the side, He was headed towards the floor, as Zach looked down at him, it was the face of someone who cared for nothing. Arath in his eyes was purely nothing.

He backhanded him in the head and kicked him away.

Klark: Arath!

Arath panted on the ground merely from those few hits...

Arath: He's strong...stronger than all of us...

Arath: I...we will need to team up all at once, Klark, your power hasn't returned to normal levels. You won't be any help, get back!

Phantasia was blown back a few meters as Zach swiped his hand forward, the blade appeared once more...

All of them prepared there most powerful attacks.

Fai slapped his hands creating an unimaginable about of lightning around him, a thunderstorm appeared striking several lightning bolts into his body at once. Amplifying his power.

Holly opened her arms causing a tornado to appear around her entire being, she condenses the wind into the palm of her hand, Fai followed suit and both merged their attacks together.

Sella spun around, encasing her body with a strange aura that she focused into her hand, it wrapped around like wind as well, however, held a different element.

Sella: ...

Aliya focused her mind, the same feeling she had when she fought against Lily, and Lilith. She shifted to her semi-awoken state was more. She felt power encasing her being.

She summoned her powerful aura into the palm of her hand condensed it even more.

Phantasia noticed their powers colliding into one, she summoned all of her power, as much as she could and managed to land a few desperate strikes, she stopped time, quickly, appeared to vanish, away from the battle, she gestured her arm quickly, instantly, creating a ball of space-time.

Zach flicked his arm, smashing the time-stopping ability, Phantasia smashed her time-space ball and an unimaginable about of pressure began surging around Zach's body.

Zach: ant!

Zach was momentarily stopped

Phantasia: NOW!

Zach: ...!

Fai & Holly: Lightning-Wind Fusion: Thundering Hurricane Blast!

"Wow...I mean, okay..." Both of them thought as they shouted that name...

Luka: ...

Luka shot out a massive beam from her palm that rivalled gods. She didn't seem one for naming.

Sella: Celluar Disintegration!

Aliya: Maelstrom!

Arath whispered under his breath!

Arath: Dark. Storm.

Lyall: Gravitational Impact...

Each of there attacks launched as Zach remained restrained in the middle, every attack, all there best attacks. Each one had all their power in it.

Zach wickedly smiles, his eyes were mocking.

Zach: Is that all?

Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X 04c758b28cafbf94a2c762d1edfba091

The explosion took its toll, the cityscape around them was destroyed, many died...

Phantasia: ...

Phantasia wasn't reassured, something wasn't right.


The smoke started to pull itself in, without a blink, Zach stood completely unarmed. He smirked...

Zach: Pathetic Indeed. This is all your capable of, I barely had to use my power to stop that.

Zach casually said.

Klark: Who is this. Just what kind of monster has possession over Zach to withstand all that?

Klark thought in his mind.


Roland stood watch as he viewed everything from his monitor.

Roland: Zach cannot be called a monster. This is the wey, of Supreme Gods.


Zach dusted his shirt off and in a moment, zipped, extremely fast along the area. He quickly threw Sella to the ground, and he rose his hand and stabbed deep into her chest, causing a mouthful of blood to leave her.

He zipped over to Fai and Holly where he backstabbed both, with both hands. His hand ripped right through their chests. He then switched to Arath who wasn't able to sense his presence either...

Arath turned managing to deflect his hand, but...

Zach: You failed.

Zach's hand...

Arath: You, when did...

Zach: You deflected an after image!...

Zach turned to Klark.

Zach: Hm...

Zach rose his hand, encasing his hand in powerful energy, only for Luka to strike from behind, and Lyall to hold him down his gravity, Both were repelled. Zach's attention was divided enough for Phantasia to swap places with Klark at that moment to strike Zach, heavily in the chest.

For the first time, a tiny amount of blood left his mouth.

Zach: You are a pest. Time Keeper!

Zach's expression slightly changed to one of great anger. His face sent chills down Phantasia's back.

He grabbed her neck and began to squeeze.


A voice shouted!

Zach's eyes widen, his face returned to normal, where he looked over in the distance to see, Alyce. She had been standing silently there, coming out from the alleyway.

Zach: Serenity?...Serenity!

Zach held his face, he forgot!

Zach: I forgot...I can't believe...I...

Zach dropped Phantasia to the ground where he stumbled back in a daze.

??: Don't worry. I'm here, Zach.

Zach's eyes snapped towards the familiar voice. It's like he had seen a ghost. The evil aura that had constantly been around him, lowered in intensity as he saw her hovering there in plain view.

Zach: Ser--Serenity!
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Chapter 51 - Evil Zach Vs Team Omari & Group X
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