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 Chapter 52 - Purging The Evil

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PostSubject: Chapter 52 - Purging The Evil   Chapter 52 - Purging The Evil EmptySun Nov 04, 2018 8:55 am

Zach: Serenity!

Zach stared up at the figure, hovering before them.

Zach attention was effectively divided, those who were injured quickly gathered in a group. Holly, Fai and Sella were in critical condition, Arath managed to keep himself standing.

Luka: Phantasia, you need to teleport them away from here. They cannot remain here!

Phantasia sat staring off on her own. It seemed she had taken quite the beating against Zach. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

Luka: Phantasia!

Phantasia turned to see their bodies lying there next to Luka, she silently nodded and attempted to stand, however...

Zach: No. Sit--

Serenity: Stop, Zach. You are looking for me.

Serenity called out, her hand raised, she blocked his momentary attempt to kill them.

Zach: Why?

Serenity: Have you forgotten already, why you sought all this power?

Serenity stood right in front of him, her expression remaining quite calm, she lifted her arms out wide to reveal the purpose to him.

Zach lifted himself off the ground in which both were only meters from each other.

Zach: I gained this power for you. I wanted to save you! To rescue you!

Zach said with teary eyes

Serenity: ...


Serenity looked around the area, the cities, the destruction, the injured.

Phantasia: Alright. They should be back in the Infinity Isle.


Ahad: Don't worry, guys, the system should fix you up good!

Ahad had been on his knees overseeing their medical treatment. The System's programs were very powerful indeed. Most of the wound has already been fixed.


Luka: Good...

Luka looked around at Arath who had his hand covering the hole in his stomach.

Luka: Are you--

Arath: I'm fine. It takes a bit for me to heal.

Arath reassured as he interrupted her

Luka: Lyall? Aliya,

Lyall: I'm fine.

Aliya: Same.

They both said

Luka sighed in relief.


Serenity: What have you become, Zach. This isn't you.

Zach had gotten closer only to receive these words from Serenity, her head slowly returned to his gaze. He was surprised, shocked even.

Zach: What are you saying. I told you, It's all for you.

Serenity: ...

Serenity held her chest as it almost seemed like that she might have appreciated this, however.

Serenity: No...something tells me that your emotions aren't true. Something else is at play here.

Zach: No, No. there not...

Zach got up into a hug with Serenity, he tried reassuring her of the whys and whats. He had too, however, Serenity's perception was far and wide. As the hug came, within her own mind.

She saw Zach's wicked face express more joy. A face that did not belong to any version of Zach she has ever come to know.

Serenity: This is why I must stop you.

Serenity didn't attempt to hug him back, her arms were covered by his own.

Zach: Wha--

An immense power rushed out from her body, Zach who's aura had been weakened from her presence was completely erased just now as he was covered by the pressure from just her aura alone.

He was thrown back, coming to a halt.

Zach: Serenity! Why!

Zach screamed, his anger overstepping him.

Serenity rose her hand and pointed her with a slightly annoyed expression

Serenity: Why do you keep hiding! Come out! Now!

Zach's head hung low for a moment, it seemed like her words resonated with something within him. It was a different power, something that kept trying to lurk up onto the surface plenty of times.

Alyce understood this because every time it happened she had to remind Zach of his true goals in order to overpower that will with his own desire. The original desire that turned him into what he is now.

Zach: You...

Zach's tone changed, as did his expression...

Zach: What does a mere Upper God think they could do to me?

Zach: Wait, No, this power I gained was because I wanted to protect you. They kidnapped you.

Phantasia: Upper God?

Zach: Yes, are you deaf! What can you possibly do--

Zach: NO. Serenity, Why do you stand against me!

Zach screamed out. He held his head in pain, he couldn't keep himself contained, he was losing his mind.

The others were shocked by his behaviour.

Phantasia: Upper God...

Phantasia was stunned by this revelation, it hadn't occurred to her that these events could be playing out right in front of her.

Luka: Phantasia, what is it.

Phantasia: How did I not notice this before...

Phantasia rose to her feet, she was now fixated on Zach's form.

Phantasia: The term 'Upper God' is old, so old. It term that used to refer to what we call Supreme Gods now. Only a select few even still remember that term. Only people who have lived forever can possibly know that term.

Luka: ...What about you then.

Phantasia: I'm connected to something called the Time Codex, I might not have lived for a long time. But it has, I learn my knowledge from it. If it allows me.

Phantasia: Who the hell is this. Universal God? No...that wouldn't be possible. This universe's god is the Harbinger. He...


Serenity: Upper God. I see.

Serenity closed her eyes in response to her words, although, she herself only knows a handful of things that she is allowed since her ascension. That term is definitely a sign.


Infinity uncrossed his arms, the spirit form of himself glanced slightly in the exact direction of the battle.

Trinity noticed his curious expression.

Trinity: Infinity. I have never seen you give that face in my entire life of living alongside you.

Infinity: I'm sorry. But I'm nervous.

Infinity spoke his thoughts as he stared fixated, like he could see right through the wall, across the ocean and onto the battlefield, looking over Zach.

Trinity: I don't know what to say about that. What is it?

Infinity: My past coming back to haunt me.

Trinity: ...

Infinity: It's definitely her. How is this possible

Infinity turned completely around, sensing Zach's entire being. Earlier it wasn't a matter of concern, but it seems that the aura has a full consciousness.

Infinity: So that is what she did. Clever.

Infinity almost wanted to deal with it himself, however.

Trinity: Stop.

Trinity crossed her arms.

Infinity: Trinity...

Trinity: You said it's her? What do you mean?

Trinity stepped out in front of him, her attempt to 'get in his way' wasn't very impressive since he was just a spirit.

Infinity: Many people would believe that I and the Infinity Spectrum represent everything in the universe. While that seems true on the surface. It's not entirely true. There is always some kind of balance. The Evil Goddess as I refer her. She is my counter. The truth is, There are Two Overgods.

Infinity: However, that's not to say, this evil is a direct opposite. There isn't such a thing as my opposite, and most refer to the Infinity Spectrum in this regard. That's because the Infinity Spectrum wasn't a force at first.

Infinity looked at the palm of his hand...

Infinity: It was my weapon, like any other person. You could have a sword, a spear, a big boulder, whatever it may be. Mine was the Infinity Spectrum. When I was weakened by Evil Goddess, my ability to control the Infinity Spectrum was strained. So I had to change my perspective of it. So I created the Infinity Staff to act as an anchor to its power. It allowed for easier control of it since I started lacking the ability to do it. Such is the power of this Evil Goddess.

Infinity: I created the other pieces for special occasions. The only slight exception is the spear. I gave you the spear was because of Klark. The others I created prior and sent them to earth. The Spear is special, most people like those who tried wielding the Sword would receive backlash if they attempted to wield the power and weren't strong enough, and even if you could wield it. The backlash would eventually take its toll. The spear chooses its owner, but it only allows those to wield its true form in destiny. Its true form cannot be allowed to exist for just any other occasion. The Spear is its own separate entity. It doesn't need the energy from the spectrum. It functions entirely on its own.

Trinity: I see...You only just told me this now,

Infinity: You never asked...

Infinity smiled heartedly at Trinity.

Infinity: This aura, I'm sensing is without a doubt, belonging to the Evil Goddess.

Infinity leaned his forehead against Trinity.

Trinity: I've never seen you afraid...

Infinity: Trinity, I've lived a long time. If anything could cause me to fear. It's her.


Zach's power skyrocketed once more, the aura surrounding him became so dense that his body had a tint of red on it.

Serenity: This power...

Serenity didn't flinch at all. Zach's eyes were fixated on her.

Zach: I will save you. But clearly, they did something.

Serenity: You aren't yourself right now, Zach. I shall remind you of what is true.

Zach gritted his teeth at her calm posture and tone, she was pitying him. Zach had gained the power of a supreme god. He couldn't allow the people in control to manipulate her again! It won't end like last time.

Zach clapped his hands creating an aura that shaped around his arm. The power looked quite powerful and seemed to be amplifying his abilities. He kicked into motion towards Serenity.

She did not flinch or move, only remained still. Zach closed the gap instantly coming into melee range. As he struck she dodged left and right effortlessly. He tried only a few seconds until his assault changed. He backed up creating blades from his own aura and sent the barrages.

Serenity waved her hand destroying the attack instantly. Zach vanished to strike only to be blocked and thrown to the ground, he recovered instantly. He was already up in front of her preparing to kick, she swiftly blocked and punched him into the distance, he recovered instantly again. His power shot up once more, he was preparing for an even more powerful attack.

Several thousand energy shot out of his hand into the sky swirling around until they came into attack her directly she dodged them all while more brutal attacks were flying towards her. He cast those as she was dodging the smaller ones. The big ones, however, were swatted towards him, he swifted dodged and got even more annoyed.

Zach: Serenity, just stop! STOP!

Zach powered up, even more, his energy started to turn the sky red once more. This time, however, it didn't cease.

Zach threw out his arm causing a gigantic slash to be created from it. Serenity rose her arm to block it. Gritting her teeth, she quickly rose her other arm in a split second as the attack landed to manage the impact. Zach didn't allow her to recover, though, she already had. Dodging his attacks still, she gripped his strong punch in her palm.

She struck forward missing, hitting the air. Zach vanished to the side, his hand opened in front of her chest creating a massive beam that swallowed her entirely.

Zach appeared several meters away, having escaped the blast. Once the smoke cleared, her arms had been in front. She blocked it.

Serenity: Why...Why have you become like this...

Serenity's eyes went wide, her head began to her something...

"Don't think about why, Serenity, Zach needs your help to free him. You know what you must do"

Serenity knew the voice, but she has never heard it.

Zach closed the gap as she was in her trance. Suddenly she broke out of her, gripping his hand, punching him severely in the chest and kicked him to the surface.

Phantasia: She's fighting back more aggressively now.

Zach: NO! Stop...stop stop, you cannot do this anymore, Serenity. Just let me save you.

Serenity moved to the left with her hand opened, she was preparing something.

Serenity: No, Zach, I'm going to save you.

Zach: NO, Upper God, NO, I can't let them-- Ughhh...I can't think straight

Zach rubbed his eyes and head as he couldn't seem to find the right words...

Serenity's eyes widen again. The pain she felt every second she saw Zach in this state.

Serenity: Please...

Zach: NO, Shut up! You've betrayed me! Serenity!!

Zach threw his arm to the side summoning a blade of intruding aura. The surrounding area started to become heavy, pressured by the aura.

Serenity's hand held out materializing into her hand was something lost, something powerful. It had the same kind of intruding aura but was different.

Klark turned to look, he could feel it himself. He held his chest as if something resonated within him.

Klark: That's...

Phantasia: The Infinity Spear

Serenity spun the armament, pointing it at Zach. Her posture and expression were telling him. That this was over.

Zach: You...cursed...

Zach wasn't able to even attack, Serenity vanished. He lost sight of her completely. He looked down to see her having prepared the spear already. He wanted to counter but couldn't. The spear's overwhelming strength shattered his false blade in half and pierced right through him. Once the spear penetrated his body. He feels dead silent before anyone could break this silence.


Zach started to scream out, his brutal, painful scream, followed by a slight choking sound. Serenity left the spear in him, she covered her eyes as light flowed without the surface of the spear. Zach stepped back to hold his throat then his head. He kept switching. His other arm moved back to his throat.

The scream continued until he fell to his knees.

Zach: Aaarrrgaaahh....S--e...ereni..

Serenity: ...


Fai had one eye open, he could hear what was going as he laid upon the ground being healed.

Fai: going on

Ahad could only hold his mouth.


Phantasia glanced at Serenity who remained there.

Phantasia: What is it doing.

There was a long pause before Serenity decided to speak, her gaze didn't change. She only spoke briefly.

Serenity: It's purging the evil...

Zach began to hold his throat and lean to the floor, it felt like something was trying to be expelled, the forces within him were stirring uncontrollable and there was a great pressure that he knew he could feel on his soul. What was going on?


Infinity: It looks like It has finally started, the souls we left him are finally merging.

Trinity had her arms crossed, she remained neutral with a firm expression.

Trinity: But first, the evil has to be expelled from his soul as well. That which has taken root...


Phantasia clenched her fist, the process she heard was taking too long.

Phantasia: Serenity--

Serenity: I don't kno what is going on. It shouldn't be like this--


Zach fell to the ground holding his chest, his hands latched onto the spear tightly, it's aura ever so present in front of him. His eyes were closed and his very life felt like it was fading away.

Zach: some...

Zach opened his eyes

Zach: Someone help me!

He screamed, but couldn't be heard...


Deep within him, there was a storm. A storm of two powers is colliding and fighting against another. A dark storm and a golden storm swirling around the area. It fought against an ominous looking aura in the middle of everything.

Zach: What is going on.

"You think I can be easily expelled. Think again, two souls, regardless of their origin cannot defeat me!" The voice rang out. It was a woman's.

Zach: Who...are you.

Zach muttered

Infinity & Trinity: Zach...

Two voices in sync called out.

Zach: Who is there?

Infinity & Trinity: Zach...Zach...Zach

Zach: ...Infinity is that you

Zach moved left

Infinity & Trinity: Zach

Zach: Trinity?

Zach moved right

Infinity & Trinity: ZACH!

He was shoved back into another realm of his mind. Where two thoughts sat in front of him. They seemed like the forces earlier. But, the other...

Infinity & Trinity: Take hold of what is important, Zach, and forge your own path.

Both voices were no longer sync, however, one could be heard from left, the other from the right.

Zach was stunned, but his eyes glued onto the others in front of him. He reached out with his hand to grab them, but instinctively, he stopped.

He looked at himself. He saw something, his arm retracted and reached for his chest. Once he placed his hand against stomach, both thoughts shot into him like a lightning bolt and he was thrown back.

The forces fighting against the evil started to overpower it. They began to merge. Once they had, the storms from both created an overbearing force that came down onto the evil like a curse.

"This isn't the last of--" The voice stopped, the place went quiet as the force destroyed everything encasing the place. It swept every corner of his mind destroying any influence on him. Once it was down it came flying towards him like an unstoppable wind.

He rose up his arms to block the pressure but found nothing happened.


Zach laid upon the ground, in a flash of devasting light he hovered to the floor. The Spear now laid pointed into the floor next to him. He, however, seemed unconscious. As his feet touched the ground, the energy holding him disappear and he began to fall to the floor.

Phantasia: Zach...

Phantasia rushed over, passed Serenity.

She moved back...and hovered up into the air, where she viewed the peaceful expression of Zach as he slept. Her eyes glanced in a certain direction unknown to everyone, in her sight was Alyce.

Serenity: Neither, I, or the past hold claim to your heart, Zach.

Serenity began to tear up.

Serenity: You have already found someone new.
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Chapter 52 - Purging The Evil
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